this email disturbed me


lisa fabrega

this email disturbed me
Clients at one of my Capacity Retreats in Santa Barbara


I got an email a few days ago that really floored me. A womxn who has been wanting to work with me for a LONG WHILE wrote in saying this:

“I’ve been wanting to work with you for a long time, your message really resonates with me. But I’m not sure that I would be a good candidate to work with you, at least at this point. The reason I’m not sure I would be a good candidate is that I’m not making multiple six or 7 figures yet. Do you ever work with women who aren’t at that level yet and are interested in capacity work?”

It got me thinking that quite a few of you might be thinking the SAME thing. So I wanted to take a moment to clarify AND to point out something I want you to realize about capacity.

First off, I don’t ONLY work with women who are millionaires or already mega-successful.  

NOT ALL my clients are earning six figures into the millions, I ALSO have clients who are just starting a new business. Some who are corporate career womxn. Some who are earning less than $50,000 per year. And some who are leaving corporate careers to start brand new businesses.

Capacity work isn’t ONLY limited to womxn who you see as ‘more successful than you’. It’s for EVERYONE who is here to make a big impact in the world and is SERIOUS about doing so.

What I look for in clients is their ATTITUDE and their ENERGY more than a number in their bank account or on their revenue sheet. What I mean is: a womxn who is ready to go ALL IN on herself. Who is ready to do the work with no excuses and who has big goals she’s ready to tackle.  

What you’re earning doesn’t matter as much as WHAT YOU’RE COMMITTED TO does. 

I’ve had clients who came to me just starting a business who went from $4,000 a month to $50,000 a month within just a few months when they started doing capacity work. Clients who had no business then had a six-figure first year, because of capacity work.

What they all have in common is a commitment to do the capacity work so they can SHOW THE EFF UP for their god-given mission on this earth. And they aren’t going to let excuses stop them.

So, if you’ve been holding back from reaching out about working together because you think you’re ‘not the right candidate YET’, I want to reflect back to you that you ARE.

And there’s one more thing I want you to realize. Chances are, if you and I got on the phone, you’d realize you ARE that womxn you think you ‘aren’t good enough to be yet’.  

Here’s a secret: even womxn who earn millions who have worked with me thought “they weren’t like those successful womxn work with” too.  

It’s this fucked up thing we do to ourselves as womxn. We have ‘success dysmorphia’.  

We think that ‘success’ only looks like ‘those womxn we aspire to be like’, we think everyone else is further along than us, better than us, more successful than us. We fail to see all of our successes and all we HAVE achieved. We fail to see that WE ALREADY ARE THAT WOMXN.

Even if you’re at home changing your kids’ diapers and your life is poop and breastfeeding right now, YOU ARE THAT WOMXN already. She’s in there. (I had a client once fly across the country to do a VIP day with me with her newborn in tow. It was amazing and I got to meet her little one! She went home totally clear on her next steps, more confident, with a plan to get profitable)

So DON’T DISCOUNT YOURSELF as ‘not the right candidate’ for capacity work. Because if you’re doing that here, that also means that you are discounting yourself in MANY areas of your life right now. You’re probably telling yourself it’s ‘not the right time’ because you’re ‘not ready yet’ to go for your biggest dreams. Or ‘you’re not powerful enough yet’ to deserve what you really want. Or you’re not ‘as amazing’ as the kind of womxn who do what you want to do.


If you’re in my community, YOU ARE that kind of person I work with. You wouldn’t open my emails or feel drawn to capacity work if you weren’t.

So if you’ve been feeling a nudge in your soul to work with me and you keep telling yourself you have to ‘wait until you’re making millions’ to do the capacity work, or that you’re ‘not as amazing as the womxn Lisa tends to work with’, please do yourself a huge loving favor and STOP THAT RIGHT NOW.

Part of expanding our capacity to step into our next level is changing how we see ourselves.  

And I guarantee that part of why you’re not at the level you want to be at is because you keep seeing yourself as ‘not that kind of successful womxn Lisa works with’.

Ready to expand your capacity? And ready to see yourself as the badass you ALREADY ARE?

Email and let’s have a chat.  

I am SURE we can find something for you that we offer that will get you the results you want in your career or business.

In fierce love & uncompromising capacity,