Dirty secret


lisa fabrega

dirty secret

I have a cute little water fountain on the side of my house. I dutifully fill it with water every day to enjoy the bubbling sounds throughout my day as I work. 

But sometimes, when it’s a particularly sunny day, I’ll walk outside, and it will be bone dry and empty just a few hours after I fill it. On foggier days the water seems to last forever! It’s a roller coaster, me and this water fountain.

Aside from making you thirsty, does my fountain story sound a lot like your cash flow situation? 

A lot of people call this “being stuck in a feast or famine cycle.” Some months you’re rolling in it and others…you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to pay everyone. 

And I taught a class about WHY we get stuck in the Feast or Famine cycle recently to a mastermind filled with very successful entrepreneurs and business owners. Because yes, this cycle can affect you at every level of your business.

I guarantee you’ve never heard anyone teach Feast or Famine like this before. I know it because everyone was telling me that after I finished teaching the workshop.

The response was so big, I knew I had something golden here, so I hopped on to Instagram Live and taught the entire class there a few weeks ago. And we also got lots of messages from people that simply said “🤯🤯.”

If you weren’t there live on that day, don’t worry, because you can watch the recording today!

Watch “What’s Really Happening When You’re Stuck In Feast or Famine” right here.

And let me know in the comments of the video one thing you got out of it! I’d love to know.

Also, feel free to share it if you find it helpful or know someone who’d benefit from it, too.

And if we’re not friends on Instagram, let’s remedy that, yes? 

I post daily videos, weekly live streams, and funny Reels over there, and I’d love to connect with you more frequently over there, too.  

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