Real of Fake Wealth?


lisa fabrega


I’m so excited to kick off our Summer of Wealth series today! 

I’ve been an advisor to celebrities and high-achieving CEOs for over 13 years. I’ve helped them navigate HIGH visibility, scaling to eight figures plus, negotiate high-stakes deals, and more! During that time I’ve learned there are “7 Wealth Secrets” these individuals know which allow them to create epic levels of profitability and visibility (all WHILE scaling successfully WITHOUT burning out.)

This year, I’ve poured these Wealth Secrets into my private clients and have watched them get epic results (i.e. $100,000 days, $175,000 client contracts, big media visibility). So what are these insider wealth secrets that I know from working with the top 2% of high-achievers?


Insider Secret #1: Celebrities and high-achieving CEOs focus on TRUE wealth vs. counterfeit wealth.

A few months ago, I polled my Instagram audience on what “wealth” means to them.  Many people associated “wealth” with negative emotions. My most successful clients don’t have that perspective (most of them didn’t go grow up wealthy either). The top 2% of successful CEOs see “wealth” as so much more than just “money”. 

So how do you shift your business to focus on TRUE wealth vs. counterfeit wealth? Well…

1) True wealth endlessly replicates itself

Notice how wealthy people keep getting richer? How it’s easier to charge more once you raise prices and make the first sale? Notice hiring top-performing people usually generates more wealth for your company?

At the start of my business, I’d hear successful people say “hiring the best gives you the best results.” At the time I was at a critical threshold for most multiple six-figure business owners, where cash flow isn’t fully stabilized, so it felt scary to hire a team member or coach who charged significantly more than I was used to investing. 

But after years of hiring people I “could afford easier,” I ended up with big messes to clean, which LOST money. The wrong team members were the culprit of every revenue plateau. When I hired the BEST, expenses DOUBLED. BUT, it also GREATLY increased revenue. Even better, I no longer micro-managed and my nervous system healed from feeling everything would fall apart without me. I could fully be in my CEO and Coach roles, so revenue went up.

Investing in the “best” is a True Wealth mindset because it follows the principle of wealth replication.

Recently, a client referred me to her friend, but the referral decided to invest in a cheaper, less experienced coach instead. My client was confused and said, “I don’t understand why my friend did that! You’re literally the BEST in your field. Why wouldn’t she hire the best if she’s serious about her success?”

This mindset shift is exactly WHY my client is a multi-millionaire and her friend still isn’t.

People who understand true wealth replicates know if you want the best results you hire the best. It might cost more upfront, but the long-term returns are big. Truly wealthy people also think LONG TERM, not only about what’s right in front of them. When you hire the best, they can solve problems and get you results in half the time. This saves you money because it saves you another form of currency: your time.

In contrast, COUNTERFEIT WEALTH means allowing only what’s right in front of you to limit your perspective and influence your decisions. You can’t hire the best because you don’t see the money in your account right now. So, you invest in the cheapest, but this loses you money and keeps you in a feast/famine cycle, always hustling to raise cash. 

Which brings us to … 

2) True wealth is not only about money, it’s a state of BEING

The truly wealthy value their entire ecosystem supporting and lifting them higher. So this means:

  1. They don’t say yes to misaligned opportunities out of fear other chances “won’t come along.” The drama this will create isn’t worth the energetic disruption which will ultimately minimize their focus and abundant thinking. Instead, they TRUST better opportunities always come and this opens space for them to flow in.
  1. They embody wealth. This looks like BEHAVING like their wealthiest selves and putting themselves in experiences and environments that give them a wealthy feeling. There’s a reason why, when I curate an in-person retreat for a private client, I host it in Santa Barbara (the French Riviera of the US). I design the entire 1-on-1 experience so my client stays in luxurious, beauty-filled accommodations, is coached by me in expansive environments, AND has exclusive reservations to the best restaurants in town. Putting yourself in a wealthy-feeling environment elevates how you think of yourself and what you think you “deserve.” It’s why my clients often quadruple their investment within weeks after returning home. 

Ever notice if you hang out with people who believe charging $100,000 is normal you start to feel this way, too? If you’re in Counterfeit Wealth mode, you behave like a person “tight on the money” (even when you’re making enough). So, you reinforce that self-perception which directly impacts your prices, investment decisions, and capacity to generate more visibility AND money. It’s a frustrating cycle.

Which is EXACTLY why… 

3) True wealth is also regenerative and generous 

One of my favorite quotes about money comes from “Hello Dolly”, the musical. It goes like this:  “Money, pardon the expression, is like manure. It’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around, encouraging young things to grow.”  ← This is HOW truly wealthy people think. 

Since truly wealthy people know wealth is replicable, they also trust themselves to know how to generate MORE of it. Their decisions aren’t made thinking  “this money will run out, who knows when I’ll have it again?” That’s both short-term and scarcity thinking. True Wealth says “money’s going out, but it’ll generate more money in return” AND “I can trust myself to replicate this success.” 

One of my clients with a True Wealth mindset, Lynne, didn’t have the money in her account to invest in working with me. She didn’t end our call by saying “guess I can’t afford it” or “how much can I get for ⅓ of the money?” Instead, she said “No way I’m stoppable for this amount… Give me 36 hours and I WILL come back with it!”  She came back in only 24 hours with the full amount. It’s no surprise now she’s charging six figures for one client and gets flown out in Business Class to meet her clients. 

True Wealth isn’t stingy and it doesn’t drain you (only counterfeit wealth does that). True wealth ENERGIZES you. If you’re in True Wealth mode, you aren’t thinking “I don’t have the energy to get two more high-paying clients” or “no one wants my offer”. Instead, you’re thinking “I WILL get these clients in a fun way. I just have to figure it out.”

If you’re drained by expanding your company’s revenue or scaling, it’s a red flag for Counterfeit Wealth mode. Scaling your company IS work, but it’s exciting work. It should NOT be draining. 

So how do you know if YOU are in True Wealth mode? Here are KEY signs to look for:

  • Your day-to-day life and environment (what I like to call your CEO ecosystem) provide deep rest, fuel you, and puts you in the creative zone as a CEO so you can spend 100% of your time in the visionary role.
  • You’re surrounded by relationships RICH in support and unconditional love. You can have honest, open-hearted conversations with people rooting for your highest potential and holding you to that, instead of encouraging your small thinking. You can’t help but rise to the occasion, because we naturally match energy with the people in our CEO ecosystem. 
  • You have a team of top talent devoted to your company’s mission. Your company has an environment that encourages rich ideas from team members happily lending their talents to the company’s goals. Everyone is self-driven and self-managing. Very rarely do you have to micromanage or remind people of tasks.  
  • Your business ENERGIZES you. You don’t have to take days off after leading an event or feel drained by clients. Launching is exciting and life-giving. Your business model is aligned with your highest gifts. You feel confident in your ability to deliver results to clients or your board of directors. 
  • You feel safe as your visibility grows because you have a strong support network and you have the boundaries you need to keep you safe. 
  • You have clients and a community of followers grateful for your work and that generates a strong referral system. You have abundant strategies which constantly keep new, qualified, and aligned opportunities coming in.
  • Your company’s profit and revenue keep growing. Your business model is simple, streamlined, and maximizes revenue. NO overcomplicated systems that eat into profit margins and require immense amounts of wealth-draining energy to maintain.

If ANY of the areas above aren’t feeling this way, there’s a wealth capacity issue going on. If that’s you, it’s time for YOUR Summer of Wealth. In fact, let’s make it your YEAR of wealth. 

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Oh, and guess what?!

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