It’s Safe for Me to Think Bigger Now


lisa fabrega


Rewind with me to the beginning of this year for a moment because it’s what started the biggest breakthrough I’ve had in 2022. January is usually the time of wide-eyed hope as we excitedly imagine what new heights we will soar to in the year ahead! But that’s not how I started 2022. Instead, there was an inexplicable, low-vibe weight over me, which is VERY unlike me.

By March, I STILL felt like this, so I went into a problem-solving mode like I would for a client. I’m a big believer icky feelings start with icky thoughts, so I paid greater attention to what I was thinking throughout the day. I realized my thoughts and goals were much smaller than usual. I was defaulting to “probably not possible” any time I had a new idea. And this is the opposite of what works to keep me expansive and creative as a business owner.

Because my thoughts were trending towards “grumpy and limited,” I took a look at my actions next (because thoughts influence actions!) I noticed the expansive way I usually made investments in myself (personally and professionally) had dulled and I’d stopped taking risks. 

This is SO unlike me! What was the source of this? That question kicked off my biggest breakthrough of the year.

I realized I felt “off” because I was thinking SMALLER than usual and therefore behaving SMALLER. This made my whole worldview smaller. I do not do well existing this way. I use the word EPIC in so many of my challenges for y’all because I AM A BIG THINKING PERSON. And I thrive off it. So why on earth was I, the queen of epic, defaulting to trying to metaphorically fit myself into a too-small pair of Spanx? 

That’s when it hit me…

We’ve just come through two years of an unprecedented, never-before-experienced pandemic.  And it’s a well-known fact when we go through stressful events, our viewpoint gets narrower, tunnel-visioned, and microscopic. It’s what we need to survive.

So we stop focusing on big dreams and instead more on the day to day, or just the very next, tiny step. And during the pandemic shutdowns, we naturally restricted little luxuries like traveling to retreats, going out to nice restaurants, and having expansive experiences which change our perspective and show us to dream/be BIGGER. 

We’ve had our heads down as CEOs and business owners trying to stay centered, pivoting as needs changed, keeping our businesses growing during a turbulent time, AND also pouring into clients who needed us more than ever to ensure they still thrived. It’s been A LOT even for those of us with big capacity.

I thrive in setting challenging, fun goals, investing at my edge, and daring to dream BIG. I’ve always made more money and impact when I gift myself expansive, luxurious experiences (whether small or big). It consistently helped me step into the next-level version of me. 

Yet, being in a pandemic mode for two years made me forget how necessary this was to my growth as a CEO and visionary of my company. My little daytime visits to luxury hotels in my area to get out of my usual environment and change things up for myself or a client were gone. Trips to epic places that inspired new offers and content…gone. Transformative, high touch, in-person experiences with clients…gone.

I got so used to this way of life over two years, that when things opened back up again in the world, I forgot I could add it all back in! 

Then came April…

My best processing happens through talking with people I trust, so I started talking…and talking. By mid April I realized all that survival thinking had subconsciously influenced me to shrink my visibility. I wasn’t showing up in the epic ways I usually do, which usually inspires my community to think bigger for themselves too! And I was hearing the “smallness” show up in so many conversations with clients and with y’all too!

So I decided to shake things up. I took myself to lunch at the most luxurious hotel in town. Got dressed to the nines as the BIGGER version of me I wanted to step into next. Enjoyed being served with impeccable care as I enjoyed sweeping ocean views while eating award-winning cuisine that activated all my senses. And invited a friend who thinks as epically as I do to join me. By the time I left that hotel, a NEW, BIG, exciting idea that made me feel ALIVE again had been born.

I created a secret offer, designed a beautiful brochure for it on Canva and quietly reached out to a few people. It was a custom, 1:1 program with an in-person, 2.5-day retreat (custom-curated to each individual client) and several months of 1:1 coaching afterward. I made a handful of social media posts about it, got eight inquiries, and within a week the few spots I opened had sold out. 

Here’s the kicker: while I was speaking with the women who ultimately signed up for this secret offer, I realized THEY had also been feeling uncomfortably small in their thinking and behavior, too! Like me, they wanted to shake things up!

And last week, I hosted a client for the first of these new, customized, private retreats in this secret program, and one of the MAIN things that emerged during her retreat was how she needed to think and act BIGGER. She’s been in a revenue plateau for the past several years and frustrated, not knowing what was holding her back!

So, we powerfully tweaked her messaging, more than doubled her prices, slashed unnecessary programs she was offering “in case people didn’t buy the higher priced stuff” (small thinking!) and made her offers streamlined and appealing to her ideal client. I also crafted custom experiences for her throughout the retreat so she could EMBODY her next-level self, from all her meals to her accommodations to the celebrity stylist I hired for her and the luxurious massage at the best spa in town.

The result? She took immediate action on day one, and by the second day of her 2.5-day retreat, she booked two sales calls for her NEW higher-priced offer and sold another offer I’d helped her upgrade. Within just three days of leaving the retreat, she’d signed a new client for her new $30,000 program I’d helped her double the price of a day prior. And even better, she now KNOWS she is SO worth it because she helps her clients triple their revenue with her services. 

She’s only been in this secret program for two months and has already made over $60,000 extra revenue! Plateau be damned! Before she left the retreat, she told me “I know we’re only one month in to our five months but I plan on just letting our program auto-renew!”. (You can hear more about her experience here in her own words!)

It felt so damn good to come back to what I’m BEST at. High-level, expansive, and luxurious experiences that literally have you leaving a different person than you came in and get you thinking and BEING bigger than ever before! I love pouring all that attention and love on a client who I know will walk away with more profit, wealth, and DELIGHT in their business. So the experience expanded me even MORE, too!

I’m writing to you today because I want to remind you that it’s safe to think bigger again.

I have a feeling many of you reading this have become too “practical” and small when your CEO soul and business thrive in the BIG. This can look like: 

  • having invested expansively in the past but now being nervous about every penny you spend and only investing in small amounts when you should be taking a bigger leap. 
  • Convincing yourself you’re fine staying where you are and don’t need to grow anymore (when deep down you secretly want to). 
  • Forgetting things that used to help you to invest in, and not investing in them anymore (like how much you benefited from expansive investments and necessary luxuries that helped you step into a whole other way of being because they pushed your edge and expanded how you saw yourself and your capacity!)
  • Telling yourself an offer that lights a fire in your chest is “too luxurious” for you and “not the right time.” Essentially, discounting yourself from experiences and offers you’re drawn to.
  • Investing in lower-priced, group programs when you know you really need a deeper, richer and more expansive 1:1 experience. You know what you really need is a masterful coach who can put all their attention on you and give you the nuanced support you deserve

You are worthy of that kind of investment. THINK BIGGER, MY FRIEND.

If you’ve got a burning hope in your heart or a tiny seed of something that’s asking you for more, listen to it. It’s time to unfurl the tightness of survival mode and give yourself the gifts that help you think expansively about your business and life again.

With that in mind, I have now made available several options for working with me in-person this summer into the fall. 

OPTION 1 “The Secret Offer” 

I loved doing this custom retreat for my client SO MUCH, I decided to open up ONE more spot for this secret offer. And I can feel there is one more person reading this who is called to it

It includes a custom-curated 2.5-day in-person retreat in Santa Barbara, California (the French Riviera of the US), four months of 1:1 coaching, unlimited Voxer messaging access to me, complimentary access to our group program Capacity Shift, and any other event I host during your program. And there are lots of little extras I like to throw in when it feels right like promoting you to my social media channels (one client booked over $30,000 in new clients from this!) or connecting you with my private rolodex of colleagues to form potential partnerships or new, higher-level connections. I may even surprise you with some gifts in the mail or a session with one of my favorite coaches in their area of expertise.

If reading this email sparked something in you, and you believe you’re that person ready to think and be BIGGER than ever before and you’re ready for the most accelerated-results program I’ve ever offered… I’m inviting you to follow your intuition and simply send me an email with the word “secret”. Consider it your “secret passcode.” 

Once I receive your message, I’ll send you the brochure for this secret offer with the customized in-person retreat. And if it calls to you, we can book a call to speak further about it.

OPTION 2 “In-Person Wealth Expansion Days”

I’ll be coming to a few major cities in the US in the coming months and will be offering limited spots for in-person intensives with me. 

Currently, I will be in: NYC (2 spots available), Los Angeles (2 spots available), Puerto Rico (one spot available), and Panama City, Panama (2 spots available) from now until November.

(If your city isn’t on this ^^ list and you want me to come to your city, hit reply and let me know which city! If I get enough inquiries, I’ll go there, too!)

Your Wealth Expansion Day includes: 8 hours of 1-on-1 coaching in-person at a gorgeous hotel, deep integration, and luxurious delights to help you embody your next level of wealth (fabulous lunch and dinner are included!). We can look at your offers, messaging, team structure, get to the bottom of why you’re experiencing a revenue plateau, or anything else that needs to shift for you to step into more profit and wealth.

After your Wealth Expansion day, you’ll get a month of Voxer access for extra coaching with me, three months of access to our group program Capacity Shift (a $1500 value), and one 45-minute follow-up call. 

If you’re curious to learn more details, simply send me an email with the word “wealth” and I’ll send you the brochure for this one-day in-person experience. Once you read it over, I’m happy to hop on a call to discuss it further with you as well!

These offers WILL be sold out in the next few weeks, and yes, they are booking all the way out until November of this year and will likely be the ONLY in-person offers I make this year, so please don’t delay!