I’m in Oprah Magazine!


lisa fabrega

i'm in oprah magazine!

I have been holding this in for a week! I was traveling down to Panama recently when my friend Lynne texted me THIS picture, saying “I love seeing this in my O Magazine!”:

I was amazed! 

Y’all already know how in July, Oprah and Gayle came to my house to surprise me in person.

So, we went on a whole journey together last month, where I did ten days of Instagram Lives telling you all about this experience, what I had to shift within my own capacity to be able to manifest and rock it and many of you participated in the 3 Day Epic Opportunities Challenge afterward (and y’all LOVED it and had so many breakthroughs.)

But what I HAVEN’T told you about is what happened AFTER the epic opportunity was manifested and over. Because what came next was EPIC VISIBILITY. And what happens when you get that? HOW do you get it? How do you handle it without sabotaging it?

Not only did Oprah Daily repost my account on their Instagram accounts with combined millions of followers, but they also put me in O Magazine as well, which also has millions of followers (!!!).

I then got a bunch of amazing requests and opportunities to be MORE visible from several different directions and ended up in negotiations for a deal with a major media company (can’t really say anything more about that right now cause…confidentiality.)

There were SO many expansions in my capacity for more visibility during that time and I haven’t told you the whole journey. Well, that’s about to change. 

Because Visibility is the TOP thing y’all write us about and struggle with, no matter where you are in your business. 

So starting TOMORROW, November 2nd until November 12, I’m going LIVE for NINE DAYS over on Instagram. I’ll be on my IG account at 12:30pm Pacific/ 3:30pm Eastern every day (excluding weekends). 

And this time we’re going to talk about what it takes to get Epic Visibility, who you have to become to receive it, and not just receive, but how to HANDLE it when it comes your way, without sabotaging it or hiding out.

There’s one of two ways you have a major visibility blindspot (see if you can identify yourself in any of these).

  1. You’re not getting the opportunities for more visibility you really, really want.
    • you’re not getting the invitations to the podcasts, to speak at other people’s masterminds, to write the column for the major online magazine, to be on that TV show etc…
    • you’re not booked up with sales calls with people who are dying to work with you
    • you’re not getting the kind of big engagement you’re seeing from other leaders you admire online
    • you feel like a best-kept secret or like you aren’t getting the opportunities to be really seen in the big ways you dream of
    • you see other colleagues who do similar work to you getting opportunities you dream of and wonder why not you??

  1. You’re not fully showing up for your visibility opportunities
    • you don’t show up online as much as you know you should
      • you’re not posting as frequently as you should on social
      • you’re not recording and releasing your podcast consistently enough
      • you’re haphazard with your communications to your audience
      • you go to post on social but you freeze up and don’t know what to say, then beat yourself up because you know if you posted more, you’d get more clients and have even more interest in your work.

    • you’re hiding parts of you that could actually be lucrative for your business because you’re overthinking about other people’s judgments and opinions

    • you feel like people don’t quite “get” the breadth and depth of what you do
      • you don’t know how to explain it in a clear, concise way that resonates with your ideal client, so you don’t post at all or you post long confusing things that don’t really showcase how amazing you are at what you do!

    • You’re afraid that if you DO get the epic visibility you want, you’re going to get swept up in busy-ness and lose your friends, family or a normal life. 
      • So, you hold back and try to “slow down” your visibility, but it’s costing you clients and money!

These are just SOME of the visibility struggles most of you write us about regularly. 

If you have ANY of these concerns around your visibility, you have what I call a visibility blindspot. And yours is totally unique to you.

Visibility blindspots are what prevent the epic visibility opportunities you want from coming to you. In fact, your visibility blindspots are pushing those opportunities away and keeping you from being fully seen in your work. 

So if you aren’t getting the visibility you want right now, no matter how far along you are in your business (I’ve even consulted board members of $100 million companies who have visibility issues), you’re going to want to come to these lives.

Here’s how to join us:

  • Head over to my Insta page right here 
  • Click “Follow” so you don’t miss any of my posts on this topic
  • At the top of my profile page, tap/click the little bell icon (that will make sure you get notified every time I go live, so you don’t miss them)
  • Show up at 12:30m pacific/ 3:30pm eastern for the next 9 days (excluding weekends) from November 2 to November 12l so we can talk about how you can get more of the Epic Visibility you want.

See you there tomorrow! I can’t wait to tell you Part 2 of this epic Oprah story!