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The other day I received this message from a client who has only been working with me for two months! 

Just a few days prior she sent me a message to tell me she’d had a $100,000 DAY.  Whenever I post big results my clients get, I get questions like “how did they do that? Why don’t I get results like that?” That’s because there’s an art to making these kinds of leaps when building BIG wealth, visibility and impact. 

Over the last 13 years, I’ve worked with many celebrities and high-achieving CEOs and I’ve noticed they all share the same seven qualities that enable them to experience rapid, expansive growth with their money and impact. 

This year, I’ve been synthesizing this knowledge from my years of working with high-level leaders and pouring all these secrets into my 1:1 clients. It’s why I’m getting texts like the above from them, and that’s just ONE of many texts like this I receive every week!

So, what do celebrities and high-achieving CEOs who’ve achieved immense success do differently? What are their secrets to high-level profitability, visibility, and sustainable epic success without burnout?

Let’s start here: Only 2% of women-owned business owners or CEOs make it to seven figures in revenue (and beyond) and become millionaires. This means two things:

  1. There are key “insider secrets” they possess which enable them to get those results. What do these people know that allows them to do this?
  1. There aren’t many advisors who can advise people at that level of success. This means you won’t really learn these “insider secrets” from most business coaches or content channels you follow. You won’t even find most of this stuff in books. It’s insider information. So only 2% of coaches and advisers to women CEOs and business owners know these insider secrets which allow them to advise their high-level clients on the complicated dynamics that arise when you’re scaling into multiple millions and beyond.

But, you’re in luck.

Because I am that advisor. I’ve been coaching high-achievers in my 1:1 work for over 13 years. I’ve worked with Oscar nominees, celebrities, people who sat on Oprah’s couch, Nobel peace prize candidates, seven and multiple eight-figure CEOs, leaders of nationally known organizations, people who sit on prestigious boards with influential people, and more

I’ve even TAUGHT them some of these insider secrets I distilled after observing what these people do to get such incredible growth and success in such a short period of time, and keep expanding! And like I said, I’ve been pouring this knowledge into my 1:1 clients this year with massive results like the one I shared with you above. 

Profitability and Visibility are two of the biggest topics y’all seek my help with, so I’ve decided for the remainder of the summer we are going to go on a journey together, where I can teach YOU the 7 Wealth Secrets Celebrities and High-Achieving CEOs That Allow Them To Build Epic Visibility, Profitability and Success (and SUSTAIN it without burning out.)

Let me be clear: this is INSIDER knowledge you’ve never heard before because individuals at this level of success in their careers are very private (for good reason). 

So I am taking you on a NEW journey this summer, and I’m calling it the Summer of Wealth!

Over the next several weeks from now until August, I’ll be releasing these insider secrets one by one via email, and over on my social media accounts. This will be a multi-faceted, multimedia experience.

You’ll want to do two things to make sure you don’t miss any of this NEW content you won’t find anywhere else:

  1. Whitelist my email address as a safe sender or mark my emails as “priority” in your inbox (you can start by doing that with this email right now). Here are some instructions on how not to miss important emails.
  1. Make sure you’re following me on whatever social media app you like the most! I’m on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or TikTok. I’ll be posting additional short-form video content that I can’t share with you via email and it will be an excellent complement to the in-depth emails in your inbox.

You can join this experience for FREE simply by following the instructions above. If you’re on my email list (you are if you’re reading this in your inbox) you’ll get two emails from me every week for the next 4-5 weeks. And I’ll be posting additional content on all my social channels. That’s all you have to do!

During the Summer of Wealth, you’ll learn the tools, mindsets, beliefs, modalities, and secrets I use with my successful clients which allow them to not only operate at that high level of success but sustain it and continue to scale at ever-expanding levels of profitability, visibility and impact. 

Also… if you’re reading this and secretly thinking, “Lisa, I just really wish I was one of your private clients!”  Well, I have GOOD news for you, too!

As a top 2% CEO advisor who knows the very specific challenges and insider knowledge you need to save you years of wasted effort on your scaling journey, I have ONE MORE announcement!

I’m opening up 3 NEW PRIVATE COACHING PACKAGES you can book starting this summer and into the end of this year (‘cause successful people always plan ahead!)

LEVEL 1: $

Book a private virtual Money or Visibility Half-Day Intensive to prepare yourself (as CEO) for the epic next-level of your business AND to align your strategy, messaging, and offerings so they ALL work together to accelerate the epic opportunities you want to unlock in 2022. 

This 3-hour coaching intensive ALSO includes a week of Voxer messaging with me after your intensive. Plus, if you book before the end of July, I’m offering a 3-part payment plan (which I rarely offer!). So you can lock-in the special payment plan now AND schedule your intensive with me in August-December for extra spaciousness!

** Only five spots left for the remainder of 2022!

Level 2: $$  

Book six months of 1:1 Leadership Coaching with me where we’ll dive deep into your business and the 6 keys that unlock your capacity for epic visibility, profitability, and sustainable success. If you’re ready to unlock more growth and DELIGHT in your business, but you don’t want to sacrifice your financial, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being … this is for YOU! 

This package includes a Half-Day Intensive, 6 months of bi-weekly coaching sessions, PLUS Voxer access in-between calls. 

**Only two spots remaining for the rest of 2022!

Level 3: $$$  

Work with me in my most private, exclusive 1:1 Experience where you get to spend time with me in-person in Santa Barbara and we will work on expanding your capacity for wealth in person and continue coaching after you return home to implement everything we unlocked in your custom-designed retreat with me. 

This is my most accelerated-results program. I pour ALL my most high-level knowledge, strategies, and advice into you at this level and I will even open up my exclusive list of contacts to you, connecting you with big opportunities that may be a fit for you, as well as promoting your work to my channels if it’s a good fit. The average results for this program are that clients quadruple their investment within only four months. 

**Only ONE spot left for the remainder of 2022 

Curious to learn more about these private, 1:1 experiences before they’re sold out? Head to this page right here.


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And stay tuned for more … 

Because the Summer of Wealth is COMING SOON! 

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