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You’re going to want to read today’s email settled in your chair with a good cup of tea or coffee. It’s my most revealing 20 minutes on video ever. And I’m taking you deep into some of the drama that’s been going on behind the scenes as I’ve expanded my own capacity in the last two years.

Now, this is an in-depth post, so I made it two ways for you. Pick the easiest way for you to absorb this powerful story:

  1. You can watch the post as a 22-minute video below.
  2. Or you can read the whole story in text form, right below the video.

Do yourself a favor and DON’T tell yourself you’re “too busy” to experience this. DON’T stop in the middle of it and go do something else. 

Set the time aside. Because I know that by the end of it, you will have experienced a powerful shift you will NOT want to miss out on.

Okay, now it’s storytime…






I’ve had a lot of things I want to share with you but that I haven’t quite been ready to… 

You know I’ve always valued sharing my own personal journey with you. I’m not here for the old, toxic-patriarchal, white-supremacist-rooted world view that we have to be “perfect” leaders who are “always right” and “never change” for fear of being seen as “weak.”  

Perfection isn’t true strength. And being flexible and growing isn’t a weakness.

These are the lies colonization has indoctrinated into our cells, which have led so many people to disconnect from their inner guidance, burn out and end up with capacity that is too small for what they’re really meant to step into.

I’m also a fan of waiting to share until there’s something useful in there for you to take away vs. verbal vomiting without processing first. This week, that time finally came when I heard a voice inside me whisper, “You’re ready to tell the story now.” 

So buckle up, and come along on the ride with me as I spill ALL the tea about the reinvention process I’ve been undergoing for almost two years. It has pushed me to the edges, helped me create larger capacity containers in every area of my life and there has been some DRA-MA. You get a front-row seat to the movie now.


It started the middle of last year.  

That’s when I caught a whiff of the “growing pains” I always feel every three years. 

If you’re a growth-oriented individual (which, hint: you are), you’ll notice at the end of every year, you feel almost like a completely different human, right? 

And when you run a business or have a career as a growth-oriented individual, you’ll notice your business or work evolves every 2-5 years also, as you grow. Whether it be your message changes, your position at work shifts, your business model gets a shift, you move to a new company, start a new career, or change your audience.

It was during this time I slowly came to the realization that what I had always wanted, legacy-wise… well… my business model wasn’t actually fully supporting that.

When I was a girl, Oprah was one of my biggest inspirations. I used to watch her show then look out the window of my bedroom every evening watching the sunset, and SEE that I was also meant to impact millions, as she did. There was something in my soul that recognized her soul. Somewhere in my attic, I still have the journals where I delineated all of this.

As I was assessing where I was last year, I saw I had definitely achieved my goal of impacting and supporting thousands. But not millions… yet.

It was really complicated and annoying to come to this realization. 

In fact, part of me resisted it for a few months. Because I have two sides of me that are always at odds.  

One wants to live in a tiny cabin in the woods with my dogs and partner, spending my days writing, hidden from the world. 

And another, who’s like, “YEAH BABY BRING ITTT ALLLLL!” while standing on a stage in front of 80,000 people, delivering a soul-rousing sermon on capacity. 

Sound familiar? Those two sides which seem directly opposite to each other? I want you to realize this is a gift. Because these two sides of me (and YOU!) create a delicious tension that fuels a lot of creativity in our work. And I bet your two sides do the same thing, too. 

My desire for being a hermit in the woods fuels one of the special things about my business: small groups, intimacy, depth. That’s why so many women have chosen to work with me.  

But if I stay in ONLY the hermit side of me, then this message is only delivered to a small huddle of people. It doesn’t reach the millions of people my ten-year-old self told me it would.  

So, you see why keeping this work small is NOT an option.

Both of these sides of me have been the great capacity stretchers in my work.  

Because on one hand, I’ve had to learn to build a hell of a lot of capacity for holding the deepest hurts, fears and desires of the women I work with, without draining myself. And on the other hand, I’ve also had to learn to maintain depth WHILE growing and reaching more people with that depth of true change (not superficial change).  

Capacity for both depth AND breadth. 

This is what has made my business special and why so many women have come to work with me after being disappointed elsewhere. And now my higher self was asking me to change it? 


If you’ve ever gotten to a point in your career or business where things are comfortable, you know how annoying and scary it can feel to have to change shit up. What if you screw up the good thing you had going and tank your business? What if people hate it? 

I’d gotten into a good little groove with my VIP level private coaching packages. The higher price point allowed me to go very deep with a select handful of women who were all in on their next level.  

And I really enjoyed being able to dedicate that much unconditional love, attention and time to those women, because I didn’t have twenty 1:1 clients, I had five. I didn’t have 200 “mastermind clients” I had 6-17. My inner hermit loved this model. But my inner Oprah was feeling restless.

Here’s the problem: All the models for “scaling” I’ve seen have NEVER worked for me.  

Frankly, MOST of the hyped internet marketing business advice many drool over either doesn’t interest me or it just simply doesn’t work because it’s not aligned with both depth and breadth.  Most business strategies teach you to do one or the other.

I tried that in 2015 and ended up $100,000 in debt and almost tanked my business. In 2018, shortly after I realized something needed to shift, I paid a highly respected colleague of mine $20,000 to help me build a high-end funnel. Her team was great, I was happy with the services they delivered. The results of the program were PHENOMENAL and we had rave reviews.  

But it never performed as it should. And still, I was limited to just a few women because of the price point.

Ten years in business and you try a lot of things. The most challenging (and NOT in a good way!) customers I’ve ever had, all came from my experiments with free five day challenges, $97 offerings, $47 a month group memberships and $200 in-person retreat days. There was no way I was going to go back to that either. None of those things worked for me.

And lastly, is it just me or has a lot of the business and career advice you see out there just gotten plain overtired and boring? It just feels to me like everyone is trying to do things the same way. As an Avant Garde archetype I thrive on innovation, so I wasn’t really interested in doing things the “mainstream” way.

That was the entire dilemma. 

So I sat down and wrote a detailed list of all the things I was a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to.


I hired a coach, who was also my friend, so I KNEW she saw me and GOT who I was and what I was about (which has NOT always been my experience hiring advisors the last 10 years — many of them never really got the full depth of my work). And we got to work with this list of YES’S and NO’S.

Combining both my hermit and superstar archetypes, plus fully weighing the Yes and No columns above, we both saw something new emerge. New offerings that were priced lower than my offerings had been for years.

And my ego had a total shit fit. All of the years of being indoctrinated into outdated BS that says leaders can’t change, can’t try different things, can’t be anything other than the same and “perfect” all the time, came up from the most hidden corners of my ego. 

My ego did NOT want:

  • People to see me back down from my previous prices. 
    • Ego thought that meant people would think I had “failed” at my higher prices and “couldn’t get clients” at those price points. (That couldn’t be further from the truth, my highest priced programs are so valued they’ve always sold out, and I have women come back for THREE YEARS paying the same price point because of how much they loved it.) But my ego didn’t want people to even erroneously think otherwise. Because I had to appear “perfect at all times.”
  • My former or current clients to go into Judgy McJudgerson mode and think my previous offers were “out of alignment.”

    • I had one client do this to me at the beginning of my business and it slightly traumatized me. When she finished her 1:1 program with me, she raved and we parted ways. Then I launched my mastermind and she was angry it hadn’t existed when she was working with me 1:1. She proceeded to email me about how “disappointed” she was that I had “ripped her off” by launching this lower-priced offering after she finished working with me.  
    • She started creating an entire story that I had been “out of alignment” and “clearly hadn’t given her my best because all along I was developing another program that I clearly preferred to her program with me.”
    • As if I can predict the future of what I will offer at all times. Or, as if the work she had already done with me wasn’t worth three times what she paid. My capacity back then was still growing, being a new business owner. So I allowed what she said to really eff me up for a while and it made me afraid to change.  
    • I realized this fear was trauma-based and old trauma was not going to be the best place to make this decision from.
  • Clients who I had helped successfully transition to charging higher prices would think that I had been wrong.
    • My ego caused long, drawn-out dramatic stories to pop up… stories where old clients who successfully raised their prices would start texting me angrily over not “being in alignment.” Or people who I had said ‘no’ to working with because they were in scarcity mindset would secretly say, “Ha! I was right!”


Thankfully, I knew ALL those ego fears came from toxic systems based on misogyny and white supremacy. The white men and women who colonized the world with an intent to “dominate” and impose their belief systems were able to blend it so seamlessly into the background of how our entire society operates, that we don’t even realize that what we consider to be “the traits of a respectable leader” is often a washed up, straight up colonized perspective.

Traits like: 

  • Never changing for risk of being called wishy-washy. 
  • Always being perfect. 
  • Always being one up. 
  • Never wrong. 
  • Never vulnerable. 
  • Never having a bad day. 
  • And somehow, if this leader is a woman, she must also work for free or very little if she is in the business of helping people or else she will be metaphorically crucified.

We are told every day by society THAT the above traits make “respectable leaders we can look up to.”

We believe it so much that we pedestalize our leaders. Then the MINUTE someone changes, isn’t perfect, has feelings, makes a shift, or just plain EVOLVES, we bury them in criticism. Because now they are making us feel “unsafe” because they’re challenging the toxic system we’ve been told was “protecting us” and that we have participated in and upheld.

By participating in this behavior and seeing it in others, we become petrified to evolve and change for fear of the same happening to us.

Do you know how many times I have worked with women on NOT being afraid of shifting things that once felt aligned and now don’t? I’ve lost count. It’s a visibility capacity issue and a purpose capacity issue. They’re all afraid for the reasons above. 

We don’t want to be crucified for going against the “perfect leader” archetype, but yet we are the first to get angry at the person who breaks out of that shell. Vicious cycle.

When all of this came up, I knew one thing for sure: I’m not here to model that.  

So I knew my ego had to get over it and make the changes I needed to make, even if some people were going to act misinformed and exhibit those reactions my ego feared.

Could you imagine if I was someone who taught capacity and yet wouldn’t change to match my current level of capacity? I have spent a decade building my capacity to hold and support MORE people. What kind of mentor would I be if I wouldn’t make a move to a lateral level to hold more people?

I went back to my Yes and No List with my mentor. I spent weeks just looking and being with those yes’s and no’s. I spent many mornings thinking about all the women (including you) who have crossed my path over the last ten years.

And I realized some important things.

I realized there’s a whole host of women who reach out to me who are in a state of still discovering their own capacity levels. That means they don’t always have the capacity to make the leap into investing at higher levels with me just yet. 

Over the last ten years as online business has grown, a lot of women have invested money in programs that didn’t give them what they were promised. Or, they were sold a lie that it’s all about their strategy. They’ve spent tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars on strategies that didn’t work because they didn’t have the CAPACITY built up to implement those strategies.

As a result, many of these women are still wrestling with fears and are afraid this work will just be “one more thing that didn’t work” for them. Now, I know once they get a taste of the work, they’ll KNOW why what I do works when almost everything else doesn’t.  

But they don’t know that yet. They need a chance to get a taste of how amazing the capacity work is. Then they’ll know it for themselves too, and feel more comfortable continuing to invest in this work.

My dilemma was: There was nothing I offered that allowed women to get a taste of what it’s like to work with me at a less fear-inducing initial price point, so that they could then expand their capacity to invest further.

That’s a problem because capacity work is exactly what they need! But if they don’t have the capacity to overcome their ego fears about whether this will be one more thing that doesn’t work… then they miss out on doing the work that would help them overcome those fears. It was a circular argument conundrum!

What emerged from this realization were three new programs which have become the cornerstone of my business. And I’m so excited about them. 

First, we created the virtual capacity retreats.  

I knew that out of the six capacities, there were three capacities that would resonate the most with y’all. Now, for sure you need all six, but most of us, when we come to the capacity work, we don’t think we need help with all of them. So I selected the ones I knew you’d be able to easily identify as areas you most need support:

Money, Visibility and Boundaries.  

We launched the Visibility Capacity virtual retreat with three separate dates. The result? ALL THREE DATES SOLD OUT. Women I didn’t even know were in my community registered… excited to participate.

Then we launched the Money Capacity virtual retreat… and sold out almost every single seat except ONE.

The virtual retreats felt like the perfect amalgamation of everything I love and an elimination of everything that simply does not resonate with me. 

The virtual retreats provided an opportunity for me to go DEEP with my participants, teach something of real value where they could walk away with a real shift. Plus, the price point allows those who want to get a taste before investing further some space to experience the capacity work first hand… and I feel compensated. All of my non-negotiables coming together in one offer.

At the culmination of these retreats, I knew most women would feel a shift so palpable they’d want to go further. Some of them would have the capacity to invest in the higher levels with me, and some would not, quite yet. But I still wanted them to have access to the capacity work.

Then, I created Capacity Shift™.

In Capacity Shift, you can get support and coaching from me to expand all six areas of your capacity, at a less scary price point — $375 a month.

And, next, I created Capacity Circle™.

Capacity Circle is for women who are already in established careers or businesses and want to work toward their next expansion, project or level. The investment for Capacity Circle is a fair bit more, at $1800/month, because it includes a 10-month experience filled with retreats, private calls and more.

These price points feel really good and mature to me, because they allow me to keep the high-end feel I really love and resonate with on a deep level.

Best of all, my high-touch 1:1 program for private clients remains as strong as ever. 

It’s been consistently sold out all year because for women who do have the capacity to make the best investment of their lives, they need an offer like this to hold them in ways they’ve never been held before.
And my clients who participate in this program are so happy with their results they often continue working with me for years, happily investing the same ten figures, over and over again. 

I haven’t created these new offerings because I’m “scared” or things “aren’t working” for me. And, it certainly has nothing to do with the fear of asking for money.  

If you can charge $375 a month without your ego thinking you’ve “fallen,” you can charge $50,000 without blinking an eye. If you think offering some lower priced offerings in addition to your higher end ones means you’ve “failed” then you’ve got some capacity work to do, sister.  

And offering a lower priced program does NOT mean you have to grab everything that comes your way. You can still be selective.  

That’s exactly what I’m doing — being super selective about who gets into Capacity Shift and Capacity Circle, as I’ve always been. Because I want to make sure this container is filled with only the most dedicated women who are serious about doing their capacity work.  

We’ve all been in a program where half the people weren’t dedicated, and it sucks for those who are. I want none of that nonsense in my containers.

I’m still a HUGE proponent of women raising their prices or asking for big raises. I’m still pushing clients to charge prices/ask for raises that blow their minds — and they’re getting what they ask for.  

Charging higher prices is a necessary part of expanding your money capacity, because it helps you expand your capacity. Because when you do so, you start thinking about your offerings in new ways. And it gives you practice in standing by your price and owning the true value of your work.

Once you master the rules of capacity, THAT’S when you can tilt the rules and mix and match.

I’m so excited to be able to bring all this newness to you now. 

If you had asked me last year if I would be here, I would never have been able to imagine it. But, when you’re dedicated to expanding your capacity and you trust the direction your soul sends you, magic happens. And the unexpectedly delightful comes into your life.

I’m LOVING working with the women who have already said ‘yes’ to Capacity Shift and Capacity Circle.  

If you’re interested in going beyond strategies and expanding your capacity so you can see results you never even dreamed of… seriously, let’s talk.

All you’ve gotta do is book a time to chat with me and we’ll assess where your capacities need to be expanded and widened. No strings. No expectations. Just a behind the scenes look at what’s really happening.

In love & capacity,

Lisa Fabrega

PS: if you have any questions, just email and we’ll be happy to answer.

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