is manifesting total BS?


lisa fabrega

woman in lavender fields

woman in lavender fields

A few days ago, my colleague Chris Winfield posted “Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?” on his Facebook page. The conversation that ensued in the comments was great and some awesome points made both for and against.  

However, I noticed there was a point of view missing from the comments. One that explains why ‘manifesting’ may not be working for you anymore (or never worked). It inspired me to write you today about WHY your “manifesting techniques” may not be working. 

Just this morning a womxn I’m currently coaching exclaimed to me that she used to be such a good manifestor, and these days, it doesn’t seem to work as well. She’s not sure she believes in manifesting anymore. What if it’s all a crock, Lisa? read her text to me.

Let’s say you tried manifesting/the law of attraction previously, and it worked wonderfully for you. But now it seems to have…slowed down? Or not be as effective anymore? Why is this happening?

Manifesting may have worked for you a year ago because, at that time, you had the capacity to call in what you desired. What you were calling in matched the level of capacity you had then, so it manifested.

But you can’t manifest your next level goals with the same capacity you had back then, because those goals are now bigger. And this is where most womxn I work with get stuck. They spend a ton of time working with business coaches on strategies and forget to grow their capacity. 

Sure, you can ‘muscle your way through’ to results with strategy and hard work (this is what many womxn I end up working with have done), but only for so long. Using this method of growing your career or business ALWAYS results in a plateau. Whether it be a financial plateau, a physical/health plateau, or a plateau in your relationships (business and personal).

When your career, business, or life grow, your capacity needs to grow too. You can’t manifest bigger and bigger things without growing your capacity to hold those bigger things.

It’s like trying to fit a gallon of water into a cup-sized container… Impossible!

If your manifesting isn’t working anymore, or never has worked for you, it’s most likely a capacity issue.  

No, you don’t need to go learn a new manifesting technique.
Or pay a spiritual business coach to teach you a new strategy.
Or buy some more powerful crystals, rearrange your business model, create yet another funnel or hire a new career coach.

You simply need to expand your capacity to receive the next level of what you want.  

Your CURRENT capacity needs to be able to hold the size of the dream you’re trying to manifest next. Otherwise, your dream won’t manifest because your container is too small for all you are calling in to fit properly, energetically speaking. A strategy isn’t really going to expand your container by much.  

That’s why it’s not your strategy. It’s your capacity.

ps: By the way, expanding your capacity is a whole method. It’s not just about doing ‘mindset work’ or reciting positive mantras. You need support from someone who has been helping womxn expand their capacity for over 10 years.  

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