your rent quadruples


lisa fabrega


A few days ago, I shared the major capacity expansion cycle I’ve experienced the past few years. It was filled with wonderful moments and also some drama. I promised I’d be sharing it all over the next few weeks through the lens of the Six Capacities: Money, Visibility, Purpose, Embodiment, Structural & Boundary.  

We’re starting with Money Capacity™. Money Capacity is your ability to earn, save & invest more money, year after year. This capacity grows endlessly, no matter how much we’ve earned. So it follows I had Money Capacity expansions the last few years.

One of the biggest events to expand my money capacity from 2018-2020 was spreading out into renting a three bedroom home in one of the most high end real estate markets in the US by myself.

When your rent triples…

If you were here four years ago, you’ll remember I shared with you the experience of moving to Santa Barbara, California (semi-annually) after years of being a minimalist, nomadic and living out of only two suitcases. Even though my business was extremely successful and I could definitely rent my own place, I wanted to try communal living because I was new to the area, so I rented a large bedroom in a three bedroom luxury home overlooking the ocean. 

I had stomach aches for weeks after I arrived, because of the massive expansion my nervous system underwent as it released old traumas about it being dangerous to “get what I want”. The first two years of communal living was amazing. I had two older housemates who were lovely, respectful and co-created a beautiful space in our large ocean/mountain view home.

Then one housemate left. Another one moved in to replace her. She ended up being a semi-stalker (a story I’ll tell in an upcoming post) and I kicked her out. At the time, instead of searching for replacements, my Soul said “it’s time for you to take over this entire house.” My ego said “ARE YOU CRAZYYY?????” 

When I’d first moved here, I had chills all over my body as I drove up the driveway. It was an exact manifestation of my “dream home” I’d had in my mind for years. But part of me still didn’t feel worthy of saying ALL of this can be mine. I had to build my capacity to feel worthy of THAT level of abundance.

There’s a private, invite-only garden I take clients to when they come for a retreat in my home as a Money Capacity expansion exercise. It was owned by a famous Opera singer who devoted her life to building up 33 acres of land into lush, beautiful gardens. Every person I take to this garden is forever changed by it. 

I’m always in awe at the capacity she had to RECEIVE such a large swath of beauty every day as she walked around her gardens, bathing nude in her hand built “moon pool” made of large, iridescent seashells. She never thought “this is too much for me”. She believed she deserved it. She reveled in it. She ENJOYED and EXPERIENCED it without reserve. And she shared its beauty abundantly with the world, even after her passing. Every time I need an “abundance boost” I go to this garden. I always make more money after visiting. Abundance begets abundance. 

My Soul was asking me to go from being used to living in one small room, to spreading out across THREE bedrooms and five acres of land. BY MYSELF. And I had to buy furniture for a three bedroom house. And my rent TRIPLED. It was the most amount of rent I’d EVER paid.

It took 6 months of continuous, devoted Money Capacity work to clear old childhood money traumas that came up paying this new rent amount. At times I’d have a feeling of disbelief, wondering if I “deserved” this new life I had created through hard work. Using the Money Capacity framework, I devotedly worked on clearing the “I’m going to be punished for having so much goodness” and the “I can’t relax cause something’s going to take it away” thoughts. 

As I teach my clients in Capacity Work™, those thoughts are trauma-based. And you don’t want your trauma making life and business decisions, especially when it comes to expanding your money capacity.  That’s why strategy alone isn’t the answer, you have to work on your CAPACITY to receive and gracefully handle new levels of money and abundance, like the famous Opera singer did. 

During this time, I hosted watched clients transform coming to my home and this powerful land I lived on. I learned how to fully decorate a home with custom-made, high end furniture. I had so many moments with tea on my front porch, overlooking the sun setting over the ocean, saying to myself “wow I get to have allll of this! How wonderful!”

And you know what? Because of Money Capacity work, I never had trouble with that rent. In fact, I’m moving again soon and I’m looking at homes double the rent amount I pay now, which was so scary to me a few years ago. If you were to chart my business revenue from 2016 till now, it would look like a straight line up. That’s the power of expanding your Money Capacity™.

In a few days, I’ll be back to talk about all the ways my Visibility Capacity was tested in the last two years. If you’ve been hiding parts of you from the world, you won’t want to miss it!

See you then!

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