so now what?


lisa fabrega

so now what

I normally write blog posts in advance, so I’m writing this weeks before the US presidential elections. I have no idea who will have won by the time you see this post, or how you’ll feel on this day. We may not even know the results yet. So it felt odd to continue the “ways my capacity grew in the last three years” series we’ve been diving into. Doesn’t feel like what we’ll need on this day.

But one thing I DO know is this: we ALWAYS need Capacity Work™ and no matter the outcome of this election, we’re all going to need capacity afterwards.

Some that come to mind are:

  • your level of stress as you waited for results prior to this day made you aware of how unsustainable this way of being is and how much you need to work on your emotional capacity. If you couldn’t focus on your business, career or anything else in the weeks leading up to today, that’s a capacity issue which needs your urgent attention. Life is always going to have challenges and it’s a gift to know how to stay on track while navigating those challenges. Otherwise we’re always allowing ourselves to be victimized by external circumstances we can’t control.
  • if the worst happened and Trump won, everyone’s going to need Capacity to deal with this crisis, whether emotional, economic or pandemic-wise. Can you keep navigating these crises with sovereignty? If not, you need capacity work. You will need it to get through the next four years and still thrive and grow.
  • if Biden won, you’ll still need Capacity afterwards because you’ll need to recalibrate your nervous system away from the constant abuse you got used to over the last few years from the presidency. You’ll need to expand your capacity to think and feel more expansively now that there’s more room to breathe energetically speaking. 
  • You’re also going to need Capacity to understand that electing Biden doesn’t “save us” and “make everything go back to normal”. What we had before wasn’t normal. We need fundamental changes to the way we as humans operate in dehumanizing and incapacitating ways through the ways our societal structures are set up. 
  • And we need to take a hard look at how the last four years happened in the first place. THAT kind of “come to Jesus” moment requires some MAJOR capacity to confront.

(This is why I’m so glad for the participants in the Capacity Shift™️ program this month because, after the election, I’ve invited my friend Abigail Rose Clarke as a special guest mentor to work with everyone in that program on building capacity through SOMATICS- which is part of Embodiment Capacity™. I invite incredible guest mentors to Capacity Shift often to assist with capacity expansion.)

Every situation you’re reacting to or experiencing reveals to you where your capacity needs to grow. If you’re paying attention you can work on it and gain the capacity to navigate times like these with ease and alignment. If you’re not, you’ll wonder why you keep hitting this wall and no strategy seems to solve it for you.

And the other thing I know for sure: because we need to make fundamental changes to our world, we need YOUR strong voice of integrity more than ever. We need you VISIBLE in your potent, empowering message. The time is NOW. The time of your hiding is over.

We need you at FULL capacity in your own most powerful gifts. We need more people like you making more money, more impact and able to hold, handle and receive any challenges that come your way. Because you’re going to change this world for the better in both small and large ways, so we never have to have this kind of experience during an election again.

No matter what happens, I can’t think of a better time for you to work on your capacity so you can show us what you got.

But I know you might be feeling shaky right now, not know what to do with yourself. Even if we have good news today the abuser-in-chief is out of office.

So I wanted to offer you a little exercise I like to do with clients to help them increase their Embodiment Capacity™ (your emotional and mental capacity and the one most likely to be challenged today.)

Go outside, to a park, somewhere where you can find a little bit of nature. Find a place to go for a short walk where you feel safe. And let’s do a “Sense Walk™”, one of my favorite things to do with clients on retreat. This exercise not only gets them back into their centered power, but also has helped them make more money too, because it makes you more receptive/able to receive goodness.

Start with your sense of hearing. Close your eyes and pretend you’re turning the volume on your hearing all the way up to ten. Notice and delight in all the little sounds you might not have picked up on earlier. The little signs of life and the natural world still humming along.

Then move on to your sense of touch. With eyes still closed, allow yourself to feel the temperature of the air, the way a light breeze might touch your skin. Touch a leaf or a tree trunk, or the texture of your shirt. Notice the little sensory chills of delight it sends through your spine and your skin. Notice how it makes your body feel.

Then move on to your sense of taste. If you have some coffee in your hand savor the coffee. What notes do you pick up in it? Stick your tongue out into the air and see if the air has a flavor and if so, what does it taste like? 

Now move to your sense of smell. Turning the volume up on your sense of smell, what do you notice in your environment. Pleasant smells and unpleasant smells may mix. How do you feel? Where do the scents in your environment travel to in your body?

And finally open your eyes. Pretend you’ve turned the volume up to ten and everything around you is so bright and colorful. Allow your heart to delight in the brightness and the details of all of these beautiful things around you. Notice how it all makes you feel.

Some you’ll feel after you do this:

  • calmer and much more present
  • connected to your power
  • more aware of what you need to do first to get back into aligned action.
  • more receptive to the abundance and goodness that lies all around you, no matter who is in the president’s office.
  • able to hear your wise inner voice who guides you well in all things, so you know how to navigate any challenges that are presenting themselves to you.

That feeling you have right now? You have a little more capacity now than you did after you see this post. Let’s keep taking one step after another. The journey of building our capacity is always a journey and NOT a quick sprint. You got this.