The $100,000 Day


lisa fabrega


Wow! The response to our Summer of Wealth series has been amazing! Thank you for all the sweet notes you’ve sent on social media. I’m excited to speak with those of you who’ve booked calls in my calendar to discuss one of the 3 NEW ways to work with me privately. Spaces to work with me 1:1 are filling fast, so if you’re ready to create some REAL wealth, scale successfully and create epic profitability and visibility in the next several months with a top 2% coach (my clients jokingly call me the “CEO whisperer”), NOW is the time to make that decision. 

It’s time for Insider Wealth Secret #3! And I’d say this is THE most powerful shift I noticed my celebrity and high-achieving CEO clients make that allows them to create epic profitability, visibility, and successfully scale (without burning out!). 

It’s also the one our mind resists and dismisses the MOST, chalking it up to a “luxury for someday” not a necessity. Yet, years of working with thousands of highly successful people don’t lie–truly wealthy people view this as MANDATORY, not a “luxury.” 

This might be the most powerful secret I’ve shared yet.


Insider Wealth Secret #3: Successful celebrities and high-achieving CEOs put themselves in a True Wealth Environment. This means they invest time, money, and energy in experiences that put them in the FREQUENCY of next-level wealth–physically, emotionally, and mentally.

One of the cornerstones of my highest-level work with private clients has always been IN PERSON experiences. Why? Because while my virtual 1:1 clients get amazing results, there is a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL of results acceleration when the in-person gets added in. 

When I plan a private, in-person experience for a client, it allows me to create an entire REALITY for my client to step into, so they can literally experience how it FEELS to actually BE their next-level, wealthy selves. This is what I call EMBODIMENT. And it’s the secret sauce to endless wealth generation and replication.

Here’s why embodiment is important: The version of you who has the next level of profitability and visibility you want, who has scaled into seven/eight figures, and BEYOND… that is a different version of you than the person you are now. She thinks differently, BEHAVES differently, carries herself differently, has different relationships, teams, and spends her time/energy on different areas than the current version of you reading this.  

The current version of you is FABULOUS, BUT also carries the limiting beliefs and blind spots of the person who doesn’t have the capacity to create the epic wealth you want (because if you had the capacity you’d already have it.) So, if you put the current version of you in charge of making investment or leadership decisions for your future, you’re only going to recreate more of what you have right now. This is why you often share with me that, no matter what you try, you keep recreating the same cycle and situations that keep you stuck. To break through into your next level you have to EMBODY and BECOME the next level version of you. And the easiest, fastest way to do that is to PHYSICALLY experience the reality of that.

Recently, a client signed up to work with me in my most accelerated results package, which includes a 2.5-day customized, in-person retreat and four months of intensive 1:1 coaching afterward. Within just a few weeks of signing up, before she even came to her in-person retreat in Santa Barbara, she’d already generated enough revenue to cover her entire investment in the program. And within only weeks of our in-person retreat, she had a $100,000 day!

This isn’t a fluke. It’s BECAUSE of a) investing in my top-tier package, like the wealthiest version of her would do (which means just by making the investment, she began the process of becoming her next level wealthy self) and b) coming to her in-person, customized retreat which also allowed her to embody aka become her wealthiest self. She got to experience the reality of what it FEELS like to be that person through every detail of the retreat. So, when she got home, she was thinking, behaving, and making sales like her next-level wealthy self. This led to her signing $75,000 clients, raising her prices by 2-3x left and right, and having her first $100,000 day.

One of the reasons she signed up to work with me was she’d been stuck in a revenue plateau for years. Even though she’d previously been able to get her business to $700,000 in revenue, the way she’d done it had negatively impacted her health. This created a blind spot belief she “couldn’t generate seven figures in revenue without making herself sick.” Many of her decisions in the years since, from her offerings to pricing, to her business model and messaging, had unconsciously been keeping her restrained and in a revenue plateau due to this fear of getting sick if she “got too big and made a lot of money.”

During the retreat, I was able to customize an experience for her that allowed her to embody what it feels like to generate lots of wealth with EASE. Zero burnout. Zero drama. From the luxury accommodations to the fabulous meals by award-winning chefs, to the ease and joy of each day I planned for her, she had a deep, energetic transformation that changed her perspective. She told me on the last day “I could see myself getting used to this as my reality.”

This opened up the space to have some powerful strategic conversations where we:

  • raised her prices by 2-3x
  • found a $300,000 revenue stream she was previously dismissing because she was afraid turning it on would make her burn out (I showed her exactly how to do it without burnout and she’s already begun the process to turn this extra revenue stream on
  • created a plan for her ideal team to take work off her plate so she can focus on higher-level CEO decisions to increase revenue with less work
  • developed new messaging to attract higher-level clients who pay premium prices.

NONE of this up-leveled strategy and the subsequent results she got from that strategy would have been possible if she hadn’t been put into a wealthy environment/experience during her retreat. Because being put into the right environment made her nervous system realize it’s SAFE to be wealthy and it DOESN’T always mean automatic burnout and health issues. She got to LIVE that reality during her retreat. Once her nervous system saw it was safe, her mind was free to think BIGGER and differently about how to step into her next level of wealth. 

This is why celebrities and high-achieving CEOs value putting themselves in wealthy environments through the things they invest in. All my wealthy, successful clients value top-tier experiences. It’s why they hire me instead of the cheaper, less-experienced coach. I save them years worth of time and energy because they get results more quickly. It’s why I always make more money when I stay in expansive places, choose to upgrade to the suite with the butler, or pay extra for business class plane tickets. It puts me in the energy of wealth and therefore I think and behave that way and ultimately generate more wealth. 

It’s why I know the clients who invest in my top-tier packages are ready to have some SERIOUSLY HUGE results. They’re not playing around. They want the shortcut through embodiment. And because of that, they get those results in our private work together in record time.

Putting yourself in wealthy environments, investing in your coaches like the next-level wealthy self you want to become…all these things make you think and behave differently, and THAT is what generates the different, next-level results you want.  

If you’re ready to step into your next level of ease, wealth, and joy, all while scaling successfully and creating epic profitability and visibility, check out the three NEW ways to work with me privately. I happen to miraculously have ONE spot open for the rest of 2022 for my top-tier package with the in-person custom retreat. I’d love to talk with you more about it and create this experience for you. 

And next week I’ll be back with Insider Wealth Secret #4, which is going to blow your mind!