Secretly Toxic


lisa fabrega


The worst landlord I ever had happened to me when I was in my 20s in graduate school and had just moved into my first off-campus apartment. I felt like such a big deal renting out a two-floor house all by myself and wondered why the rent was so inexpensive.

A few weeks later, I noticed my dog panting funny, and I started to get headaches. I’m super sensitive to toxic chemicals and molds, so I knew something was up. One day when I was cleaning my living room and moving my couch, I literally found MUSHROOMS growing out of the baseboards. GROSS (I love eating mushrooms, but I don’t want them growing on the floors of my house)!

When I sent pictures to the landlord, she denied it all, dismissing it as an overreaction on my part, and told me to clean it up with Clorox. I paid for my own independent mold tester to come out, and he found the walls RIDDLED with black mold. Hell. No. I hired a lawyer, got my deposit back, and moved out.

Can you imagine how sick I would have gotten if I’d stayed there longer?

Now let me ask you something – if you discovered today your house had a toxic mold problem, would you just say, “oh yay! I’m glad I have awareness and know all about why it’s making me feel not so well. That’s enough. No need to do anything else!” 

And keep living with the mold while it holds you back from your best, making things worse as time goes by?

Probably not.

Yet I see brilliant CEOs like you doing the equivalent of this with your blind spots every day.

We just finished the Epic Opportunities Challenge and whenever I host a challenge, I get messages daily saying, “wow, thanks to you, I discovered I have a visibility blind spot that’s holding me back! But I’m in another program now, so I’ll have to wait to work on it.” 

Or “I’m so busy with other things it’s not the right time” or “it’s an investment & right now I’m investing in FB ads instead” or “I’m happy with just knowing the blind spot. I’ll just “trust” it’ll work itself out with time.”

Imagine if you did that with the mold in your house! Said you were too busy to hire an expert to clear it, waited for it to “fix itself” and somehow disappear on its own just by trusting.

Doesn’t work that way. 😉

Awareness of a problem is not the same as fixing it. Awareness of a blindspot is not the same as actually shifting it, so you have the capacity to attract & handle your next level.

So you can continue with the other program you signed up for or keep hoping it gets better on its own, but the blind spot is operating in the background, impacting your results, and you wonder why growth isn’t as fast, or your most epic opportunity always feels far away.

Blind spots are urgent issues because they influence all your decisions as a CEO. They minimize your power, brilliance, and visibility in ways you don’t even see and that minimizes the impact you’re here to make.

Blind spots are like the toxic mold growing behind the walls of my old house in graduate school. They are slowly leaking into all your decisions. They impact the kind of clients you attract, the revenue plateaus you’re experiencing, the boundary-pushers that creep in, the people who don’t want to pay the prices your work is worth…

Anywhere you feel stuck in your business, growth, or capacity is an area where a blindspot is secretly operating unbeknownst to you (that’s why it’s called a blind spot. It is quite literally impossible for you to see your own blind spots.)

And it breaks my heart because the people in my community, aka YOU, have WAY too much brilliance and genius to contribute to the world to allow it to be minimized, stagnated, or intoxicated.

You deserve so much more than treating yourself as if you should remain in a toxic house. Your business deserves so much more than you treating it like it deserves to have toxic mold growing behind its walls, stagnating its wellbeing and growth.

Awareness isn’t enough

Invest time, money & energy in shifting your blind spots AND then make sure your strategies are aligned with the version of you you truly are (not the blind spot). That’s the winning formula.

And I know this because this is what I do for my clients when I work with them in Capacity Intensives or in our longer-term 1:1 programs. 

It’s why most of my clients tell me the results they get are better than they’ve ever gotten out of other programs. And also why they tell me, “this is unlike any other work I’ve ever done with a coach!

When we work together, we tackle BOTH the blindspots and the strategies. The INTERNAL and the EXTERNAL and we build your strategies and action steps from there. 

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