Are You “Pretzel-Ing”?


lisa fabrega


“Lisa, I know how to make money- that’s not the problem. Last year I had a $150,000 launch. But I also felt like I had to launch in the way I was ‘supposed to’ and though happy with the results, I felt drained AF after. I just want to be able to make that kind of money without having to face-plant after the launch. I want the beautiful revenue, the big visibility, AND to feel spacious and peaceful while doing that. I want to feel like there’s always time to do all I want, extra cash in the bank, and like I’m joyfully doing the most aligned work I’m here to do.”

A CEO I spoke with last week who was inquiring about Visibility Vortex™️ said that to me, and I chuckled. Mainly because I was delighted at her vision and also because I knew I could help her get it. It’s not unlike the vision so many of you have shared with me when signing up for the Visibility Vortex mastermind. 

And I agree with you and her! You should never have to twist yourself into a pretzel to fit into some “industry standard” way of doing things to increase your visibility, profitability, and impact, especially if it doesn’t feel good. Every effort you make to get there shouldn’t make you feel like you have to face-plant after. 

Last year I worked with a client who was making just under $100,000 in revenue and wanted to grow her visibility and double her revenue. BUT she was super turned off by all the ways to “scale” she saw being taught around her. So she’d been holding back her visibility and revenue for a while.

She’s a mom who only has 3 days a week to work on her business. She doesn’t want to give up any more time with her family for the sake of that business, but she also wants to keep growing. But she couldn’t find a single mentor who could help her get her epic vision in an aligned way. Everyone (except me) said, “choose one- growth or time with your family.”

Eight months after we started working together, she was on track to double her revenue to $200,000, had MORE time with her family than ever, and had sold out two cohorts of her new hybrid program I helped her create so she could help more people with the high quality that was part of her values while having more time for her life. 

She even had to do a big move in the middle of her year and still was able to take that entire month off and bring in more than enough money to cover the business’ needs. I even showed her how to do visibility consistently without having to be like a hamster on a wheel creating content non-stop. 

I have countless stories of clients like this, defying the odds, having their cake, and eating it too. 

And here’s the thing I know about YOU: if you’re reading this, you’re not interested in a lot of the ways you see people expanding their visibility and profitability. You want a simpler, more effective way, a more ALIGNED way that works perfectly for YOU. You’ve got experience, this isn’t your first rodeo, and you’ve created success already. But you’re ready to do it in a more sustainable, joyful, and delightful way. 

Yes, epic growth and visibility can absolutely co-exist with epic profits and peace. Let me show you how- it’s only what I’ve been helping CEOs like you do for the last 14 years. 😉

If you’re ready to step into your next level of visibility and profitability AND your business earns between $10,000-$30,000 per month- our new mastermind Visibility Vortex™️ is OPEN for enrollment. 

And in it, I teach you how to align your epic vision with an aligned and sustainable visibility strategy that will help you make ALL the revenue you want without compromising your life values, without burnout, and with MORE spaciousness & delight. 

Previously I’ve only taught what I’m teaching in Visibility Vortex to 1:1 clients. This is an advanced-level strategy to give you the kind of nuanced support you need as the CEO of your business.

And let me tell you, the CEOs who are signed up for it so far are fantastic! How delightful is it to find other CEOs like you who want all the beautiful money, all the epic visibility, and refuse to burn out to get there, right? 

If that’s what you want too, your next step is to simply hit reply to this email and ask me for the brochure for Visibility Vortex™️ to learn more.

Let’s see if it feels like a good fit for you 💜 And if you’re wanting this result but are thinking a more 1:1 container would work better for you, hit “reply” to this message, too. I promise I’ll help you find the best option for you.

Can’t wait to hear from you- no more “pretzel-ing!”