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lisa fabrega

21 sept ghosting

A picture of one of my clients on retreat with me in Santa Barbara

A few years ago, I found myself on the phone with a client who couldn’t stop crying. 

She’d been running her business for three years and with a lot of hard work built it from a tiny passion project into a thriving business.  

What I especially loved about her business is how soulful and creative it was.  And it was exactly because of this that her business had grown and touched the lives of so many people.

Except, here she was, almost inconsolable. This beautiful, creative and soulful business was now a huge burden.  And no matter what she did, the revenue of the business had reached a plateau and it WOULD. NOT. BUDGE.

In order to solve this earning plateau, she had hired a few business consultants who told her to ‘diversify’ and add more programs.  So she did that.  

Then another consultant told her to ‘add more business-related/entrepreneurial coaching programs’.  She did that, too.

What once was a business with three solid offerings, became a business with eight different offerings.  Then twelve. And while those new offerings DID increase revenue in the beginning, they ALSO hit a revenue ceiling after a while.  So she’d add more. And then those offerings started to make LESS money and COST her more.

She felt like a hamster on a money wheel she couldn’t get off of.  The exhaustion over this never-ending cycle she had created just to break past a money plateau was causing her to resent her business and creating chronic tired-ness.

She’d had been trying to write a book for TWO YEARS and she had so many programs she had to deliver to keep up their revenue that she didn’t even have time to write it.  Except, she was terrified to cut some of those programs out because she’d lose the income stream from that program.

That’s why she was crying on the phone with me.  “I feel exhausted and I can’t even take a break because we have so many programs running at the same time that I have to show up for”.  

Here’s what I knew in my bones when she broke down in tears on the phone: It was NOT a strategy problem or a business model problem.  The solution was NOT to keep adding new programs people would want to sign up for. In fact, she had built something with so many offerings, she had become too big to NOT fail.

The REAL problem that all of the prestigious business programs and consultants she hired had missed was that she had a money capacity issue. And THIS is why she kept plateauing.

It had nothing to do with how many offerings she had or paying strategists to find out why people weren’t buying with as much zeal as before.  It had everything to do with her capacity to receive more money in her business.

We spent the next several months working on her money capacity.  One of our most powerful sessions was when she realized she had a belief that ‘she can’t make money from non-business-training related programs’.

Because she had this belief, she’d moved away from the very thing which had made her business successful: creative programs focused on spiritual development.  

The other huge blockage we discovered in her money capacity was that deep down, she felt making more money meant she’d be EVEN MORE exhausted than she already was.  She thought making more money meant doing more things.

This is a money capacity issue.

As we worked on expanding her money capacity, we ended up trimming down most of her offerings to just TWO.  

And because she had worked on her money capacity she no longer felt afraid of letting go of those other underperforming revenue streams we cut. She had expanded her TRUST. And if there’s one thing I’ve profoundly learned running my own business for over a decade, it’s that trust and money expansion go hand in hand.

Guess what happened the next time she launched a non-business related program?

She had DOUBLE the expected enrollment numbers.  And it WASN’T a new program. We didn’t have any new launch strategies. We actually used some of the same strategies she already knew and had tried before without the monetary results she wanted.  

Except, THIS time, she launched with five times the money capacity than she previously had.

In my last call with her we were planning for a THOUSAND people to join her program by the end of the year (she was already at over 600 when we last spoke).

That’s the power of expanding your Money Capacity.

Now, maybe you’re not in the EXACT same conundrum as her.  But maybe you also have the belief that you can ONLY make money by following the formulas in your industry, instead of by being yourself.  

Or…maybe you have a gazillion offerings you’ve launched ‘just to see what will make the most money’ and you’re throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks and you’re starting to feel like you could SCREAM.

Or…maybe you keep resisting going to the next level of your earning because you think it means you’re going to be overwhelmed and twice as tired and busy as you are now.  And now already feels overwhelming, so you can’t even imagine adding more to your plate.

Or…maybe you keep signing up for course after course, coach after coach, book after book only to find none of it is changing your earning. 

Or…maybe you had no problem making money on what you offer the first few times you launched it into the world…but for some reason it’s not continuously making MORE money or it’s no longer making as much money as before.

ALL of those things are Money Capacity™️ issues.  NOT strategy issues.

And if that’s you, we need to work on expanding your Money Capacity.  Because continuing to hold on to those capacity issues is exactly what is causing your plateau.  Or if you’re not having a plateau now, you will within the next few months, I can guarantee it.

There is ANOTHER WAY, I promise.

When your Money Capacity is expanded and on point, you can earn, save and invest more and more money on a regular basis, WITHOUT compromising your true creative expression or having a schedule which has you overwhelmed and burned out.

Money Capacity is one of the capacities which is constantly growing the most. This means we have to be constantly checking in on, assessing and expanding our money capacity. 

If we don’t, we will launch our next offer into the world wanting it to make $100,000 but with a capacity that can only hold $30,000. And then you wonder why, even when you had the perfect strategy, you couldn’t reach your goal numbers?

It’s because you literally didn’t have the CAPACITY to hold $100,000. Starting to get it? Expanding and working on your money capacity is one of THE most important things you can do. If you don’t, you’re leaving thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table on a monthly basis.

This is why I opened up my NEW virtual Money Capacity retreat for enrollment last week.  

In just a few hours at the retreat, you’ll know EXACTLY what is causing your money capacity to stagnate and you’ll experience a profound shift that will break your stagnation and get the money energy flowing again.

The best part is, it’s virtual, so you can literally attend the retreat from your home, in your pj’s if you want.  No traveling required.

We have three dates available, so the “the dates don’t work for me” thing is also taken care of.

And you won’t be lost in a sea of people, because I’m only accepting 8 people into each retreat so we have plenty of time to go deep and make sure everyone gets coaching.

Now heads up: the last time I offered a virtual retreat a few weeks ago, ALL THREE DATES SOLD OUT.  And we had such a huge response to this particular retreat on Money Capacity™️, I have a feeling these spots are going to sell out even faster than the last retreats I offered.

So truly, not a gimmick – don’t wait.  I don’t want you to be disappointed if it sells out before you secure your seat.  This is literally one of THE most important capacities you can shift and you’ll find when you shift this one, you’ll see shifts in all the other capacity areas.

To learn more, including what you can expect to get out of the retreat, exact dates and to secure your spot, just click on the button below to get all the info.

And feel free to hit reply to this message if you have any questions!

Can’t wait to see you there,

Lisa Fabrega

Ps: if you have any questions, just email support@lisafabrega.com and we’ll be happy to answer. I want to help you to make sure this is the right thing for you!