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Want to know how I’ve leveraged TikTok and Instagram Reels to attract more high-ticket clients, epic partnerships, corporate speaking engagements, and six-figure weeks? … all from the comfort of my own home AND while still fully embracing WHO I AM as a neuro-divergent, 44-year-old, Latina woman?

(Lots of delicious NEW details below) 

With all the recent changes happening on social media, (TikTok surpassing Google as the most visited website in the world, Instagram switching its algorithm focus to Reels)… it’s clear the future of marketing IS video. There’s no denying it now. 

Everything we did in the past to grow on social media, isn’t enough now to grow our reach, influence, and visibility BEYOND what we’ve already achieved. 

Writing isn’t enough. Photos aren’t enough. A $5,000/month ads strategy isn’t enough.

The coaches, CEOs, and thought-leaders who’ve fully embraced this fact are the ones currently reaping the benefits of what IS working on social media right now. Because as soon as they saw what was shifting, their marketing/sales strategies shifted to prioritize THEMSELVES being on-camera. 

Of course, being on-camera has always been a huge part of scaling from a 6-figure business to a 7-figure business. So for some folks, it was easy to shift into being on TikTok and in Reels because they’d already spent years developing their stage presence and their CAPACITY to be visible in front of a large audience. Which means they already knew how to weave together a powerful hook, story, and pitch that captivated customers via their webinars, online courses, podcasts, and Youtube presence. 

But what if…

What if that isn’t YOUR story? 

  • What if you’re a 6-figure business owner who hasn’t developed this 7-figure skill set yet—so this HUGE SHIFT on social media feels like you’re suddenly behind and scrambling to keep up?
  • What if you’ve achieved a lot of success (i.e. followers, customers, and revenue) through other mediums—via your writing, ad strategy, or personal DMs? But now… as a result of this HUGE SHIFT, your products aren’t selling as well and your launches are underperforming?
  • What if you have a case of the “toos” aka you feel you’re “too old”, “too unconfident”, “too cheesy”, “too unstylish”, or too [fill-in-the-blank] to be as magnetic on-camera as you want to be—and it feels like this HUGE SHIFT is requiring you to become someone you’re not?
  • What if you’ve built your entire business around protecting yourself from online haters & trolls and this HUGE SHIFT gives you anxiety and makes your nervous system resist because it feels too vulnerable to be so visible?  
  • What if you’re so overwhelmed and busy with the growth of your business, you can’t even imagine how you’d make the time to be able to record daily videos for your social media channels?

If you’re currently feeling ANYTHING like this [First Name], then what we’ve discovered here today is a Visibility blindspot. And whenever blindspots are ignored, they fester and grow until no amount of Herculean effort, money, or time will allow you to bypass them. (And that’s exactly what I want to help you avoid!) 

But many people DO try to ignore them. All the while… that Visibility blindspot just keeps growing and becoming harder and more expensive to overcome. 

You’ll keep hoping it’ll go away. 

You’ll keep hoping you’ll outgrow it.

You’ll keep hoping that another year, another launch, or another revenue bump will fix it. 

But that’s NOT how blind spots work. 

Blind spots are like “invisible walls” that hold you back no matter how hard you try to strong-arm your way through them. 

Which is exactly why I created my 1-on-1 Visibility Capacity Intensives. 

As a result of these exact intensives, my clients have unlocked life-changing breakthroughs that led to 7-figure businesses, $50-100k months, sold-out masterminds, a roster full of private clients, and national speaking engagements. 

Past client stories can be found HERE

But before I share more about these Visibility Intensives (below) I have something else in store for you, too! Because for those of you who are ready to do blindspot work… you shouldn’t have to wait. You should have the option to start now—to shift TODAY.

So without further ado, here are 2 different ways you can work with me to increase your CAPACITY for next level of visibility (and to be AHEAD of the online marketing curve whenever it comes to TikTok and Instagram). 


>> The Art of Visibility: Tiktok + Reels Masterclass (LIVE WORKSHOP + REPLAY ACCESS!) 

September 30, 10 am Pacific/1pm Eastern (2-HOUR WORKSHOP)

Feedback and personalized video audits available for the first 10 registrants! 

  • Increase your CAPACITY to be visible in front of a large audience
  • Master the science of making quick videos that stand out (even when you don’t have a lot of time)
  • Leverage your videos on TikTok and Instagram to reach new audiences & generate high-quality leads for your signature offer
  • Learn my foolproof way to feel comfortable on camera (even if you hate being on camera) and be concisely powerful (even if you’re long-winded, like me!)

PRE-SALE PRICE: $397 (or 2 payments of $199) 

FULL PRICE (after this week)= $497

Replay included!

The Art of Visibility: Tiktok + Reels Masterclass


>> VIP UPGRADE: 3-hour, 1-on-1 Visibility Intensive, plus The Art of Visibility: Tiktok + Reels Masterclass 

This is for those of you who already have a 6-7 figure business, but you’ve reached an “invisible wall” that’s keeping you from being more visible and more profitable. You’re ready to amplify/expand upon the success you’ve already achieved, but you CAN’T keep burning yourself out in the process to get there.

You know you’re ready for VIP-level support and a new approach that honors your professional goals AND personal needs. You need visibility AND rest. Profitability AND vacations. More clients AND less effort.

So at the end of our 3 hours together you’ll have:

  • A new vision for how to grow your visibility and impact without sacrificing more of YOU (and your life outside of your business)
  • A plan for how to increase your business CAPACITY to scale to 7-8 figures, with optimized offers and a visibility plan that aligns with your unique needs, goals, and personality type
  • Epic visibility breakthroughs that heal blindspots that have been holding your business back for years
  • Newfound confidence in yourself, a proprietary framework and up-leveled signature offer (that you can sell over and over again), and a fully aligned brand message that actually fits your BIG VISION and true potential 

SPECIAL PRICE = $5,000 (or 3 payments x $1,667)

FULL PRICE (after this week) = $6,000

BONUS: TikTok & Reel Masterclass—go behind-the-scenes with me as I share my strategy for being comfortable on camera and my easy formula for creating TikTok and Reels with confidence and charisma (and converting views into cash flow). 

Replay access included!

3-hour, 1-on-1 Visibility Intensive, PLUS TikTok & Reel Masterclass 

** Only 5 spots available **

And don’t dilly dally. Some of these spots are already spoken for and I’m not sure how many will be left by the end of the week!