When Oprah Fires You


lisa fabrega


If you’ve been following me for a while, you KNOW how much I love Oprah. You also know how I met her, Gayle (who I also love), and her team last year when they showed up in person at my house. 

Something I haven’t talked about before today is how impressed I was with her team throughout the whole experience. The love every team member has for her and their work is PALPABLE. The devotion to excellence and joy every team member had was next-level. 

Similarly, when Oprah was on the Trevor Noah show months prior, he asked her if she ever experiences “normal” inconveniences, like a phone with a low battery.  She chuckled no, and revealed there are people on her home team who make sure that EVERY TIME someone uses the restroom, the toilet paper corners are folded.

People who don’t “get” what someone of her impact needs in a team will write this off as “diva”. It’s not. What I see is just how much Oprah’s team wants her to have a FRICTIONLESS EXPERIENCE. They know the more drama-free and seamless they make her day, the more capacity she has to help others and be a good leader to them. 

Only people who really love you and your mission want that level of ease for you. And that kind of devotion is EARNED through being a great leader and treating your team with love and respect, too. Disgruntled, uninspired employees/or team members DON’T do things like that for you. 

This is proof of what a phenomenal leader Oprah is. She inspires everyone around her to do their best work in the world. She even inspires people when she FIRES THEM! 

Enter Clarke Allen, an award-winning entrepreneur, and event organizer… 

Impressed with Clarke’s work after she attended a few events he designed for Maya Angelou, Oprah hired him to organize her own event. Clarke felt he‘d reached a “new level” in his career and hired a whole new, fancy team. But the team made quite a few mistakes which cost him the gig. 

One employee forgot to send Oprah the samples she’d requested. When the error was discovered another employee sent the samples package to the wrong address due to a typo. When Clarke re-tells the story, he speaks with respect and admiration for her high standards and the constructive feedback she gave him when she fired him. 

Essentially, she told him this: you’re not ready yet and it’s because of your team. Surround yourself with better people, because your team doesn’t love you as much as you think they do, and it shows. He took that advice to heart, built a better team, and has had an illustrious career since! (Another example of what a great leader Oprah is, she makes you better, even when she fires you!) 

Did you read Clarke’s story and groan in recognition at the little errors his team made? Have you ever had people on your team make similar mistakes? It’s one of the most common reasons burned-out CEOs like you hire me for support in expanding your and your team’s capacity to scale without burnout. You might feel you’re close to a breaking point partially because you’ve been so vastly undersupported by a team that doesn’t truly care about you or your mission. 

But that’s not always your team’s fault. 

Do you have the capacity to be the CEO who can inspire your team as Oprah inspires hers? And do you have the team with the capacity and excellence to take your company to the next level if a dream opportunity were to land in your lap? 

If you don’t have the capacity to attract, hire and lead your dream team, can you see how you’d hire people who don’t care, or people who do, but over time stop caring? And if your current TEAM doesn’t have the capacity, can you see you’ll always be overwhelmed, and pulled in a million directions, without the visioning space you need as CEO to focus and grow the company? Finally, can you see how not having enough capacity in either can hold your company back for years?

I spent YEARS in this exact cycle. Even AFTER we implemented standard operating procedures, better hiring practices, and automations, my team still dropped the ball on silly things. Every day, I’d feel my energy drain repeating myself ad nauseam to the team. If I didn’t micromanage everything, things fell apart. That’s no way to live. And it’s certainly no way to scale a company. You will burn out before you get there.

When I ended up with NO team due to a bad hire (because of my own hiring blind spots!), I realized something much deeper needed to change. I focused on two key things which made ALL the difference and became part of my patented Dream Team process. 

  1. Your CAPACITY as a CEO needs to grow. Because as your team grows, you need more capacity to inspire them. 
  1. Your TEAM’S capacity needs to grow. Because if you don’t have the right team members and structures in place for them to thrive, everything keeps falling back on you. And a company can’t grow with an exhausted, decision-fatigued CEO. Team members can’t be inspired when the CEO is at a breaking point,

By focusing on those two things, I was able to finally have a breakthrough and now have my dream team. And now I’ve spent years guiding other CEOs and business owners to do the same. 

Whether you’ve grown to the point where you’re just hiring your first team members, or leading a multi-million dollar company, I can help to make sure you get stabilized and create a team that actually takes things off your plate, so you can step into the next level you’re ready for. And yes, even if you feel you “suck as a leader/manager/CEO”, I can help you. You don’t suck. You just have to create capacity.

This is why I created a NEW way to work with me 1:1…

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