I’m doing a big scary thing


lisa fabrega

Lisa_March 2024

For the next 60 days, I’m doing something radical that goes against all the rules, and which several people told me they weren’t so sure I should do. Today, I’m inviting you to participate in this experiment if you want to follow along and see what happens. First, some backstory…

I recently hired a new Marketing Manager, and we did a deep data dive into the last 16 years of the business, especially into our email list. We found some shocking data about my audience and email list.

I have a very large email list—tens of thousands of people—accumulated after 16 years in business. Yet we noticed:

  1. Only a small percentage actually open and engage with our emails regularly.
  2. SO many people on our email list have been benefiting every week from our high-value content for YEARS yet have never invested in anything, even though we’ve had many offers and price points over the last 16 years.

That tells me that a big percentage of our email list has been happy to read our high-value content for many years but never actually intended to take decisive action to buy anything we offer. 

My next question was, “Why are they here? At the end of the day, this is a business, and we are here to sell.” It turns out a few of those people are family members and close friends, so that made sense. But the data revealed even more interesting “tea.” 

Out of the people who were regularly opening and engaging with our content:

  • A few of those people are colleagues who “just want to see what I’m doing.”
  • Some were nightmare clients we fired, yet still obsessively read our emails, even though we’ve removed them multiple times. 
  • Some were online bullies whom we kept blocking yet kept signing up for our email list with new fake emails or names.

Definitely not a good thing to have that type of energy hanging out on your list, right?

And the rest? 

While we had a nice percentage of people who invested in our services or offers and are still engaged, we also had a large percentage of people who are just… lurking with no intention of buying.

This just didn’t feel right. 

Have you ever been in a relationship where you are pouring out your heart and soul to the person, giving and giving…and the person doesn’t return that effort? That’s what this felt like.

If you’ve been here for a while and have invested in our offers, you’ll also know that one of the biggest values we teach is non-draining relationships. I even built a framework around this that our clients call a “game-changer” (we call it  “The CEO Ecosystem.”)

The essence of the CEO Ecosystem is this: As you scale your business’ visibility and profitability, you must be meticulously mindful of what your inner circles look like and ensure nothing in them is unconsciously draining your energy. 

After working with some extremely successful celebrity CEOs over the last 16 years, our data has shown that lopsided or one-sided relationships are a silent “killer” of a CEO’s capacity and a business’s long-term sustainability. 

The data from our email list showed me we had many lop-sided relationships. No bueno.

The data deep-dive also showed me that our ideal clients are quick to decide and act, even if it means facing some fears. I love that about them—it’s super inspiring. It keeps me going as a coach and CEO; it gives me energy, which has helped us sustain a successful business for 16 years.

Experience has also shown me when I work with folks who hesitate, lag, or constantly hold back on making fast, decisive investment decisions in their success, my energy dips, and my creativity and confidence take a hit. As CEO, keeping that spark alive is key, which I always nudge my clients to remember. So, I need to walk that talk on a deeper level, too.

We have built our high-integrity reputation as a business and attracted some amazing people into our offers (and no, that doesn’t mean you have to be some millionaire CEO to be here!) because our clients get above-industry-standard results. 

And that’s because we usually select fast, decisive action-takers to work with us. We aren’t into twisting anyone’s arm or performing acrobatics to prove ourselves. Our ideal clients can see from miles away the levels of excellence we bring to the table and know pretty instantly they want to work with us in some capacity.

If you’ve been here for years and years, are just here to “see what I’m doing”, or “love what I write” but have no intention of buying anything from us, referring people to us, etc…, I’m asking you, with a lot of love and gratitude for your time here, to please unsubscribe from this list. 

My social media is a great place where you can still keep up with what we do and has lots of free content. Find me on Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok.

Now, if you’re still here, here’s what happens next: we will offer you opportunities to invest in our work every day for the next 60 days. We’re calling it “60 Days Of Selling.”

  • Some of these offers are things you may have seen before, but you may have sat on the fence about (you’ll now have a chance to jump on the fence and join the fast action-takers club, which in and of itself will TRANSFORM you.)
  • Some of these offers will be brand new, never seen before.
  • Some will be hugely popular programs that we tabled and are only back for a very select group of people.

These offers are for you whether you’re under $100,000 a year in revenue, in the multiple six-figures OR you’re already a super successful CEO of a 7, 8, or even 9-figure company. There’s something for everyone here!

Yes, for 60 days, we will email you daily with an offer. The price points start at $97. You will have an opportunity to buy something from us to indicate that you are part of the decisive action-takers we love to work with and want to foster more of in our community. 

If you have not bought anything from us at the end of those 60 days, we will move you to a different list to which we will send content less frequently

If you fall into the “not buying anything” category (and you’re not a friend or family member), this is not a punishment or anything personal. I’m grateful to you for being here as long as you have. 

But it’s a waste of your time to be here anyway because all our content is geared towards action-takers who are ready to invest in our work. Our time and energy are so short these post-pandemic days that I’d rather you subscribe somewhere your energy isn’t wasted.

2024 energy is all about evenly matched relationships. 

It’s about culling our list down to a smaller community of people who are ready to take action and make EPIC opportunities happen in their businesses NOW. 

It’s about creating an active, highly-honed, and selective list of badass buyers and action-takers who WANT what we have to offer and who want to be in a community with like-minded professionals.

That’s it. That’s the news.

We start tomorrow with our first offer.. 

See those of you who are still here after 60 days on the other side. I’m looking forward to working with you in whichever offer you partake in. And, as always, I’m sending all my love.