blowing up your socks

The other day I watched a video of a soccer player that blew my socks off!

As the owner of a highly successful business approaching 10 years in existence, I felt every piece of that womxn’s journey trying to get that ball into the net!

And that level of relentlessness is the exact level of relentlessness that I’m sure you can identify within yourself as the legacy maker that you are. After all, you wouldn’t have achieved all you have already WITHOUT that level of determination.

When you have a strong mission and a large impact to make, THAT is the level of energy and stamina you need.

And yet…

SO many womxn I work with have previously had the capacity to keep up that level of stamina and momentum…but by the time they come to me are burned out or suffering from adrenal fatigue.  

They don’t know how they are going to expand to the next level when their plates are already full to the max and they can’t take one more thing. Or it feels like “life just isn’t working for them anymore”.  

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking that too? Then read on. I have a unique solution.

One of the unconventional things I help high performers with is presence and opening up the senses.

That’s the kind of thing most “high-performance coaches” think is a bunch of woowoo BS or that they never would think to teach. In fact, most of them don’t think that your senses have anything to do with going to the next level of your revenue or impact.  

Yet, your senses are like a secret doorway to endless stamina.

I discovered this years back due to my intense connection with nature, plants, and land. And experimenting on myself after I reached peak burnout in 2014 (the year my business REALLY exploded its growth to a whole other level).

When you can open up your five senses all the way, you don’t NEED an hour of self-care every day. Because you are receiving an endless source of energy from the natural world around you.

Five minutes leaning against a tree, or inhaling the scent of the ocean with your senses FULLY OPEN, equals 2 hours of internal energetic fuel generated from conventionally suggested “self care practices” (like sitting in a tub with chocolate and champagne, which let’s be honest, you don’t always have time for or may not even find restful — every womxn is different.)

There’s a HUGE caveat to this though. This only works if you know how to truly open up your senses to level TEN.

(This is part of what I teach to my clients as expanding your EMBODIMENT capacity.)

Problem is, you almost certainly do not yet know how to open up your senses fully. You might protest reading that and say, “Lisa I know how to open up my senses already. Been doing it for years.”

I’m sure you think you do. But almost ALL of the successful womxn I work with don’t know how to do this FULLY yet. 

And if they already have been doing this or even teaching it themselves, they don’t know how to open up their senses to the level of capacity they need for their NEXT big level.

The sense capacity you’ve built up until now is NOT the same capacity you’ll need to go to your next level of impact, your next million or your next career move.

Because when you’ve been busting your butt to build that successful career or business, you’ve mostly been taught by all the high performance/business coaches/strategists out there to rely mostly on your left brain and STRATEGIES. Funnels. Templates. Systems. “Hacks”.

These things are important but when we forget they are only half of the success equation, we disconnect from the most important part of our success equation — our capacity.  

And your senses are HUGE capacity levers.

Think of your five senses as the little gas pumps that pump out the fuel that we put in our motors to keep kicking butt in our missions.

Another reason we don’t know how to open our senses fully, no matter how successful we are, is that many of the womxn I work with, like you, are empathic. As empaths, many of us have learned that in this harsh, toxic-patriarchy-dominated world, the only way to protect ourselves from system overwhelm is to shut the senses down partially or fully.

We may have unconsciously done this to mitigate all the energy we can pick up from the thousands of people we end up serving. While this may work temporarily so that you’re not absorbing the feelings of everyone in your team, your clients, or even a crowd of thousands, it’s not the most effective solution.  

Because it also ends up cutting off the easiest source of “fuel” you have available to you (your senses).

I have special practices for safely and fully opening up the senses, which I teach my clients in the mastermind programs I offer. On our retreats, these practices allow them to make more money and have more growth in one hour than 2 years of business coaching.

(Because it’s not just about reading this, leaning up against a tree and bam, you’re good. There’s a whole process to this that actually opens you up and for each womxn it’s different.)

Recently at the Empress Circle mastermind retreat, our entire morning session was a curated walk outside in the fog, with careful instructions designed to open up the senses.  

Most business coaches would call this a “waste of time” and go straight to a weekend filled with flip charts and whiteboards filled with diagrams and strategies.

Yet in just one hour of sense expansion, the womxn reported growth that was the equivalent of YEARS of previous business coaching advice.

Strategic problems that could not be hacked for months prior, suddenly and easefully had clear solutions. One womxn made $2K while napping and another generated up to $100k in new clients’ business.

They didn’t “DO” anything that any strategic coach would define as “doing”. That’s the power of our senses. And learning how to use them to fuel our missions.

Yesterday I spent three hours at an organic, sustainable farm picking herbs fresh from the ground, learning about their positive effect on the nervous system then grinding them up and making them into poultices, oils, and elixirs.

Feeling the herbs on my skin, the essential oils in the plants and how heavenly they smelled was the best self-care practice I had all week.

And that fuel I got from those three hours will power me through a month full of guest speaking gigs at high-level masterminds and leading a retreat for high performers in France, without feeling tired or burned out.

There is SO much that business coaches, strategists, and high-performance coaches DO NOT teach you because they don’t KNOW. They don’t know because they never did the work to expand their capacity. They are just PERFORMING capacity, instead of actually living it.   

This is because they, and we, are all taught that only strategy is supreme and we forget an entire half of the equation that is highly intelligent: our bodies.

This is why so many of my successful clients come to me having been to some of the top masterminds and elite coaches IN THE WORLD, without having gotten results. And then in one weekend with me, generate massive amounts of revenue and breakthroughs in their business worth millions.

Because it’s NOT about your strategy after you cross that six/multi-six/seven figure mark.

It’s your CAPACITY.

In love and capacity,






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