I got tested


lisa fabrega


First, I want to give a big WELCOME and virtual hug to all of our new subscribers! We had quite a lot of people join our community here this past week. Get ready to experience the way you do life and business in a whole new way!

Now, back to this email. Y’all hear me talk a lot about how Capacity Work™ is a never-ending process. At every next level of your growth, you will be working on expanding your capacity. Always. So, even eleven years into my capacity expansion, I’m still having it tested and expanded. 

Last week I had to put my own Capacity to the test and here’s what happened:

In the span of just one week, not only did I lead two back to back virtual retreats for the 2020 Capacity Circle Mastermind and the Capacity Shift program…

…but in the middle of one of those retreats’ lunch breaks, I left my own event to go speak at my friend’s 500+ participant event and delivered a keynote speech about how to use Capacity to supercharge your strategies. 

This among full days of coaching calls and another speaking engagement at a friend’s mastermind. I didn’t get a day off. 

TO BE CLEAR: this is not my pace every weekend. But sometimes, the opportunities that come our way all happen at once. Do you have the capacity to handle that when they do, instead of turning things down because you’re “just too overwhelmed or busy?”

In the past, I would’ve never been able to handle all of that in just four days. I would’ve been exhausted, showing up to all four events with 50% of my power and energy. Then, I would’ve needed a week to recover. I’ve had many clients come to work with me because they feel the same after their events. 

But I don’t feel that way anymore, BECAUSE of Capacity Work. In fact, I felt energized. 

I noticed I was able to show up to my retreats AND my 500+ person keynote speech FULLY and at my best. My clients all had massive breakthroughs in their virtual retreats AND I hopped on a full day of client calls on Monday feeling rested and refreshed.

Here’s just some of the feedback I got from people who came to the keynote I delivered on Capacity:

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I’ll be taking some days off this weekend (I’m calling my godchildren on Saturday to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender with them over Zoom). But I was glad to see my own capacity be tested and see myself pass with flying colors. Phew!

One of the biggest fears I hear from so many of you is “can I HANDLE that big goal I want to reach? What if I get there and it’s too overwhelming and I can’t handle it?” 

That’s not an irrational fear. That’s a WISE fear to have. It’s your own inner wisdom telling you, hey, you need to work on your capacity to hold, handle and receive that which you say you want!.

I worked with a woman once who would get wiped out for a week after leading a 2 day retreat with 80 people. A year into working on her capacity, she led a 280 person event and only took one day off after. She was back in action a day later. She also happened to take her revenue from $500,000 to over $1 million that year. And she had excellent profit margins, because with Structural Capacity she was able to manage a lean, streamlined team.

Sometimes all your blessings hit at once. Capacity ensures you can catch them all, without missing a beat. 

I’ve been getting many messages from you on how you can get to work on your capacity. I’ve been sold out of 1:1 spots all year (as I am most years) but I actually just had one spot for long-term private coaching open up. 

I’ve also opened up two spots for VIP days with me (these also have been unavailable all year due to demand.)

And if private coaching isn’t your thing, we’ve got programs that start at only $375 a month to get you expanding your capacity.

Just fill out the form right here and I’ll personally review it and be in touch to schedule a call to see if I can help you.

I know that I still owe you a “Part Three” of the series of blog posts I began two weeks ago called “Why You’re Stuck”. A lot of you have been loving those and I didn’t forget about the third installment! 

That’s coming next week, so stay tuned. If you didn’t get a chance to read Part One and Part Two, make sure you do before I release the third and final installment. See you next week!