My heart is heavy about this …


lisa fabrega


I’ve noticed something this year that’s weighing heavily on me. 

Maybe you’ve noticed it, too. 

But 2022 has become the tipping point where so many successful CEOs (and 7-figure business owners) have shut down their businesses. Not because they weren’t successful … but because the CEO was so stressed, exhausted, and under-supported for so many years that they HAD to quit their own business.

It breaks my heart that this keeps happening. ESPECIALLY because it’s happening to so many of the powerful, ethical, and women-owned businesses we admire. These are the businesses we WANT to thrive and become the new standard. Yet, they’re shutting down because of the very REAL burnout caused by endless team, capacity, and sustainability issues behind-the-scenes.

And NOBODY can carry the weight of the world on their shoulders for that long without something breaking.  

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been wrestling with your own burnout and team issues for a while, too. And you’re probably frustrated AF by trying so many things to get to the root of these issues. Yet nothing works for long. Which is why you’re secretly worried that unless something changes SOON, you’re on a trajectory that’s heading straight towards your own breaking point, too.

If you’re feeling like this, the first thing I want you to do is to stop blaming yourself or wondering if there’s something wrong with you. The HARDEST part of being a CEO is learning how to attract and be the effective leader of a dream team. And the ONE key thing you need to keep growing your business is also … a team! So the very thing that is crucial to your company’s success is also the hardest one to master.  

All CEOs have struggled with this at MANY times in their careers—even the super-successful ones you hear about in the news and see on the magazine covers. 

In fact, I had a hard time growing my own team for YEARS. 

I’ll never forget the year I ended up burned out and with NO team. I’d made the mistake of hiring a team member who made the work environment so angry and toxic, she caused everyone else on the team to quit. She gaslit me so much that my confidence in my abilities as CEO reached an all-time low. I ultimately had to fire her for a seriously unethical and illegal action. 

So when it comes to high-level burnout and complicated team issues …


And when it comes to solving these issues and building a dream team that’ll (finally) unburden you and be as supportive, talented, autonomous, AND sovereign as you want them to be … I understand how hard it is to find the answers you need. 

Right now, there’s a LOT of terrible team advice out there. In fact, most of the team advice that’s being taught is from a “toxic, internet marketing bro” perspective, recommending exploitative or manipulative tactics, OR it lacks the nuance YOUR unique business needs.

Which is exactly why most team advice doesn’t feel in alignment OR hasn’t worked for you. It’s also why everything you’ve tried to implement has made your team even more complicated, which = even more stress and less relief for you. 

So please know this: while the “bros” make it seem like it’s “so easy” to find and lead your dream team with their “hacks,” and “management systems,” and their “get an underpaid VA in a developing country” advice—it’s not that easy.

Creating a dream team ISN’T something you’re born knowing how to do. It’s not something that ONE management approach or leadership book can solve. It’s a nuanced and multi-layered process that requires advanced strategies that must be customized to you

Every business needs something different. 

Every CEO needs something different.

Every team needs something different. 

And the secret to building a culture that succeeds together lies in the CAPACITY of each person who supports that unique business, unique CEO, and unique team. 

This is why my proprietary process for building your dream team focuses on solving the 2 root causes of burnout and team issues: 

  1. Your capacity as CEO to be the leader you want to be—so you can easily attract and effectively lead your dream team

    As a CEO, you have internal blind spots that could cause you to hire the wrong people repeatedly, or unconsciously behave in ways that create a dynamic within your work environment that doesn’t allow the RIGHT team members to thrive and grow your company with you. You could also struggle with feeling you don’t deserve enough support and overwork yourself to make up for it. All of this influences the kind of team relationships you attract, your profitability, and your freedom to live a life outside of your business. 
  1. Your TEAM’S capacity to support you and your company so it can keep growing and evolving.

    The dynamics of your team itself and the internal capacity of each team member are important to the success (and health) of your business. There could be a toxic member on your team poisoning everything. There could be outdated offers, strategies, and structures that overcomplicate your business and create more work for your team instead of simplifying it. There could be dynamics that cause amazing team members to quit. Or team members who start strong, but then lose their motivation to bring their best to your business over time. 

It all comes back to CAPACITY.

Your capacity + your team’s capacity = your business’ capacity

So when you have both YOUR capacity as a CEO and your team’s capacity aligned, your dream team is possible and your company can grow as much as it wants to WITHOUT burnout for anyone. This is the secret I discovered when I had to reckon with myself the year I ended up with no team. And it’s the sweet spot I’ve been supporting my clients to get to with their teams for over 13 years. 

I now have my dream team. I don’t dread getting online every day like I used to. I wake up EXCITED to see messages from our team members. They’re proactive, they lend amazing ideas and solutions, and they DEEPLY want the company to win and reach its next-level goals. AND we are all asynchronous, working in different time zones, able to take time off, live the lives we want, respect each other’s nuances, and more. I get the sweetest notes from my team members sharing appreciation for my leadership and I make sure to tell them how grateful I am, often. I have never felt so supported. And because of that support, I feel we’ve been able to build momentum, growth, AND peace at the same time.

Building a dream team IS possible. I’ve helped so many CEOs create this for themselves. And you do NOT have to reach a breaking point—and burn it all down to the ground—in order to experience the relief that you need. 

Which is exactly why I decided to create a NEW offer that’s built around giving you relief ASAP. 

From Sh*tshow to Dream Team 

Fix your burnout and team issues.
Prioritize your peace and profitability.  

This is a NEW way to work with me, 1:1, to get to the root of your recurring team issues—where I’ll transform the way you’re building your dream team in only 4-8 weeks! 

And the best part?! I won’t be adding a bunch of calls to your calendar, since I’ll be coaching you via Voxer and 1:1 audio messages! This means nothing will get added to your plate and you’ll get advanced-level coaching that’s designed to integrate INTO your busy schedule (instead of adding to it).

There are 2 ways to work with me within this new DREAM TEAM experience, depending on the level of support you want/need most.

Note: I don’t have a fancy sales page for this offer yet. But for those of you who already know that you’re ready to fix your burnout/team issues AND you want access to the special pre-sale price before the investment goes up in a few days (which will save you $1,000-1,500!!), I do have special pre-sale details ready for you!

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Want to talk about which dream team package is the best fit for you? 

You can either:

  1. Schedule a call in my private calendar
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You don’t have to be under-supported anymore. In just 4 weeks we can get to the bottom of why things have felt like a mess for so long and get you the dream team you deserve. And there is ZERO judgment, cause I’ve been there and I know what it’s like. This will be your safe space to share all that is going on.

I have only 8 spots left, and heads up: when I teased this last week on social media, I already got quite a bit of interest so four of those spots are almost spoken for. I’ve never seen y’all respond to an offer like this, so I’d get my booty moving if I was you.

Your dream team is closer than you think.