At A Loss For Words


lisa fabrega

lisa evc

I’m at a loss for words…Last Friday, within less than 24 hours after I announced I was bringing back the all new, fully updated, Epic Visibility Challenge (after closing it for a year and a half), THIRTY of you had already requested the secret link to sign up.  We don’t even have a sales page yet (we’ll have that ready for you in just a few days)!

First, it tells me how much trust we’ve built with each other here over the years, where you know this challenge is going to be so good, you don’t even need to see a sales page to sign up. I’m in tears over that. My team and I work hard to only bring the BEST training and content to you. So, I love that so many of you know everything we deliver is of excellence and high quality.

But you know what else that tells me? It tells me my email struck a chord with you. You’ve felt the same shift in the landscape of Visibility, too. You’ve noticed the visibility tactics that used to work back in 2019 are no longer working for 2023. Mostly because we’ve changed. We want the visibility and the revenue WITHOUT having to do all the things that drain TF out of us. And that’s what I’ve been helping clients do for 14 years with incredible results.

The reason I put the Epic Visibility Challenge on pause is because I could SEE and FEEL that how we want to do visibility is shifting on a seismic level. So I spent a year and a half experimenting on myself–because I believe in walking my talk. I knew I couldn’t just show up spouting tired, unsustainable, 2019 visibility tactics, when I saw so many people struggling when they got to a certain level of visibility because that’s exactly what they were being told to do.

What I learned on that deep journey into the heart of visibility, I used to help clients do INCREDIBLE things with their visibility, like:

  • Going from $200,000 in revenue to over $700,000 (with about $500,000 in pure profit) without launching anything nor having to be on a hamster wheel of content creation AND while getting massages every week.
  • Going from $90,000 in revenue to on track to $200,000 in just 6 months, while cutting her marketing & visibility hours in half, and still being able to generate five figures in revenue after taking a full month vacation off from her business.
  • Have a $100,000 sales day without sending a single marketing email
  • Getting one $300,000 client in order to be able to take the whole year off to grieve.

These are just some of the results I helped various clients get after my 18 months of purposeful experimentation. If I told you all of them, this email would be way too long. So I’m saving many of these stories for the Epic Visibility Challenge, where I’m going to TELL ALL about what’s working in 2023.

I’ll also give you my whole “Visibility Verdict” with all my findings from the last year and a half, about what’s working and what isn’t. You’ll walk away from the challenge knowing what YOUR most friction-free path to visibility is for 2023 and how to get epic visibility while working WAY less.

👇👇👇👇   AND… reminder!!! 👇👇👇👇👇

STARTING TOMORROW, I’m going live on Instagram for 9 days from March 28-April 7 (excluding weekends-cause we do visibility and life balance over here.) Here’s just some of what I’ll be talking on in my lives…

  • Why we’ve moved away from massive, complicated, draining launches that require the same word count as a novel to and what’s working NOW instead.
  • Getting out of the cycle of constantly having to launch to either generate ANY revenue or the revenue you NEED.
  • How to stop being the SOLE generator of sales for your business.
  • Ending the constant seesaw of being on social media and having to create content every day or dropping off social altogether (and jeopardizing your revenue.)
  • Why you need to stop doing “all the marketing” (on all the platforms, about all the things) and get off the marketing hamster wheel.

And SOOOO much more. All of this will be discussed in my IG lives starting tomorrow.

Here’s how to join us:

  • Head over to my Insta page right here
  • Click “Follow” so you don’t miss any of my posts on this topic
  • At the top of my profile page, tap/click the little bell icon (that will make sure you get notified every time I go live, so you don’t miss them)
  • Show up at 9:30 am Pacific/12:30 pm Eastern for the next 9 days (excluding weekends) from March 28-April 7, so we can talk about how you can get more of the Epic Visibility you want.

I can’t wait to see you there!