the secret I learned about Oprah

If one more person tells me to go do self-care for two hours with champagne, bubbles, and chocolate in a tub I’m going to tell them to shut up.

I was on the phone with a client and she was venting. She was recently the newly-minted CEO of a very successful, multi-million dollar family-owned business, and in her words, this powerful badass felt like “life wasn’t working anymore”.

She was showing early signs of adrenal fatigue, couldn’t imagine adding another single thing to her plate, her marriage was showing strain, and she was having serious issues dealing with the team she was now managing.  

Let me be clear, she was already a high performer and personal development wasn’t new to her. She’d worked with other high-level coaches before. So she KNEW all about the importance of pleasure and self-care.

But the truth is I don’t always have 2 hours to sit in a tub and do self-care. I’ve got hundreds of people relying on my leadership, millions of dollars in revenue to expand, and I’m constantly traveling as the business continues to grow. So excuse me while I roll my eyes at sitting in a tub with champagne and chocolate for 2 hours. I bet Oprah doesn’t have time for that shit either.

She said that and she was 100% right. The more your time is in demand, the more you run the risk of cutting out the things that actually FUEL you to achieve more (like replenishing your energy with a pleasure and self-care practice).

The problem is that most of the conversation around self-care out there in the personal development world is quite beginner-level and not realistic for successful womxn with big missions.

So how do womxn like Oprah manage to rock the world and still look so fabulously replenished and fulfilled? How do you keep up your pace and still have the energy for all the other areas of your life that are important to you? WITHOUT having to spend 2 hours every day in a bathtub like all those now-overdone Instagram self-care photos?

Well, it’s all about your CAPACITY.  

And today I’m sharing a video I did on Instagram last week that explains my little “capacity hack” that I’ve taught the successful womxn I work with to get their self-care in, even when they are short on time.

Watch the video below.

And don’t forget to leave a comment below the video to let me know what resonated.

In love and capacity,






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