small fires


lisa fabrega


A few years ago a successful company founder hired me. Her company had great press, tons of social media mentions, influencers hawking her products, happy customers. And…she felt like a total and complete “mess” behind the scenes. 

Her exact words were “everyone thinks this is a well oiled machine but I feel like I can’t get my sh$t together. My business has come before my life for years, it’s BEEN my life and I can’t sustain this anymore. I want my life to come before my business. Help.” 

There was a change to her business model she’d been trying to make for YEARS. This change was going to give her so much more free time and allow her to step away from the day to day operations, so she could focus on her family and other interests more.

Except every time she tried to make this change, a “small fire” would pop up. An important team member would quit, she hadn’t hired qualified people who knew how to execute on the business model change so there were delays, a family member would have an emergency, an important client would have a fit…

And every time these small fires pulled her focus while she scrambled to put them out, distracting her from the MAJOR FIRE that was raging in the background: her capacity deficits.

She’d been in this cycle for two years and now she’d gotten to the point where her daily exhaustion was so profound, she knew she was going to develop a major health issue if she didn’t address the real problem, now.

Now, listen… she was a major go-getter, like you, so it’s not like she’d just been sitting back watching this happen without trying to solve this circular problem. She’d been actively engaged in solving the problem. She’d read so many team building and “secrets to great companies” books, and even invested $100,000 in a famous business strategist. 

And while the strategies he gave her were on point and brilliant…nothing had changed in the year since she’d hired him. Why? Because she didn’t have the CAPACITY to execute on them. 

  1. Her Structural Capacity was in major deficit because she kept hiring team members who didn’t have the capacity to execute on the brilliant strategies she’d been given.  So she was severely undersupported by all the structural elements of her business. There was no way that she was going to make this change without majorly addressing her Structural Capacity.
  1. Her Boundary Capacity was in deficit because she was constantly allowing family to pull her focus with non-urgent “urgent dramas”. She was afraid of disappointing them and felt guilty setting boundaries with her children, so she’d let everyone run all over her.
  1. Her Embodiment Capacity was in deficit because even though she badly wanted the business model change, she was also secretly afraid she wouldn’t know what to do with “all that free time”. 

Because of all three of the capacity deficits above, she was subconsciously sabotaging the business model change by hiring unqualified people who couldn’t get the job done, NOT setting boundaries with her family members and ALLOWING the small fires to distract her.

My founder client DID work on these capacity deficits with me. By the time we were complete she had hired the best team she’d ever had, doubled her monthly revenue, MADE the business model change she’d been trying to make for TWO YEARS, set boundaries with her family…

And was now FINALLY putting her personal life first and occasionally checking in on her business only when she needed to. 

Do you see why having the brilliant strategy from the $100,000 business coach wasn’t working for her? Do you see how you can have the most amazing plan and it won’t move the needle until you bring your capacity deficits into equilibrium FIRST?

That’s why it’s not your strategy that’s the problem, it’s your capacity. Don’t waste time putting out little fires with strategies when you need to put out the raging fire that is your capacity imbalances. When you put out the big fire, the little annoying ones die out.

Ps: you can always join us to work on your capacity deficits in Capacity Shift™. Much better than spending $$$ on another strategy that’s not actually going to solve your problem.