Why I Stopped


lisa fabrega


When people ask me about 2022, I say it was a challenge. But not in the way you might think. Looking back, it was a GOOD challenge, but it wasn’t always “easy.” For 14 years I’ve supported you with my insights on how to expand your capacity for more visibility and profitability without burnout or overwhelm. Because EVERYTHING that makes your business successful depends on your relationship to visibility and your visibility strategy.

Our most popular events that have always sold out have always been about VISIBILITY. The Epic Visibility Challenge. The Visibility Capacity Retreat. Visibility Intensives. Etc…

In 2022 I made the decision to stop delivering our most popular visibility offer ever: The Epic Visibility Challenge. Was it because no one signed up for it? Nope- I already mentioned it was our most popular visibility offer ever. Those of you who attended raved about it for months after it was over. It was by all accounts a huge success. 

Here’s why I stopped : the landscape of visibility changed drastically in 2021 and 2022 and it was time to pause, do a deep dive into what no longer works, and what DOES and put it all to the test by testing it out on MYSELF. Because if I don’t embody the things I teach and know to be true, then what am I doing?

The way we want to do visibility has changed on a seismic level. I’m sure you’ve noticed A LOT of people shutting down very successful businesses this and last year. You’ve gotten the same announcement emails I have from these CEOs and creators. 

You may have been stunned, because they seemed to be doing so well. And in many cases, they were, revenue-wise. But if you pay close attention, it wasn’t really about money. The reason for quitting almost always was: “I got to a certain level of visibility and then I couldn’t handle it anymore. My business demanded too much of me. I didn’t have the life I wanted. More visibility was exhausting and burning me out.”

I’ve been there in the past and I’ve spent my entire career showing clients from $50,000 in revenue all the way up to $100 million how to make visibility easy and sustainable so that their businesses are the servants of their epic vision and not the other way around. If you feel like you live to serve your business, something is deeply wrong. In fact, when I help my clients flip that around (their business serves them and their team instead), they often make MORE money while working 75% less.

So when I noticed this big shift in our relationship to visibility, I decided I needed to go investigate what was going on so I could come back to you with my “visibility verdict” and show you what’s working NOW. There are way too many people struggling in 2023  because they are using 2019 visibility strategies. 

I spent all of 2022 on a deep personal journey into the heart of visibility. I wanted to re-examine MY relationship with visibility, so I could understand the ways visibility has evolved in the last few years. I wanted to leave no stone unturned so I could report back with my findings and let you know what’s working NOW, not three years ago. I experimented with so many things. 

For some of those experiments, I lost money. In most of my experiments, I figured out how to do things like:

  • Have a $200,000 sales month without launching a thing, sending zero emails to my list and posting minimally on social.
  • Book epically visible speaking engagements and closing almost six figures in coaching engagements while luxuriating in Miami with friends, hanging out at beautiful luxe hotels and eating gourmet meals.
  • Completely turned around how I was showing up on the dating scene and seeing incredible results  –which only fueled my business to do even better, because our lives and businesses are always intertwined.
  • Sell several six figure coaching and consulting packages at my highest rates ever while not having to get on a single “sales call”.

There is SO much more to tell you. And I’ve decided I’m going to TELL ALL about my deep visibility journey. So…

I’ve decided it’s time to bring back the fully updated, NEW, Epic Visibility Challenge. I haven’t done this challenge in a year and a half – on purpose. 

Here’s what I’ll be teaching in the 2023 Epic Visibility Challenge:

  • The EXACT visibility capacity you need to successfully launch your high-ticket offer, hit record sales numbers, and scale to reach more people (because there’s a way to be perceived so sales happen with ease)
  • Why your visibility and marketing don’t have to own you in order for you to shatter sales records month-after-month
  • The visibility capacity you need to expand your brand and experience high-profile publicity (without inviting burnout, overwhelm or a constant hustle aka a visibility hangover)
  • How to invite “soft life” results without checking out completely (and inadvertently sabotaging business growth) OR sacrificing family time.

I went through this visibility rite of passage so YOU don’t have to.

Best of all? These 3 days, packed with the latest and greatest on visibility that works NOW, will be available to you for only $37 pre-sale price and $47 after the pre-sale. 

To kick this off, I’ll be going live every day starting next week— between March 28th – April 7th (excluding weekends) over on my Instagram page right here.  

And we’ll be opening up the cart to sign up for the Epic Visibility Challenge next week – but since this is such a no-brainer (and the sales page isn’t even finished yet!), if you already know you’re in, hit reply and we’ll send you a direct, secret link to sign up.

If you’ve done this challenge before– please know this is NOT the same challenge you did back in 2021. This is 2023 and the world of visibility has changed, so all the material is new, updated and fresh. This is a brand new experience.

See you on IG live on Tuesday, March 28th!

TL;DR – After a year and a half of a deep dive into my own visibility capacity, I’ve decided to bring back our most popular offer ever – the all-new, completely-overhauled 2023 Epic Visibility Challenge! I’ll be going live on Insta starting Tuesday, for 9 days before the challenge kicks off to share what I learned last year on my deep journey into the heart of visibility. If you know you want in now, hit reply and we’ll send you a direct link to sign up.