Why “No” Makes You Richer


lisa fabrega


Ask most experts how to create more visibility and profitability, and successfully scale without burning out and they’ll say something like “just say yes to every opportunity! You never know!”. But that’s not always the best advice, especially if you’re someone who’s already built a business and is now ready to scale to your next level.

It sounds counterintuitive…but one of the insider wealth secrets of the successful, impactful celebrities and high achieving CEOs I’ve supported in my private work is REFUSAL.

Yep…Insider Wealth Secret #4 is this…


Insider Wealth Secret #4: Successful celebrities and high-achieving CEOs have the capacity to scale to their next level of profitability, visibility, and wealth because they REFUSE to waste their time, money, or energy.

1) They refuse to waste money

You might think people focused on building wealth are “money wasters” because they tend to spend on luxuries that put them in a wealthy environment (this was Insider Wealth Secret #3!)

Instead, successful celebrities and CEOs save money and invest SMARTLY by surrounding themselves with problem solvers. They want to treat the REAL problem holding them back from scaling effectively to the next level. NOT the symptoms, because they know the longer you only treat symptoms, the more money you lose over time, the more the risk of staying in a plateau, and then the more likely you are to shut your once-lucrative business down because it has become unsustainable.

I once had a client who had a very impactful seven-figure business with a team and scaling issues that took up so much of her time, that it impacted her ability to meet and make space for attracting the love of her life. When she first spoke to me, she decided that instead of working with me to solve the structural capacity issues in her business so she could stop micromanaging and finally have the space she needed to focus on her love life, she would instead TREAT SYMPTOMS and invest in a relationship coach and a strategic scaling mastermind.

The experience of both was amazing, but she came back eight months later with thousands of dollars spent, still unable to scale (despite the amazing scaling strategies she learned at the scaling mastermind) and without any romantic prospects. Why? The core problem remained. 

She had a belief she wasn’t worthy of deep support. This influenced who she hired (people who couldn’t fully support her to scale and needed lots of micro-managing to get anything done) and who she dated (avoidant men). Her team issues still sucked up all her time and energy, despite her amazing scaling strategies learned at the scaling mastermind. And her constant team chaos interfered with her energy on dates, so even if she knew all the effective strategies to attract a healthy partner, she wasn’t able to implement them well, because the core worthiness issue remained.

She did end up hiring me and it’s not surprising six months after we finished our work and got her OUT of the micro-managing cycle (with a new, fabulously supportive team I helped her hire), she met and attracted the man who is now her husband and father of their three kids. They’re happily married and her business is now a dream! I still get thank you notes from her!

2) They refuse to waste energy

When I was a younger CEO, I wasted so much energy on the wrong clients and opportunities. If someone I spoke with wasn’t sure about working with me or ghosted me, I’d spend a lot of time following up, trying to get them to respond or convince them why this was the best investment to make. The energy I wasted doing this never paid off. 

Anyone I did manage to convince through Herculean effort always ended up being the worst client. And the ones immature and unprofessional enough to ghost and never respond after asking me to create proposals for them didn’t have the capacity to be good clients or even receive the magic I bring to my coaching clients. Have you ever tried to give someone your magic and they can’t receive it? It’s the most draining thing in the world. 

Think about all the time you spend creating marketing content to convince people who don’t have enough motivation to get up and change anything. Or the amount of time you spend trying to address objections vs. talking about exciting results for the right people? The twenty minutes you spent trying to prove your worth to someone who can’t see it could have been used to create a marketing video that draws in five ideal clients ready to do the work with you, who don’t require so much energy.

Operating like this, I started to burn out by 2014, as it wasn’t sustainable. And often, when clients come to me complaining that they are burning themselves and their team out every time they try to scale, it’s because there’s a lot of energy being wasted on the wrong strategies, people, boundaries, and opportunities.

When someone leaves a rude comment on social media or tries to hook me into some drama they concocted in my DM’s, I do what I’ve learned from being in rooms with fellow 7, 8, and 9-figure entrepreneurs – block and ignore. You’ll NEVER hear someone gossiping or engaging in low-vibe behaviors like tearing someone down in rooms with truly successful, motivated people. People with big growth trajectories don’t waste energy on that nonsense.

3) They refuse to waste time

When you have big profitability and visibility to create in the world, you cherish your time as a deeply valuable form of currency, so you invest in the best available, because it saves you time. That’s why you see so many celebrities buying private jets, having full-time house managers, and taking their performance coaches with them on vacation. They know in order for them to operate at the successful level they do and CONTINUE to scale, they need to surround themselves with the best, which always saves them time!

I can always identify a wealth mindset client because if I get on our allotted one-hour session with them and solve their problem within 15-20 minutes, they’re elated, say thank you, and tell me they’re going to use the remainder of our 45 minutes to implement what I just solved for them. 

My most successful private clients hire me for in-person experiences because it saves them time (money and energy too!). They know that in-person accelerates their results, both because it puts them in a wealthy environment (that I curated for them as part of their retreat) but also because in-person work allows us to focus all of our energy and attention on one short intensive burst of time. They leave their 2.5-day retreat with me with YEARS worth of internal capacity expansion and strategic support completed. I often see big six and seven-figure results within just weeks of our in-person retreats for that very reason. 

When you learn to REFUSE wasting time, energy, and money through hiring less experienced, but cheaper team members or advisors, treating symptoms instead of problems, and putting energy into the wrong people and opportunities, that’s when you start to see massive shifts in your wealth and visibility. 

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