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lisa fabrega

She-Almost-Quit-Her-Job 03-01-2022

Last year, I got on the phone with an extremely exasperated potential client. She had a business that was doing decently, a membership business model that had a good amount of people signed up…

But as I opened up our call, she told me, “Lisa, I’m on the brink of tears, and I almost shut down my business twice in the last week. I’m exhausted, I’m always working so hard, I have a team, but I don’t feel that my workload had lessened even with a team in place, I have to micromanage everything they do, and even though I need to raise my prices, I can’t, because I know I’ll lose half my clients. I’ve hired mindset coaches, several business strategists, and even just wrapped up being in a business mastermind. 

I feel like I keep getting into this cycle where I invest a big amount of money to solve this problem, I  make strategic changes, but then I end up back here again. Help!”

In that call, I was able to identify exactly why the mindset coaching and business masterminds hadn’t improved things much in her business & life, even though they were fantastic. What I told her left her speechless. 

“OMG, I finally understand why I’ve been in this cycle of exhaustion and feeling like I’m working my butt off and not making the amount I should be making as hard as I work. No one has ever explained it to me this way before.”

Want to hear what I said to her that blew her socks off and caused her to sign up to work with me for 6 months (and break her revenue plateau while working half the time after that?)

Click the image below to watch the special video I made for you! 

Set aside 9 minutes for this one, cause you want to watch it all the way through. Put it on while you’re making your morning coffee, on the treadmill, taking the kids to school or on a walk with your dogs. You’ll be very glad you spent 9 minutes of your life on this!

If you’re ready to not only identify your unique blindspot as a CEO and hire support to eliminate those blind spots and go to your next level of wealth, visibility, and impact, you can now book a call directly on my private calendar right here.

I’ll assess what capacity blindspots are causing the issues you’re experiencing as a CEO, and we’ll discuss which one of our offerings will best support you to make that shift. 

On our phone call, we are just two CEO’s having a nuanced discussion assessing your unique blindspots and identifying what’s really holding you back, so you can invest in the support that will help you break through.

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