Last Day to Take $500 Off!


lisa fabrega


Recently, I spoke with a CEO who really needed some support in her business. She’d built it to multiple six figures, but was working every weekend, and had so much on her plate that she hadn’t been able to go out with friends for weeks. She said the reason her business wasn’t growing at the rate she wanted, was that she was the person holding it all together. On the call, she was at her breaking point, but a few days later told me “I’m so overwhelmed, and I think it’s better to pause and wait until January to do the work with you to solve this problem.”

I’ve heard a variation of this same statement several times this summer. You’re letting the exhaustion caused by the capacity issues in your business (and within you) tell you you don’t have time for capacity work. Or that you’ll just “rest for a few months, and wait til next year.”

We still have FOUR ENTIRE MONTHS left in the year! Considering one woman who worked with me intensively a few months ago had a $100,000 DAY, you still have SO much time to reach or surpass your business goals this year. You may think “pausing” for four months while you rest from the exhaustion of dealing with all these capacity issues is “self-care” and “replenishing”…but what if it’s not? You’re seeking some instant relief when you pause, I get it.  

But what if a PAUSE is not the same as ACTUAL, IMMEDIATE RELIEF?

The only thing “pausing” everything until January guarantees is that when you come back to dealing with the capacity issues in January, all the problems you took a pause from will have festered and gotten worse. And then you’re going to make yourself even MORE exhausted because now the mountain is twice as high to climb while the problem compounded as you “paused.”

I REALLY don’t want that to happen to you. Because the more you push the “pause” button on issues in your business, hoping they’ll just “work themselves out”, the more the problem compounds. 

And that’s exactly why I decided to open up two very special invitations this month with incredible bonuses. And ALL of them expire TODAY! 

Both of these options give you IMMEDIATE, REAL & LONG-LASTING RELIEF from the overwhelm and exhaustion you’re feeling and solve the core issue in you or your business that’s causing the overwhelm and tiredness in the first place. One of the misconceptions about capacity work is that it will put more work on your plate. In truth, creating more capacity in your business is about removing the things that drain you, not adding them!

Here are the options you have available to you until the end of today…

In OPTION 1, the Visibility Intensive, you can take $500 off until the END OF the DAY TODAY! Here’s what you get:

  • Spend 3 hours 1:1 with me getting nuanced, customized coaching for you and your business. We’ll take a look at your team structures, visibility plan, or anything else that’s draining energy from you and your business. We’ll create the structures (and the internal beliefs) that will stop the energy drainage and bring joy back to your work again.
  • You’ll get a week of Voxer messaging time with me after your Intensive 
  • BONUS 1: Art of Visibility: TikTok & Reels Masterclass where I”m going to show you how to significantly increase your visibility using short-form videos on social EVEN when you only have 5 or 10 minutes. Creating content should NOT feel so hard and that is why this class is designed to save you time & energy for marketing on social media!
  • BONUS 2: 3-part payment plan (which I never offer for Intensives!) or spread your Intensive out over 3 months (so you get flexibility whether you need it in your payments or in your time.)

Need to talk about whether or not this is the right fit? DM me. I’m making myself available to you throughout the day today to help you make the most grounded decision for YOU so we can get you that ease and flow you’re desiring.

In OPTION 2, the Art of Visibility Masterclass for TikTok & Reels, you can take $100 off UNTIL the end of the day today (after today the price goes up by $100).  Here’s what you get:

  • During the masterclass, I’ll map out your reels content plan WITH YOU. So you leave the class with a list of fantastic reels outlines and ideas you can batch record the day after the class and have content for months!
  • I’ll show you my formula for making reels in just 5-10 minutes (cause if you’re a busy CEO like me, you have very little time, and creating powerful content SHOULDN’T feel tiring or overwhelming.)
  • I will do hot seats with a select few people who raise their hands on the call and review your content plan and identify the most important points you need to be addressing in your content to attract your ideal clients.
  • PLUS we will also help you shift visibility fears that keep you hiding or avoiding video so you feel comfortable and confident to show up on camera AND are magnetically authentically YOU.


  • Private video audit for the first 10 who join (only a few spots for this left!). Send me your reel and I will respond with a personalized video audit with my thoughts and tweaks!
  • Hot Reels handout with 20 hot reels ideas for any industry or niche
  • High Converting Videos masterclass (pre-recorded) after our live masterclass, with my favorite, easy editing tips to keep people engaged in your Reel, taking action, and sharing your Reels/TikToks with others.

You can learn more about the masterclass and sign up for $100 off here.

All of these amazing bonuses and offers expire TODAY.

Whichever option you choose, I know you’ll experience a sense of ease and joy coming back into your business. If you choose the Intensive, you’ll have the draining problem in your business solved and leave with a sustainable, action plan that won’t just add more stuff to your plate but actually simplify! If you choose the Masterclass, the overwhelm of being visible consistently will no longer be present, because you’ll walk away from the Masterclass with a clear vision of what to do next.

Please don’t pause and miss these amazing offers! They expire TODAY, end of the day.

You can continue with the other program you signed up for (but if it was the solution to your problems, you’d be leaning in, using its tools, and seeing results.) You can decide to pause and let the problems just get worse while you’re ignoring them.

Or you can step into a whole new level of visibility, profitability, and impact in the last quarter of the year.