Visibility is owning you


lisa fabrega


Earlier this year I was at a business conference in Toronto and watched at least 8 speakers talking about different topics, from how to pull off successful launches to how to handle the pressures of rapid business growth, or expanding your brand for more publicity…

And no matter the topic, I kept seeing the common denominator that, if not addressed, can hold ALL of these amazing results back. VISIBILITY!

Visibility is one of the trickiest blind spots because it’s behind every single business struggle, whether you’re a six, multi-six, seven, or even eight figure business owner. I say it’s “tricky” because people NEVER think the issue they have has anything to do with visibility. 

For example:

  • successfully selling a high ticket offer
  • huge launches that break sales records 
  • scaling an offer that exists into record sales so you can serve more people (and make more money than ever before.)
  • expanding your brand (or getting more publicity for your brand) so you can become known as a thought leader in your space.
  • creating a dream team for your business with the capacity to lend their own unique skills and take you into multi-six, seven, or even eight figures.

ALL of these new levels of expansion are deeply influenced by visibility fears and blind spots. Which, in turn, keeps your business growth stagnant because when you’re already too overwhelmed, exhausted, and AT CAPACITY to experience a quantum leap… you’ll get stuck in a burnout cycle that never ends. 

Here are 3 very specific examples:

#1: The visibility capacity you need to successfully sell a high ticket offer

I have been considered a “high ticket coach” my entire 13 years in business. If there’s something I know WELL, it’s high ticket offers: what it takes to sell one successfully and how to create amazing high-touch experiences for which people will pay $25,000, $50,000, or even $250,000. 

I even had a very successful, trademarked program for YEARS that taught people how to create and successfully sell high ticket offers. I have regularly helped clients go from charging $97 for a program to getting several $25,000-$100,000 clients. 

And you know what the MAJORITY of what I teach centers around when I help clients do this? 


The strategy of selling a high ticket offer (or several of them) successfully is actually the easy part—since there’s a specific process behind it. The HARD part is overcoming ALL the internal fears around being SEEN as a leader with a high ticket offer. These fears can be exhausting to battle with day in and day out, meanwhile, you keep delaying raising your prices and as a result, keep holding back your next level of revenue expansion.

In my old program, the bulk of our time was spent on working through fears of being SEEN as a person who can charge that much for a program (and feel damn confident doing so.)

I regularly had to help clients with fears like:

  • What if my old audience gets mad at me and thinks I’ve gotten too “elitist” for charging this much?
  • What if a friend who wants to work with me finds out how much I charge and judges me over how high the price is?
  • Will I be expected to give my entire soul to my client just because they’re paying me a lot of money? I don’t want to be seen as an “on-demand” person and end up with a client who thinks they “own” me?
  • What if people see how much money I’m making and go on an online campaign to tear me down and call me a “fraud” because they’re triggered that I’m making so much money?
  • What if I charge all that money and can’t deliver? I’m afraid my high ticket client will see that price and expect “perfection” and if I am not that they’ll accuse me of “not being worth the money.”

Do you see how all of these are related to how others see us OR how we see ourselves?

If your next goal is to sell more of your signature offer or to expand into new high-ticket offers, your visibility capacity is the MOST important thing you can work on. Because when you see yourself as fully capable of owning your “high ticket self” and capable of delivering a high-end program, you’ll have ZERO problems selling it. AND it won’t feel “exhausting” to do so, because you won’t be battling all the fears and blind spots that are holding back the financial floodgate. 

#2: The visibility capacity you need to launch, hit record sales numbers, and scale to reach more people.

If you want a successful launch, the strategy is important, but the visibility piece is the one that will MOST eff up your launch if you don’t address it.

I had a client who had a program she launched once a year. She would literally burn out herself and her entire team for it, and yet each time she launched, no matter what fancy launch strategist she hired nor what “new” launch techniques she tried, it progressively made the same amount of revenue…

The culprit? A visibility blind spot. NOT the launch strategy.

She’d seen everyone else launch “the industry standard way” and was following the blueprint for how everyone ELSE was doing it. 

My client was all about “ease” and had a three-person team. Yet, she kept making herself wrong or seeing herself as “unsuccessful” because she couldn’t pull off these massive million-dollar launches that leaders with three times the amount of resources and team members did.

When we worked together, I showed her how she was comparing herself and her business to leaders with launch methods that weren’t actually aligned with HER way of being. What if HER way of being wasn’t faulty, but actually more efficient and aligned, even if it looked different than her peers?

Within a few weeks, we completely re-aligned her launch strategy with her values of maximum ease and profit. She FILLED her entire program and broke her sales records with a QUARTER of the effort she was making before, by only sending a few emails. 

When she went to conferences and shared her results, she was no longer “embarrassed” she did it so differently and no longer gaslighting herself into thinking she had to do it like “other people” were doing it. In fact, several of these “complicated launch” people pulled her aside to get her advice on how she had such a profitable launch with such little effort because THEY were burned the F out from following their own “industry standard” methods. 

Simply put: The way you SEE yourself will influence how confidently you show up in marketing efforts for your launch. It will determine if you pick the RIGHT or WRONG launch strategy. It will also influence how comfortable you are making the sales ask (because if you’re worried people will think you’re “too salesy” you’re going to hold back on selling the most you can because you won’t be reaching the people who need your work the most.) And you’ll be able to pull off launches WITHOUT the burnout.

#3: The visibility capacity you need to expand your brand and experience high-profile publicity

Obviously more publicity = more visibility. But the other side of this coin is that the more people’s eyes that are on you and the more people know about you, the more your “what if I’m a fraud?” fear pops up. 

Because expanding your visibility through publicity makes you acutely aware that MORE eyes are on you. And that subconsciously also means MORE PRESSURE, because you feel more responsibility to deliver high-quality experiences to people when there are more people depending on you or seeking you out for solutions. 

This is a GOOD thing because if you didn’t have integrity, you wouldn’t feel the pressure to create such a high level of excellence. But your integrity also makes you OVERCORRECT. 

This is when CEOs I work with feel so much pressure because of the expansion of their visibility that they stop taking creative risks. They start to feel boxed in by the perceptions others have of them and an obligation to “meet expectations.” 

And whenever you anticipate all of this added pressure—after you’re already at max capacity—you’ll hold yourself back from being seen and known by more people.

This looks like sabotaging flagship offers, postponing launches, not showing up powerfully on camera, not writing confidently about what you do, and getting stuck in a feast/famine cycle.

These are all VISIBILITY issues. Because worrying about how others might misinterpret you starts to change how you show up. You undercut your power in a million little ways. And when you do that customers can FEEL it and trust you less. Less trust means less sales. 

See how visibility is at the root of EVERYTHING?

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