Do You Have “Team Shame”?


lisa fabrega


Let’s talk about this stigma of having a successful business, but struggling behind-the-scenes with your team.

If you’re a CEO or COO, you already know how hard this part of business ownership is. In fact, you most likely carry a LOT of guilt, shame, frustration, and embarrassment around this issue already. Because even though your business might look really good and successful to the outside world, behind-the-scenes you know you’re struggling with team issues.

Of course, most people keep these team issues to themselves.

This is why, even if you’re in a peer-led mastermind and surrounded by successful, like-minded colleagues, you’re most likely too embarrassed to admit the team issues you’re personally experiencing behind-the-scenes. 

Because NOBODY talks about this stuff. Which means everyone thinks that everyone else has an amazing team and zero team issues… which reinforces the belief that YOU are the only one who’s struggling and needs support in this area. 

So what happens whenever something is so stigmatized and taboo?

You don’t tell anyone.

You don’t get the help you need.

And in turn, you can struggle with these team issues for years. 

And the longer you struggle with team issues, the more you hold back your company’s visibility, profitability, and ability to scale. How do I know this? Because team issues are one of the top two things I talk about with clients (the other one is visibility, no surprise there!). 

Many years ago, when my business had just entered the multiple six-figure range for the first time ever, I went to a presentation at an online marketing conference titled, “How to Scale to 8-figures.” I went into that presentation with my little notebook all ready to take notes on strategies, and to my surprise, the ONLY thing the presenter talked about for that whole hour was TEAM! That was his scaling secret! 

Since then, advising thousands of business owners and many high-achieving CEOs and celebrities, I’ve come to know this as TRUTH. If your visibility is on point but your team is a mess, you’re constantly micro-managing, people are quitting, etc… it doesn’t matter how good your marketing or growth strategies are, you won’t be able to scale successfully without burning out every time you attempt it (which means you can never truly scale because burnout isn’t sustainable!)

After helping so many CEOs and business owners resolve team issues for good and become better leaders for those teams, I realized I’m done with so many amazing CEOs and business owners like you not reaching out and asking for support because you’re embarrassed! Trust me, NO ONE is born knowing how to be an amazing team leader. No one is just “born” knowing how to do it. It’s an acquired skill. And it requires expanding YOUR capacity as a CEO (so you can be the leader your team WANTS to be around and who inspires them to their highest potential) AND expanding your team’s capacity, too.

I’ve been through it myself, I’ve made all the big mistakes my clients have made. I’ve been through all the dramas. And I’ve advised so many CEOs on the same. And I want to remove that shame and stigma you feel. 

So over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing my DREAM TEAM secrets that’ll prioritize your peace (and profitability) and unburden you (and your team) behind-the-scenes.

There will be a series of videos over on Instagram diving deeper into this topic and I’ll be sending out more in-depth emails on this topic as well! 

Here are just some of the topics we will cover:

  • The real reason why you and your team always seem to burn out every time you launch or try to scale
  • What’s really going on when you feel like you constantly have to micromanage or keep an eye on everything (so you never get a break) 
  • 3 signs you have a healthy team dynamic and 3 signs you might (unknowingly) have a toxic team dynamic
  • How to stop the cycle of constantly having to put out fires—which distracts you from your CEO duties and impacts the business’ bottom line
  • How your personal capacity and inner blindspots as CEO can cause you to consistently hire misaligned people and therefore create vicious cycles and unhealthy patterns that hold your business back from stabilizing

…and so much more!

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Plus, I’ll be sharing about a NEW way to work with me, 1:1, to get to the root of your recurring team issues—and I’ll transform the way you’re building your dream team in only 4-6 weeks! And the best part?! You won’t even have to add a bunch of calls to your calendar—since I’ll be coaching you via Voxer and 1:1 audio messages! This means nothing will get added to your plate and you’ll get advanced-level coaching that’s designed to integrate INTO your busy schedule (instead of adding to it).

If your interest is piqued by this new offer, DM me on Instagram and I’ll happily share more about it with you. (Plus, you’ll get first dibs before I formally announce it, since I’m only making a few spots available for it!)

Whether you’re an experienced business owner/CEO or you’re just beginning the process of building your team, you’re going to get a lot out of these next few weeks! Are you excited for all that’s to come? Let me know!