Someone stole my content


lisa fabrega


In the last couple of weeks, I’ve received multiple alarmed messages from different sources telling me others are ripping off my IP on capacity – my ideas, my words, and even my whole vibe. 

Back when I first started talking capacity (YEARS ago), nobody else was. It was just me, the lone voice, bringing something new to the coaching world. 

And yeah, I’ve got the whole copyrighted framework to prove it. 

Despite this, I’ve watched as my concepts got copied over the years, especially by white women, which sadly doesn’t surprise me anymore. It’s part of a bigger pattern I’ve noticed in business. This is what the shadow side of whiteness does- extracts, steals, and exploits the work & genius of others.

But here’s the real talk: imitators can’t match my energy or expertise. 

While they’re just getting on the capacity bandwagon, I’ve been living and breathing this stuff for years. 

They might fool some, but with my name plastered all over capacity content on the internet for years, the truth’s not hard to find.


1) Their lack of originality is glaring. My inbox is full of messages calling out the copycats, which only shows they’re not the thought leaders they claim to be. It makes THEM look bad.

2) I’m always light years ahead in understanding capacity in leadership, the acknowledged go-to expert.

3) No one can replicate the depth of insight & experience I bring to this topic – it’s not just what I say, it’s how I say it. And how I EMBODY it.

***This is why visibility is crucial, especially for women of color. ***

We’re too often sidelined or overlooked, with our ideas co-opted by white women who more easily get visibility opportunities & therefore, already have large platforms, turning OUR innovations they steal & co-opt into their cash cows. 

Not. happening. on. my. Watch.

So I’m doubling down on getting LOUDER & MORE VISIBLE about capacity– MY area of expertise and IP, ensuring no one forgets who owns this space. 

And I’m ALWAYS here to lift other women and men who don’t fit into the “mainstream” and whitewashed picture of a CEO, to make sure their voices drown out the noise of those who take without giving credit. (Because you can invite a WOC to teach in your program instead of stealing from them.)

If you’re fed up with being invisible around YOUR unique brand of genius and want to claim the spotlight you effing deserve, join my free masterclass.

I’ll show you how to 10x your visibility in 2024 without burning out, focusing on balancing your capacity and visibility.