your blindspot cycles


lisa fabrega

Two years ago I wrote a post that went viral, “When the world is dying, do this”.  One thing you notice when you’re working with people on their capacity for over a decade is the world goes through cycles. And the cycles repeat until we learn our lessons and wake up to the blindspots we’ve been pushing aside.

You may have noticed this when the pandemic started and then when the necessary, global upheaval over George Floyd’s murder: capacity dilemmas you’d been able to ignore became unignorable. This year has torn away all the hiding places and lifted all the veils. 

It is demanding radical self-honesty, deep inner work and more integrity from leaders than ever before. You simply can’t get away with simply performing capacity anymore. You can’t perform depth and still hit people with the same quick-fix strategies everyone else is using. More people than ever are seeing through this. 

Because the world needs better leaders–leaders with actual capacity. We’re in uncertain times and we’re living in a world filled with so many terrible leaders who never built the capacity to face things like a pandemic and racial upheaval. And frankly, they’re fucking it up. 

You can no longer give yourself the title “leader” and ignore working on your capacity. It doesn’t work that way. It actually never did.

As I re-read the post a few days ago, I realized how relevant it still is. I’ve been deluged over the last few months by messages from so many of you, not feeling entirely happy with how you’re showing up during this time. Or something nagging at you.

You know you could be showing up differently, but you’re struggling with how. The answer is capacity.

So today, I want to invite you to read the post, either again or for the first time. To this day I still get letters about how impactful it’s been for many of you. Take some time out of your day today to read (or re-read) this. I know it’ll help.

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