What Women CEOs Can Learn From Men


lisa fabrega


Have you ever considered the reason your next level of visibility, profitability & impact feels draining is because… you keep disqualifying yourself?

In 14 years of coaching both men & women, I’ve noticed a trend.

Men always ask for more money, set more grandiose goals without shame or questioning themselves, and apply for my programs even when they don’t meet the criteria 100%. 

Women often do the opposite. (And, of course, it’s because of social conditioning.) 

There are literally statistics and studies out there about this! Women don’t consider themselves as candidates for opportunities unless they meet the criteria 100%. Even when they’re successful. Here are some examples:

…We had a $200,000 month without launching anything.

Earlier this week, I emailed you about our NEW mentoring mastermind Visibility Vortex™️, and I also posted on social media about it. I mentioned ONE of the criteria is that it’s for you if your monthly business revenue is between $10,000 – $30,000.

I’ve gotten SO many messages from women telling me they wish they could be qualified—even when their businesses are earning slightly under $10,000 or over $30,000 a month. 

Even though there were also other criteria that make you qualified, they already discounted themselves. A man would never do that.

Consistently I see my women CEO clients feel like growing into more visibility is going to be “too exhausting.” So their growth stalls or slows.


Because they put themselves as CEOs LAST to the business’ needs.

They consider the needs of their clients, their team, and their revenue first and consider their needs last.

They hire the admin support team their customers and business needs…

But they consider it “too much” to hire someone to support them as CEOs.

They invest in more ads, funnels, and systems…

But they don’t hire a coach who can be a co-visionary & give them the support they need to eliminate blind spots that are holding their growth back.

And when the opportunity to get that kind of support comes up, they tell themselves…

“I’m probably not ‘advanced enough’ to have that kind of support.

“It’s selfish of me to hire someone to support me as the CEO when I could just invest that money in some other thing my business needs right now.”

“That’s probably not for someone like me.”

A man would never do that.

The truth is…

When you get the deep, nuanced, and advanced-level support you need as a CEO…

You eliminate blindspots that are influencing your decisions as a CEO.

Decisions that are impacting your:



& Impact.

And you start making BETTER decisions. But there’s more…

Better decisions, and less blind spots means you will also become more efficient with your time & energy.

You will hire differently.

Your visibility, marketing strategy, and business model will be simplified and more efficient so that it no longer drains you and your team.

Your life relationships will have less drama and be truly supportive. And…

Your entire business & life becomes a vortex of visibility that continuously generates the energy you need to keep expanding..

…without using your energy. That’s the beauty of a vortex. When you learn the secrets of setting up both you as CEO and your entire business (systems, offerings, and team) as a vortex, you’re never “drained” by your business again. Vortices are continuously regenerating energy FOR you and your team, while sucking in towards it all the goodness you’ve been wanting to step into for years. Your business won’t drain you ever again. 

You having to be the sole source of energy & motor of your business to get things done is what’s depleting you now and making more visibility feel impossible.

So if you’ve seen my posts or emails lately talking about my new mastermind Visibility Vortex™️ and you’ve been disqualifying yourself…

Borrow the (sometimes unearned) confidence of men, and hit reply to this email for more info. 

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Ps: I haven’t led a mastermind in over 3 years. The reason for that is a story I’ll be telling you in my next post and it’s another “men don’t do this but women do” story. It’s going to be a really vulnerable and honest share. And I’m also going to tell you why I came back to masterminds with a fresh take and perspective on them. Stay tuned here in a few days for that post.