so…where is it?


lisa fabrega


For the last eleven years, I see the same thing every new year. I see you excitedly sharing you finally joined that book publishing mastermind that will get you to write and publish your bestseller. The business coaching program that promises to make you the next household name or your next six figures. The one day workshop that will ensure you get that big promotion. The funnel strategy that promises to give you your next “seven figure wild cash funnel.”

And yet…where’s your book? Did you get that deal with Penguin Publishing and did you end up on the New York Times bestseller list? Where’s your book agent? Did you become the next Tony Robbins or household name? How about that magazine cover? Where’s your promotion? And how about your wild cash funnel? Did you make your first seven figures from it yet? 

How much did you invest in your business or career last year, either in the form of a business coach or strategic program? And how much did you invest in your personal development and the growth of your capacity?

If your answer to #1 is a bigger number than #2, that’s why you didn’t get the results you wanted last year. If your answer to #2 was bigger number than #1 and you still didn’t get the results you wanted, same.

I’m NOT saying this to be an a-hole or shame you. I’m also NOT saying those programs you paid for weren’t good. I bet they were excellent. But the reason you aren’t the next household name or a high level executive at your company yet ISN’T because you suck (nor do the programs you invested in.)

It’s because you made your buying/investment decisions from your capacity deficits. 

Your capacity deficits are often in your blind spot and they will always drive you to make decisions that fall short. If you keep allowing your capacity deficits to drive your decisions, you will continue to fall short. I don’t say this because I wish something bad on you. NO. But because you can’t make grown up business, life or career decisions that require big capacity, from a capacity deficit. Get it?

Big capacity results never come from low capacity decisions.

The person you need to be to become the next household name, bestseller, seven figure business owner, or the next high level executive at your company–that person, that “you” of the future has BIG capacity. Greater capacity than you have now. She/he wouldn’t be able to GET there, STAY there and GROW from there, without that level of capacity. 

The level of success you have ALWAYS matches the level of capacity you have. So how can you think you can manifest that level of success, without the capacity to back it up? You can’t.

Think about how much money you invest in business or strategic masterminds every year which promise results you don’t yet have the capacity to handle

Yet, even as you invest, you still have secret fears about whether you can “handle” the result you just invested in. It’s why you unconsciously sabotage your results in a million unseen ways. It’s why you can’t stay consistent, or if you can, you’re secretly resistant to your next level of visibility and impact. 

Putting more money into a strategy, program or mastermind than you do into the expansion of your capacity is like paying for fancy rims on your car when the car actually needs a new engine.  You can’t create results that only your highest capacity self can manifest, from your current capacity deficits. Those capacity deficits are exactly what’s blocking you from getting there, yet you want to ignore them and work only on your strategy instead? Doesn’t compute.

If you’re ready to do something about those capacity deficits, don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

I’m hosting an experience that will allow you to begin that journey. We’re going to spend a half-day together diving DEEP. Best part? It’s pay-what-you-can (minimum investment of $195).  If you can invest $500, please do so. If you can’t, invest what you can from $195 and up. It’s an honor system cause I trust your integrity.

We’re going to get crystal clear on what capacity deficits could potentially block you from what you want this year and what capacities you must work on in order to make your biggest desires happen this year.  You’ll leave knowing exactly what capacities you specifically need to grow, quarter by quarter, in order for you to truly make this your best year yet.

Just head here for the info and to reserve your spot.