The Curse of Excellence


lisa fabrega


There’s one thing I know about you and all the clients I’ve worked with over the years–you’re PASSIONATE about what you do. You wouldn’t have been able to experience the success you’ve already had without this. I also know you have a drive towards excellence. Your excellence standard calls everyone around you to their highest potential. 

But there’s also a way in which your obsession with excellence prevents your company from successfully scaling.  If you’ve been trying to scale to your next level for years and ALWAYS hit the same challenges, it’s because you don’t know this insider wealth secret yet. 


Insider Wealth Secret #2: Successful celebrities and high-achieving CEOs know the difference between being obsessed with excellence vs. scaling with excellence.

Last year I worked with a multiple seven-figure CEO whose work was KNOWN for being top quality. Her standard of excellence was high, which is why she had strong word-of-mouth referrals. But in the last few years, she’d been trying to scale into eight figures and no matter HOW many scaling experts she invested in, it always fell flat. It would become too stressful, overwhelming, and burn her and her team out. As I uncovered the true source of this issue, we discovered the culprit was her obsession with excellence.

An obsession with excellence looks like micro-managing, over-giving, and over-monitoring. Quiz yourself and see how many of these you say yes to, to see if you’re obsessed with excellence:

  • Do you feel like members of your team repeatedly make the same mistake, despite you having SOPs in place? 
  • Are people you hire constantly quitting because they’re emotionally fragile and can’t handle the scaling process? 
  • Do you constantly catch important details your team members missed and worry if you’re not over-monitoring they’re going to make a mistake that impacts a client’s experience (and lose you money as a result)?
  • Are you always in the admin of your business and can’t seem to break free, no matter how many times you ask your team to figure it out?
  • Is your nervous system in a state of high alert, double-checking everything because of mistakes your team has made in the past? Do you feel you can’t trust your team to see with the level of detail you do?
  • Is your Slack channel or email constantly hit up by team members asking you admin things they shouldn’t be messaging the CEO about?
  • Do you feel you never have enough time to focus on the bigger vision your job description requires?  

How many did you say yes to? If you said yes to even ONE, you have an obsession with excellence, which is why you can’t scale successfully. 

Lisa Fabrega

In the case of my multiple seven-figure CEO client, we discovered in our private work she had a pattern of pacifying people’s feelings. She’d grown up in an emotionally volatile family and calming people down was her way of surviving. Except now, that pattern caused her to hire team members who were emotionally fragile and not self-led.  When you combine that with her obsession with excellence, it meant she had to monitor EVERYTHING or the fragile team and business would fall apart. 

Successful businesses that scale into eight figures plus can only do this with powerful teams who have the CAPACITY to scale excellently. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to scale with only one person holding everything together. It’s why you see so many CEOs attempt to scale and burn themselves and team out.

You can’t be the best CEO for your business if you’re trying to control everything. Being obsessed with excellence causes you to hire people who put you in the pattern of micromanaging instead of hiring and investing in team members who bring their expertise to the team. Or you might hire good team members but over time you train them to be codependent.

When you’re trying to scale like this, you’re in Counterfeit Wealth mode. It means you’ve built a business without the proper structures to operate successfully without you because you don’t trust you can be held and supported.

When you heal these internal and structural capacity patterns you can scale with excellence. That looks like:

  • Team members have the emotional capacity to deal with normal challenges that arise for your size business.
  • Employees don’t constantly reach out asking you to intervene in team drama or fix an issue and instead seek their own solutions and think of you as the LAST person to ask.
  • You have systems and structures in your business that allow people to make quick decisions without having to check in with you and empower your team to grow as leaders so they take more off your plate. 
  • You’re in your zone of genius as the visionary of the business 100% of the time and are no longer sucked into putting out fires.

NOW you’re ready to scale. 

Want to know what happened with my multiple seven-figure client after we changed her hiring strategy and boundaries with the team? She raised millions from investors and is in the multiple eight figures now. She even hired an executive-level team to take more off her plate (and they’re all competent and self-led). If you don’t learn how to scale with excellence and keep just investing in scaling or marketing strategies, you’re trying to fix the wrong problem

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