Hustle or Pause?


lisa fabrega


Recently I was speaking with a client who was mercilessly beating herself up for not having completed an assignment I gave her at the end of our last session. “I’ve had two weeks to do this, and I’m feeling like a bad CEO and client because I still haven’t completed it!”

She’s one of those dreamy clients who take action after every session we have, so I knew this was a sign something was off.

I got curious about why this particular assignment was creating a challenge for her. And this led to a fantastic discussion I want to share with you today (I made you a video about it below!)

Ever found yourself resisting a task and wondering if you should just push yourself? 

Maybe. But not necessarily.

What about the over-glorification of “hustle culture”? Shouldn’t you take a pause if you’re feeling resistance? Maybe. But not necessarily.

Knowing whether it’s time to push yourself or pause is a nuanced thing. And it’s important to know which one you need to do because if you pause when it’s time to push or vice versa, you can make bad decisions or do things that will impact the long-term health of both you and your company. 

In today’s video blog, I will help you figure out when it’s time to push yourself and when it’s time for you to pause.

Just click on the video below to watch.