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One of the biggest misconceptions I hear is “once you get to a certain amount of income, life is easy. And “those high earners certainly must not have capacity issues, since they’re making so much money.” 

Think again. Capacity issues affect us at every level of our success.

I briefly worked with a woman who’d built a large online empire centered around her truth-telling books and blog posts.  Yet, she had an entire intuitive side of her she didn’t share.  She had incredible psychic abilities, loved working with tarot cards and could even channel for a very select few clients.

But she never talked about it publicly, because she felt it would “ruin” her previous brand and potential clients wouldn’t take her seriously. She felt people might think she was weird or “evil”,  everyone would unsubscribe and her business would be ruined. 

She’d felt the call to publicly talk about her spiritual practice for some time now, but kept pushing it down out of fear.  Except now she was now drowning in her carefully crafted “acceptable branding” and was starting to feel resentful of the empire she worked so hard to build.  

Of course, she erroneously thought it was a problem with her team and at one point she actually thought she just needed new customers. She briefly considered starting a stealth business under an assumed name focusing on her intuitive abilities, but none of that was the problem or viable solutions. Her strategy was not the problem!

She was avoiding being fully seen in her work and life. Hiding important aspects of her being in the shadows. Of course, eventually, her intuitive side was nagging her every day like a hungry wolf, because that aspect of her wanted to be integrated into her work and be seen.

When we did the work of expanding her capacity, she finally told the truth to her community that she is a shaman. Did a few people balk at the idea? Sure.

But she ended up doubling her enrollment numbers for all of her offerings and today she is serving an even larger audience than ever before. Imagine THAT.

And, because I’ve been doing this work for 11 years now, I’ve seen soooo many versions of this story. Maybe the details are different, but the big picture is the same: people getting stuck in a pattern and a way of being that affects everything from the way they hold their boundaries to how much they earn and their life’s overall impact. 

Which is why I’m hosting a no-cost, guided journaling experience called, It’s Not Your Strategy, It’s Your Capacity on November 17th & 18th. 

There is a reason why:

  • everything you’re trying isn’t working
  • you experience the same plateaus over and over
  • the strategy that used to work isn’t working now
  • you’re hoping and wishing for different results, but life’s gravity seems to pull you to repeat the same cycles

And, the answer isn’t improving your communication style, sharpening your strategy or refining your self-care technique. In fact, on their own, those things are probably pretty solid. Yet, results still elude you. This is exactly what we’ll be covering on during It’s Not Your Strategy, It’s Your Capacity.

Here’s how to join us.