too big for your britches


lisa fabrega

too big for your britches


My client was on the phone, voice trembling. She had hired me because she had a creative business project that she wanted to launch to her community but had been resisting it for TWO YEARS!

“I feel so bored with my business and like I don’t even know who I am or what I stand for anymore. I’m so foggy about it all,” she told me.

That ‘foggy feeling’ is a common ‘symptom’ that pops up when your intuition asks you to do something and you keep ignoring it out of fear. Eventually, your system rebels and you either get physically sick or you get ‘foggy-headed’.

As we dug deeper in our session, we got to the real root of her resistance. It’s what I call the ‘other side of the Visibility Capacity coin’, so to speak.

My client said to me: “Lisa, part of the reason why I’m successful is that I’m known for being ‘down to earth’. I don’t play these ‘I’m superior and know more than you games’ with my community.  

But now I feel like, if I launch this project with higher prices AND I set boundaries on how much access my clients have to me in this new program…they are going to think ‘who does she think she is? She’s gotten way too big for her britches’.  

And really, I have this part of me that asks me ‘who DO you think you are to do something so big and to have these new boundaries and prices?’”

This woman had had a successful business for the last 7 years. But in the last two, her revenue had been slowly declining. It was getting harder to get clients, and she now felt uninspired by what she had built.

Most strategists or business coaches would say “you need a new business model” or “we need to change your marketing angle or brand you differently”.  

Except, she had already spent $100,000 on people who told her exactly that. Nothing had changed when she applied their strategies.

Because the problem wasn’t her strategy. She already had the best strategies.  

The problem was her Visibility Capacity.  

And the specific way it was showing up for her was that she wasn’t seeing herself as who she really was. She had this idea of herself as ‘humble, small and accommodating. This ‘persona’ masked her real fear of being seen as powerful as she really was.

Since she erroneously saw herself as smaller, she made decisions as if she was that small version of herself. When you make decisions from the limiting perceptions you have of yourself, the results the world mirrors back to you are small too.

And when you see yourself as small, no matter what strategy you apply, you will get small results mirrored back to you. The Universe matches your vibration, always.

We worked on this specific part of her Visibility Capacity in our session. She walked away from it feeling proud to be ‘bigger than her britches’. “In fact, Lisa, I need BIGGER britches,” she told me with a laugh!

So what does this have to do with you?

When we talk about visibility, we often think of the fear that others will judge us. But have you ever stopped to think of the flipside of that coin– that you aren’t SEEING YOURSELF properly and that’s where the issue might actually lie?

Not seeing YOURSELF as the big, powerful being that
you ACTUALLY are, is also a visibility capacity issue.


And it’s a greater threat to your impact than your fear of being fully seen and judged for it.  

Because when you don’t see yourself clearly, you have self-dysmorphia. And you make all your decisions in your career or business as if you were the limited version of you.

That means you’ll get limited results financially and emotionally. You can’t do your best work if you’re not seeing yourself properly.

Have you heard yourself saying a version of ‘who do you think you are?’ in the last few weeks? If you have, you have a Visibility Capacity issue.

I want you to see yourself as I see you, as the powerful, big, shiny, glorious being that you actually are. Because when you expand your visibility capacity, that’s when you get to have the most impact and success.

That’s why I opened up the virtual Visibility Capacity retreat for enrollment a few weeks ago.  Because your capacity for Visibility is one of the greatest threats to your growth. And it WILL plateau you if it hasn’t already.  

Now, originally I picked two dates for this virtual retreat, August 30 at 11am PT/2pm ET and September 14 10am PT/1pm ET.  

But August 30 sold out a few days ago.  

And now September 14 has only two spots left.

I added a THIRD date since this virtual retreat has been in such high demand.

Sept 6th, 11am PT (2pm ET) – 3pm PT (6pm ET)

Join us to expand your visibility capacity and uplevel how you see yourself, so that you can start to make decisions in your career or business from your utmost place of power. As a result, watch your impact and your revenue rise.



Here’s what you get:

  • This is a VIRTUAL retreat, which means you don’t have to leave your home to attend. Just join us via Zoom (video teleconference). Once you sign up, you’ll receive the details to join us via email.
  • We’ll spend 4 hours together (don’t worry, there’s a lunch break), with you and an intimate group of no more than 8 women, diving deep into YOUR specific visibility capacity issue and expanding it for your next level.
  • You’ll get a hot seat session with me during the retreat, where all the focus is on you, so bring your most complicated, puzzling, visibility issue to the table so we can work it out.
  • You will be coached by me throughout the retreat as well as witness other womxn be coached (you’ll often find that watching others be coached helps you resolve things you didn’t even know you had going on). I don’t do talking-head style teaching- my retreats are interactive and co-creative.

Join us here, or email us at if you have any questions. And don’t dilly dally. The rate at which these spots are filling, I’m not sure how many will be left by the end of the week!

In love & capacity,