I ghosted…here’s why


lisa fabrega


So you may have noticed I haven’t posted in a while…and I did this on purpose. This isn’t a “popular” tactic that many people talk about. It probably feels contradictory to what I often tell you about the importance of being consistently visible. 

But that’s the thing I love about being an expert in helping CEOs step into epic levels of visibility, profitability, and impact. Two things can be true at once, depending on the season your business is in and the intention behind it.  When I teach this  “permission to ghost” tactic to my most successful CEO clients,  it often ends up doubling their profit and leads to greater visibility.

Today I want to tell you more about this “permission to ghost” tactic and why I chose to do this. Because if it can give you the kinds of breakthroughs it has given my clients, I’ll be thrilled for you…

Let’s start here: there’s a harmful belief I often help CEO and business owner clients like you to repattern. And this idea often leads you to burnout, feeling overwhelmed by more visibility,  or even plateauing in your business.

“Every year HAS to be a growth year.  And if it isn’t a year where I doubled revenue or launched a million things, I somehow failed.” That couldn’t be further from the truth. 

But when all you predominantly see is the big wins CEOs post on social media about doubling and tripling their revenue, this belief sneaks into your nervous system and becomes a blind spot, secretly lurking in the shadows of your subconscious. Unbeknownst to you, this belief begins to secretly influence so many of your CEO decisions. That belief is the thing that keeps you awake at 3 am as your brain tries to solve “business problems”, or worries about whether or not you’re doing “enough.”

I constantly get messages from clients and colleagues in which they share they have trouble taking time off or disconnecting on the weekends from their business because they feel they have to constantly be thinking about their business for the sake of “growth.” The next launch, the next social media post, the next email.

I also frequently hear from CEOs who sign up to work with us a version of this “Lisa, I built a successful business. Then I let it all go because I got super sick and couldn’t work like I used to.” Or “Lisa, it got so successful, and I just couldn’t handle it. I didn’t have the capacity to hold so much on my own. I didn’t have the support I needed.  I had to shut it all down.”

There’s a correlation between those two messages I frequently get. 

Sure, some years in business require full-throttle engines. I’m not going to gaslight you by pretending running a business that can continuously and healthfully scale is always a luxury vacation where all you do is work one hour a day and cavort in your Balinese beachfront villa for the remaining 23 hours. Not all business years will be a vacation. Market conditions change, customer interests change, or your own life changes, and that means you have to pívot. Pivots are always challenging to some degree and stretch you. (And that’s not a bad thing, it’s what makes you a damn good CEO, actually.)

But there are also some years in your business where you’ll be reassessing your foundation, and you should NOT be focusing on epic growth. You’ll have grown to a point where you realize the foundations, structures, offerings, values, and business model upon which you built things aren’t the same ones that will get you to the next level. To step into that next level of visibility, profitability, and impact those foundations need to shift or be tweaked. If you press the accelerator button with the wrong foundations in place, you’ll burn you and your whole team out. You can’t build a mansion on a cardboard foundation.

There are also times in your business when you have a BIG project or new creation coming up. One of those projects that is seminal, a culmination of years of work and experience—the next evolution of you and your business’ purpose. You’re writing a book or launching a new program or project. And at times like this, a large part of your energy, attention, and focus needs to be redirected to make sure that the project gets the attention, focus, and energy it needs to be completed with the utmost quality. 

Many people think building capacity is about ”getting more capacity to do all the things or work harder.” It’s not. Building capacity to hold more visibility, profit, and impact is about learning how to do more by being smart about where you put your energy. So, those times in your business when you have a big, new creation to launch, it’s actually not always smart to keep all parts of the machine going. 

Instead, you CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE to put some balls down to channel your energy towards the highest priority (this is something I teach my CEO clients constantly- the ways we have to constantly uplevel our energy management to have greater capacity to achieve bigger things.)

So that’s what I chose to do in the last quarter of 2022. It’s why you haven’t gotten an email from me since October. But don’t confuse silence on the email front for “nothing happening.” We did plenty.

….I went to Miami for a week with my good friends Selena Soo & Heidi DeCoux to network and had dinners with entrepreneurs who have done major things like being published by respected publications or selling companies for millions of dollars. I got asked for advice and coaching from some of my business heroes and signed several new CEO clients I met that week.

…We had a $200,000 month without launching anything.

I renewed clients who were so thrilled with their results they ASKED me to please create $80,000-$90,000 programs for them. You know the results are good when clients ask to pay you more! And I had a blast creating their custom programs. 

I signed a few corporate clients with businesses ranging from $10 million in revenue to $50 million. The capacity expansion work I’m doing with their executive teams is so fulfilling and fun.

I decided to put my things in storage for a while and travel more in 2023. Then lost half my things in storage to flood damage (I’m okay- what matters is I am alive. Plus, I trust it will all be replaced with even more fabulous things. )
I took a client out to a Michelin-chef restaurant to celebrate with her, because within 6 months of working with me 1:1, she broke a seven-year revenue plateau and surpassed that plateau by multiple six figures. AND she did it without burning out and while keeping lots of joy in her life. Years before, when she’d tried to scale her business, she’d developed serious health complications because of burnout. So I HAD to celebrate her for scaling in 2022 while remaining healthy, joyous, and in love with her work.  I am so damn proud of her badassery.

And, the whole reason I stopped sending emails in October after sending an average of one email a week for the last 14 years…

I and my team put the finishing touches on our NEW mentoring mastermind, Visibility Vortex™️ (yes, I even trademarked it).

This program technically has been a full year of focus, testing, and pouring over results and data from the last 14 years with our marketing director and team. And knowing we wanted to open this up in 2023, we took the last few months of 2022 to REALLY focus on bringing this to life. 

But in reality, this has been 14 years of work and lessons that created this program. Because I’m finally pulling back the curtain and teaching the advanced-level techniques I’ve been teaching to 1:1 clients for 14 years.  Techniques that have helped them scale into epic visibility, profitability & impact WHILE keeping the joy in their business and still living the spacious and delicious lifestyle they desire.

In Visibility Vortex, I’ll be coaching you (and a select group of fellow CEOs) and revealing ALL my advanced level secrets to scaling epically without burnout or overwhelm. So if you, are a CEO making between $10,000-$30,000 in monthly revenue and are ready for relief and growth that doesn’t feel like you have to choose between peace and profitability, do this:

  1. Email me at lisa@lisafabrega.com
  2. Tell me you want to learn more about Visibility Vortex.
  3. I’ll reply, we’ll dig in deeper into your business and desires for 2023 with you and then send you the invite-only brochure to this intimate experience if you feel like it’s a fit.  (NOTE: I don’t do high-pressure nonsense, I want you to help you find the best fit for you and your business’ custom, nuanced needs and make sure this is the right program for you).

Wanna know why you should do this now and not wait til a few weeks from now? Because right now, we are offering a special “founders price” to the first people who reply and sign up. It’s a savings of up to $3200 off the real price of the program, PLUS there’s a bonus worth $5000 (an in-person mastermind retreat with me in Florida. But it’s only for the first five to sign up.) 

Just hit reply if you’re curious to learn more, and we’ll take it from there. I can’t wait to dig in deeper with you and get to know you and your business better.

Ps: if you’re slightly under the $10k or over the $30k mark – don’t disqualify yourself for this experience. Contact me, and I’ll help you figure out what’s the best fit for you.