money ghosting


lisa fabrega


Ever been “money ghosted”? Bet you have. You might have unknowingly money ghosted someone, or yourself, too…

There’s no topic that causes more ghosting and avoidance in business and personal transactions than money. 

Money is a triggering topic. The most horrendous comments I get from internet trolls are always on posts where I talk about money. I’ve had so many people who sign up to do Capacity Work™ say to me “you used to trigger me SO much when you talked about money, until I realized I was triggered because of my own money blocks.” 

Money ghosting is a Money Capacity issue. Wanna know if you have this particular capacity deficit? Let’s take a quiz.  Simply check off each statement that resonates with you.


  • had a conversation with someone who said ‘yes’ to working with you further, then you emailed them a calendar link to schedule a session or sent the invoice to pay… and they disappeared? (or have you done this to someone yourself? Be honest.)
  • repeatedly hold off on sending invoices to clients who owe you money?
  • hide credit card receipts from your spouse?
  • had someone default on a legal payment agreement while refusing to reply to your emails, so now you have to send your lawyer or collections agency after them? 
  • lent money to a friend, family member or ex, only to have them avoid you when you try to get it back? 
  • avoided checking your bank account for over a week because you get sweaty just thinking about it? 
  • keep missing the chance to ask your boss for a raise? 
  • judged anyone making money and talking about it openly without hangups as an “unwoke capitalist jerk” (when they actually have a conscious relationship with money)? 
  • shied away from telling a client your prices have gone up?
  • hung up a sales call without making an offer? 
  • thought “I already make good money so I don’t need to work on my money capacity”?
  • put off investing in yourself with the excuse that “you just need some time to go over the materials from other programs you already have” 
  • blamed your money issues on “the current market” or “current industry issues” (money sovereignty means you can make money no matter what your “industry” is doing.)
  • justified your way-too-low-to-make-a-living prices by making it about “decency” and “not charging people who need your help”?
  • been in a constant feast or famine mode in your business, career or life? One month you’ve got tons of money, the next you’re barely hitting your minimum?

How many did you check off? If you checked off JUST ONE, you have a money capacity issue. Caveat: by no means does that quiz include all types of money ghosting. And notice, these behaviors aren’t just about you money ghosting others… they’re also about you ghosting on your own self! 

This stuff is SO TRICKY. You’re probably feeling a little triggered right now. It’s okay, money is always a triggering topic. Let’s breathe. 

But if you don’t face the tricky things you do with money, your money capacity deficits will control you. And then you’ll wonder why money is always a complicated topic for you. Or why you’re not making enough of it. Or why you worry about it even when you’re making more than enough.

This must be handled now or it will continue to impact your earnings into the future. If you AREN’T continuously expanding your container to HOLD, HANDLE AND RECEIVE the next level of your money, you’ll subconsciously block it. It’s time to confront this once and for all, stop ghosting on your money and create the kind of wealth you long for, whatever that looks like for you.

If you’re not happy with what’s going on for you financially… the solution doesn’t lie in more money mantras, strategies from the financial coaches, a new manifestation technique, or the abundance crystals on your altar. All of that is about putting your power outside of you and asking for some solution to come in and fix it for you. 

In reality, earning more is about expanding your capacity to finally RECEIVE, HOLD & HANDLE the next level of your money without pushing it away.

That’s why it’s not about your strategy, it’s about your capacity. Money Capacity to be exact.

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