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Over the last few weeks, we’ve explored all the major areas where I see successful womxn like you hitting capacity plateaus — preventing you from stepping into a whole new way of being in the world.

Now it’s time for Chapter 3 of our conversation where I’m showing you what life and work feel and look like when you’ve got your capacity fully expanded.

***Don’t forget that if these conversations have been resonating with you, you can get my eyes on your capacity by filling out the Capacity Discovery Form right here. If I feel that I can support you with your capacity, I’ll personally reach out to schedule a chat.  

I’ve had a few of these chats with some of you already and the feedback I’m getting is that they are eye-opening and you walk away with a clear picture of how your capacity areas might be unexpectedly holding back your revenue, your impact and your relationships. From there we can create a plan for your expansion next year and if I feel if I can help you with that, I’ll let you know how. If I don’t think I’m the one to help you with your capacity, I’ll refer you to someone who I think can.

Remember — strategy is not what is going to create these next-level breakthroughs you’re desiring — it’s capacity. If you’re not working on your capacity next year with someone who gets how capacity expansion trumps all strategy, business coaches, launch plans, and income projections, then you’re going to start off your year hobbling all of your incredible goals.

Fill out your Capacity Discovery Form here and let’s chat so we can add the rocket fuel to all of your strategic plans this year — capacity.

Okay — ready to get to the next level of our conversation? The really juicy stuff? Dive in below.

With love,