meet my “surprise kids”


lisa fabrega

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I made a pretty big decision three weeks ago that I’ve kept pretty quiet. Until today. Meet my “surprise kids” Sadie (left) and Luna (right). There will be more stories on them and the incredible journey it took to get here in the future, but for now, I want to share one of the major lessons they’ve already taught me about expanding your capacity…

When I decided to adopt these girls from the rescue, I told virtually no one about it for weeks. It felt like a private decision and a big shift, and I wanted to listen to my soul and not have anyone’s fears interfere. A few people who knew told me, “you are too busy — why do you want to add more to your plate?” And, “you’re adopting TWO? Too much!”

But I knew exactly why this was an important decision to make for my personal growth and for my own capacity expansion. Y’all think I preach capacity and don’t practice it? Nope, I’m expanding mine constantly, too. I believe that we have no business teaching what we ourselves aren’t constantly learning.

We have been enrolling womxn in my program, Empress Code, this week and it’s fascinating to observe womxn grapple with their egos as they are deciding to enroll. I see it every time I open up a program. “Oh I’m just too busy, this is too much for me right now with everything else I have going on”, or, “I need to take on a few more clients before I’m ready to step up and charge higher prices”.

I’ve lovingly called BS on all of those stories and many womxn have been grateful, stepped up to the plate and finally seen that ego story for what it is: Staying small. Lying to yourself. Remaining in the illusion.

All of those excuses for not stepping up into what you know in your soul is your next level is a CAPACITY issue. And particularly, it’s a money capacity issue bc you are rejecting and stepping away from the very thing that would help you receive more money and wealth than ever before.

You may say you want to make more money, but if you don’t have the capacity to step into the energy of receiving it, you will always hover around a revenue plateau. If you don’t think, feel, and behave differently about your money decisions than you do now, all you will do is create the same money experience.  

That’s why the investment in this program (and all of my programs) is SUPPOSED to be a leap. The investment, when you make it, INSTANTLY expands your money capacity. Now you are the womxn who not only makes those kinds of investments in herself and her future, but you’re also the womxn who made that level of investment HAPPEN. You figured it out. You did what you had to do and you were not stoppable*.

Now you have the capacity to know exactly how to walk a nervous client through that same level of investment, because you’ve been through it too. That’s why I always say you have no business charging prices that you would not dare to invest in yourself. You simply won’t possess the capacity to receive that money and hold it.

There are some places and versions of ourselves that we can ONLY get to by just doing the thing. There’s no such thing as, “getting ready for being ready to do it” and there’s no such thing as, “waiting to get a few more clients at the lower price until I allow myself to charge the higher amount I know my work is worth”.  

There’s no amount of waiting, mantras, or “next time” that will get you any closer to the results you want. Those excuses are illusions. Stories told by an ego who likes comfort and staying a big fish in a little pond.

When I decided I was ready to get a dog, it was a fast decision process. Faster than I had planned. Suddenly, TWO dogs — a bonded pair that had just been rescued from an abusive home situation — came up for adoption. If you’ve ever chosen to go the rescue route vs. the buying route, you know it can take a while to find the right dog. But, mine showed up in two weeks time! And I was not “ready” for two, I had planned for one.

I wondered if I could handle it, I wondered if I could just “wait until the right single dog came along”…but my soul knew, this was what I needed to do. So I adopted them, not feeling ready in the least. But doing the capacity work myself all these years, I know by now that I can trust that I always have the capacity for the next expansion, even if my ego is afraid and can think of a million reasons why “now is not the right time“.

How did it turn out?

I’m handling my two dogs just fine! I am now the womxn who can run a highly successful business, talk to her clients and lead her programs, live a very fast-paced, joyfully busy life, AND handle two very traumatized and sensitive dogs while helping them rehabilitate. Why? Because I just leapt and did it. As a result of leaping, my capacity expanded ten-fold. I’m getting a lot more done in less time. I’m more efficient. And I have twice the love and cuddles!

In adopting these girls, I expanded my capacity to hold and receive. As a result, more money has come into my business this month. I’m sleeping better. Having even more amazing sessions with clients. The capacities are all interconnected. Expand one and all the others expand too.

You are worthy of receiving ALL that your soul desires. I call BS on your ego stories that say “not now”, “I need to be x kind of womxn before I am worthy of asking for that much money”, or “I’m too busy”. You deserve it all NOW. NOW. Wherever you are saying phrases like the above to yourself, stop it right now.  

The actions you take now will shape your future. So, do your actions say “playing small”? Or, “I am not stoppable for anything!”?

In love and capacity,






PS: *I have to make sure to give credit for the “I am not stoppable” phrase where it’s due. This fabulous phrase was said by Empress Code alum Lynn Hurdle-Price. Those were the exact words she uttered to me when she felt called to join the program. She got creative, came up with the money in less than 36 hours, and in the program earned $68,000 total as a result of the shifts she made with the Empress framework. That’s a 4x return on her investment. She was definitely not stoppable and will always be an inspiration to me for those words!