Your Own Tinder Swindler


lisa fabrega


Have you watched the new Netflix documentary, “The Tinder Swindler”? It’s all I see people talking about on social media this week.

I watched it myself last week. It’s a true story about a man who meets women on the Tinder dating app and tricks them into thinking he’s the rich heir to a diamond family fortune, only to swindle them out of upwards of $200,000.

You might hear this and give some side-eye, thinking, “I’d never fall for that!” And indeed, on social media, lots of people scoffed and couldn’t understand how someone could fall for that.

But if you watch the documentary and pay good attention, you can see exactly how even the smartest of us could fall for it. 

It has to do with BLIND SPOTS.

In fact, the blind spots that caused the women in the Tinder Swindler to fall for his con, are the SAME blind spots YOU have in your business.

Before you protest and disagree, make sure to watch the video below.

It’s REALLY good and will open your eyes as to how you “Tinder Swindler” your own self and don’t even realize it. 

NO ONE is exempt from this kind of self-con. I’ve seen even the most brilliant and successful CEO’s do this.

But in only 9 minutes of watching, you’ll have a BIG breakthrough in your thinking. And end up saving a lot of money and time to boot.

After watching, if you’re ready to not only identify your unique blindspot as a CEO and hire support to eliminate those blind spots and go to your next level of wealth, visibility, and impact, you can now book a call directly on my private calendar right here.

I’ll assess what capacity blindspots are causing the issues you’re experiencing as a CEO, and we’ll discuss which one of our offerings will best support you to make that shift. 

On our phone call, we are just two CEO’s having a nuanced discussion assessing your unique blindspots and identifying what’s really holding you back, so you can invest in the support that will help you break through.

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