head, meet wall


lisa fabrega


About seven years ago, I quit going to all of the “Envision Your New Year” type workshops that I was bombarded with every January. I also quit ordering yearly planners. Why?

Because I’d use that planner for a few weeks and months later I’d find it in a random drawer completely forgotten. There’s a reason why coaches who sell planners also bundle programs with them. Without the proper support, it’s easy to self-sabotage and achieve none of those goals.

The “plan your successful year” workshops were the same. I’d write down big goals for revenue, better boundaries and epic relationships. But let’s be honest–deep down a small part of me was nervous because I wasn’t sure HOW I was going to do that, or if I could “handle” all that came with achieving those goals. 

Admit it, you’ve felt the same.

I’m NOT knocking planners and planning workshops. I’ve been to some good ones. BUT they’re ALL missing one thing that’ll make sure you actually achieve the goals you wrote down:

A focus on making sure you have the right size capacity to match the size of your goals. If you don’t have this, it’s like trying to fit a gallon of water into a pint sized container. Not gonna happen.

A “$600,000 revenue” or “meet my soulmate” goal written down on someone’s perfectly branded spreadsheet doesn’t guarantee you’ll achieve it. You can write down the exact % of conversions you need in your “ads funnel” to get to your six or seven figure goal. You can have the perfect mantra to attract your soulmate. None of it will materialize without the capacity to hold, handle and receive it.

A well planned out yearly strategy ISN’T enough to make sure that strategy is successful. 

This is why I created the Capacity 2021 half day experience.  FIRST, you must know what capacity deficits threaten to hold you back from achieving those goals. Without knowing that, you’re going into your year like the emperor with no clothes. 

But your capacity deficits are not the same as my capacity deficits. They’re completely unique to you. Which is why during the Capacity 2021 experience we’re going to hone in on your exact Capacity Code™. You’ll walk away knowing what your unique code is.

Then, we’ll set aligned goals, quarter by quarter. But we’re not going to create disembodied goals that come from your ego.  Instead, I’ll walk you through the proprietary process for making sure the goals you set are actually aligned. When it’s aligned, it happens with ease. If it isn’t, you’re banging your head against a wall all year.

And finally, once we have your aligned goals, we’ll examine the exact capacities you’ll uniquely need to expand in order to make sure those strategies actually work this year. Cause if you waste time expanding the wrong capacity, you’ll just be spinning your wheels, wasting time.

Are you ready for something that’s actually going to make a difference this year? If so, join me in Capacity 2021, the half day experience.

Get all the details and enroll here. 

Time is running out because the experience is next Friday. And I won’t be doing this again.