what’s your “soy sauce”?


lisa fabrega


My friend Mark went gluten-free last year, because he suspected gluten was causing his mood swings and digestive issues. But two months into being meticulously gluten-free, he still felt sluggish and depressed. While scouring his list of foods, he found the culprit: SOY SAUCE! Soy sauce has gluten in it! He had no idea! He replaced it with a gluten-free version and within weeks was feeling like a whole new person.

Every time I speak with someone and ask them “what’s holding you back?” they ALWAYS misdiagnose their problem. Always. Last week I was speaking to a woman who was convinced the source of her business plateau was a Money Capacity™ issue. 

“If I could just be better about managing my money, I’d have a successful business by now”, she lamented. Nope, that wasn’t it. As I dug deeper with her, I realized the real capacity issue was her Visibility Capacity.

She had a product about to come out that was going to make her VERY visible and put her on the map in a whole different way. And yes, it was going to make a lot of money. “Managing” the money wasn’t the issue. 

Her fear of so many more people seeing her, knowing who she is and potentially more people being critical of her was causing her to subtly sabotage the launch of this product. She equated more money with more visibility and visibility felt scary to her.

If she hadn’t talked to me, she’d still be buying “bust through your money blocks” books and signing up for yearlong money mindset programs, wondering why nothing was changing.

This is what it’s like when you misdiagnose your own potential blockages and then create an entire plan for your year off of that misdiagnosis. You end up wasting a ton of time and money, spinning your wheels, all the while not knowing that the “gluten” that’s effing you up is in the shadows, hiding underneath your misdiagnosis.

That’s why I created Capacity 2021, a half day, pay what you can experience. We’re going to ACCURATELY diagnose what your REAL capacity deficits are (because you have your own unique Capacity Code™ and your deficits are not the same as someone else’s). So that the plan you create for your year is based on knowing the exact capacities you need to grow as you strive towards achieving your goals this year. 

Why is that important? Because when you know what capacities need to grow in order for you to hold, handle, and receive your next level, you don’t waste time throwing money at things that don’t work. You’re like a laser focused badass, navigating it all with confidence, certainty and ease.

You have only one day left to grab your spot in this half day experience.

Learn more and enroll now before we close the gates.