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You may remember a few weeks ago we talked about your emotional, physical, & spiritual capacity. It’s what I call your EMBODIMENT capacity.  

Your EMBODIMENT capacity is your ability to assuredly navigate new challenges that come at every level of your growth. When it’s out of alignment it shows up as being thrown off by every little drama or obstacle in your life and trying to solve big-deal issues with flimsy little bandaids.  

But here’s how it could be when seen through the prism of the four pillars of the capacity framework… (watch in today’s video, below)

As a reminder, applications are open for ambitious womxn who want to work with me to expand their capacity so that they can step into a whole new way of being in the world. If you’re following this conversation, you’re likely that womxn.  

I invite you to fill out the Capacity Discovery Form right here, so you can not only get deeper insight into where you need to expand your capacity, but then we can also get a chance to hop on the phone to get clear on what capacity areas need to shift for you to reach your revenue, income, personal and legacy goals this year and beyond with grace and ease.

Today let’s talk about what true embodiment capacity looks and feels like when it’s fully expanded — because you know, if you’re not being who you want to be, who are you being?

Let’s answer that question in today’s video, below.


In love and capacity,


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