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money capacity

Money Capacity is the one thing I talk about with all of my clients, whether they’re six-figure earners, or eight. Whether they’re rising stars or already established. I don’t care how far along you get in your career or business, you’re ALWAYS going to be expanding your money capacity. Always.

I’m almost a decade into my current business, millions of dollars in revenue, and I STILL am constantly expanding my own money capacity.

Still hitting edges where I need to grow.

Still overcoming new fears that come at every level.  

Still leaning deeper into TRUSTING that the Universe WANTS me to be abundant, and all I have to do is expand my capacity to RECEIVE the abundance which is already mine.

Money is what I like to call an “onion-level topic”. It’s one of the most triggering and spiritually expansive topics a human can dive into. It’s THAT deep and multi-layered of a topic (hence why I call it an onion!).

Recently, I had a HUGE money capacity expansion moment. It happened smack dab in the middle of leading a customized retreat for one of my private, one-on-one clients. In fact, for a week afterwards I almost had no words for what happened.

On each of these retreats, I custom curate every moment of the weekend. From the flowers in my client’s room and the snacks in the fridge, to the places I wine and dine them and hand-selected activities. All are designed for the EXACT breakthrough that particular client needs to have.

This particular client was working on her money capacity and her emotional capacity. After a very successful career in corporate, she is starting a corporate consulting practice. And I knew right away that I had to take her to a place in Santa Barbara that is so exclusive, it took me almost a year to get reservations.

A private garden so lush and beautiful that it is considered one of the top 10 most beautiful gardens in the world. There are species of plants there that no longer even exist in the wild. We’re talking prehistoric heirlooms.

We drove up to the massive iron gates and were radioed in by the guard. As the gates swung open and our names confirmed on the list, we drove into a lush, tree-filled parking area, parked and walked through a gorgeous passage lined by Australian tea trees.

Once we went in, it was a feast for the senses. I’ve always fantasized about having large gardens to walk through, but this was on a whole other level. I’ve never seen anything like this, and I grew up in the rainforest and have traveled to some of the most beautiful places in the world.

The abundance of species, beauty, and uniqueness in the plans was simply astounding. At every turn, our senses were whelmed with large, fragrant roses, Chilean palm trees with trunks resembling elephant legs, and endless winding paths of bromeliads and ferns. There were gardens dedicated only to cacti. Gardens only filled with aloe, or lotus flowers, or orchids, and succulents I had never seen.

The entire time my client and I were releasing little delightful gasps of surprise and excitement. It was hard NOT to have all of your senses fully online and RECEIVING all of this beauty.

Then we got to what I think is the piece de resistance of the entire garden. A large reflecting pool surrounded in rare, large abalone shells, flanked on either side by prehistoric conch shells that had been turned into fountains.

Our private guide told the story that the madam who had built this garden loved to sit in the middle of this pool during the full moon. The whole bottom of the pool had been painted white to reflect the light of the moon. And the pool was surrounded by what was the lushest part of the entire garden.

Photo by Andria Kester

I imagined myself as this womxn, walking through the acres of abundance she had built over the last ten years. Removing her robe under the moonlight, and sitting in this reflecting pool under the moon, her skin glowing under its light.

And as I imagined myself as her, I realized what enormous capacity for abundance this womxn had. To sit so peacefully in this pond. Knowing that these 37 acres of gorgeousness were ALL HERS. And fully receiving all that lushness. Not even questioning whether she deserved ‘all of this’. It was as things should be. Period.

A sensation came over me at that moment. I felt the parts of me that immediately want to share abundance with someone. Not because it feels good to share, but because it can sometimes be a great way to NOT fully receive it all in my body, to give some of it away. Which is not a good reason to share abundance with someone. That comes from hitting a capacity edge.

A man I know recently asked me if I knew what I would do if I was suddenly handed $10 million dollars. That was easy for me to imagine. I blurted out my precise response in under a minute. I’ve expanded my money capacity to the point that $10 million really doesn’t seem like all that much and I could receive it just fine without freaking out.

But, as I told him, give me $100 million, and now we’re hitting a money capacity edge for me.

Imagining myself owning that entire garden and receiving the beauty of all 37 acres of these rare, heirloom plants with complete nonchalance was, in my body, the equivalent of being handed $100 million dollars.

Imagine that. Sitting there every evening, under the moon, taking it all in. Without running away. Without tensing. Without needing to run and share it with someone right away.  

I shared this with my client. And then I heard the gardens speaking to me. They said in a loud, resounding, female voice “OH HONEY… THINK BIGGER”.

I asked myself, then I asked my client, “So, what does it look like if you were to think 37 times bigger than you’re thinking right now? Could you receive it all in your body, without tensing up? Without questioning it or feeling afraid that it might be taken away? Could you trust that this abundance is what you were born for?”

Picture of my client in the rose garden within this 37 acre preserve.

I’m asking you the same question. Because your answer to that question will tell you where you are in your money capacity journey and where you need to go next.  

(The ‘how’? Well that’s part of the work we do if we work together.)

Here’s my favorite money capacity story, from the madam of this garden herself:

She was so obsessed with building this masterpiece, it became the work of her life. She spent every last penny on it. And in fact, whenever she ran out of money, she would sell her jewelry to fund more gardens in her 37 acres.

Once, she ordered a school of koi fish for a new pond. But once she received the fish and the invoice, she thought the price of the fish was ridiculous. So she called the vendor and returned the fish. Little did she know that while she was waiting for the fish to be picked up, the koi had lain eggs and when the adult koi were removed and returned, she still ended up getting her koi fish after all. For free.

That story to me says so much about what it means to expand our money capacity. To have that level of trust in the fact that you deserve abundance AKA ‘doing what you gotta do to see your mission all the way through and trusting the Universe will provide and is on your side’.

My client doing a sense expansion exercise in the gardens.

For each of you, expanding your money capacity is a unique journey. It’s why it’s one of the six capacities successful womxn like you must expand in order to reclaim your agency and solidify your legacy in the world.

But there is something so potent about that story. A statement about trusting that the Universe supports that which we are completely devoted to.  Where we devote our soul, there we can endlessly flourish.

Devotion can be a portal to receiving abundance.  

Do you see how none of this can happen with a strategy? Sure, a strategy can give you the map for how to get to where you want to go money-wise. But if you don’t have the CAPACITY to receive what you say you want to receive financially, that strategy won’t work. You’ll keep applying the strategy and wonder why you haven’t broken on through to that level yet.  

Because it’s not about your strategy. It’s about your capacity.


Want to expand your capacity by returning some of the energy you got from this post? Tell me in the comments what you got out of it!

In love and capacity,


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