My Wish For You


lisa fabrega


At the beginning of 2021, I picked 3 words to guide me. 




Soft because I’m a softie inside. Us Cancers are toughies with protective shells because the inside is all gooey. 

We need the shell to make sure people who get all the way in to the gooey goodness are worthy. Because we’re SENSITIVE and love hard.

But in 2021 I wanted to LEAD with my natural softness, less protected. 

It brought another layer of self-acceptance especially in the area of being ok with letting people see more of my flaws. 

It brought an even deeper understanding that I’m a work in progress and need not be so demanding of myself for being an always evolving human with a willingness to always grow and improve.

It deepened my friendships. Conversations were more vulnerable and empowered. It drew in more amazing clients & business partnerships with truly good humans. I was getting even more goodness out of my relationships.

That led to “loved”. 

Gosh, I grew up not feeling loved by a very important parental figure. I don’t say that in a victim-y, bitter, woe is me way. I know they did the best they could w/ what they had. 

AND I had to acknowledge ways I didn’t *let* myself be deeply loved because I did so much for others all the time. 

My second highest love language is acts of service. Now I knew I needed to master receiving and allowing in more people who want to LOVE ME UP as much as I do others. 

People I’d unconsciously allowed to “breadcrumb” me suddenly lost all appeal. It was like a switch went off for good in that department. 

When my Abuelito died in October, part of why I grieved so much (and still do) is he was a light of love in my life. 

He was so absolutely unabashed about how crazy he was about me. I always knew where I stood with him. He was a safe harbor. 

To have that in my life as a child and an adult was such a gift. When he passed I grieved the loss of such love that truly saved me (I know that love is still there by the way.)

This led to “wealth.”  Wealth isn’t just about money. It’s about richness in every area of life.

Today I see wonderful, high-integrity people in my life EVERYWHERE. I feel even more in my feminine, leaning back and basking in this full life for which I’ve worked so hard internally and externally. 

I see a high vibration in my relationships, peace, passion, richness, and good, deep, real conversations. People who really care about me. 

I’m grateful. I wish this for you too. 

An old mentor always asked me “how good can you stand it?” 

That’s the question I’m bringing into 2022. I want to see how much more I can expand my capacity to receive. 

We’re allowed to have that.

I wish this for you, too in 2022.

You don’t need to be stuck in a cycle of burnout. You don’t need to keep wondering why you have this block that keeps you stuck. You don’t need to wonder why you haven’t advanced more financially as your peers seem to have passed you by.

You don’t need to be dealing with constant team issues, self-doubt about your capacity as a CEO, or constantly mitigating drama from people in your business or family life.

Because building capacity isn’t ONLY about being able to deal with the tough stuff.

It’s also about building more capacity to let in more of the GOOD stuff. I’m talking about the “more than you ever dreamed could be possible” kind.

Many of you are joining me in that journey for 2022 in our programs or one on one.

I’m looking forward to supporting you next year.

And with that, we take our end-of-year sabbatical as a company. I hope you have happy holidays no matter what you celebrate.

See you in the new year.