your resistance is wisdom


lisa fabrega

your resistance is wisdom

For the last few weeks we’ve been exploring one of the top questions I get from so many of you “why am I stuck in this one area, even after I’ve tried everything?”. 

I laid out the first two parts of my unique answer to that question in Part 1 and Part 2 already. Today we’re going to wrap this series up in Part 3.

A few months ago, I was coaching a client who wanted to raise her coaching price to $25,000. She had actually signed up for and paid $35,000 for another coach’s prestigious program on how to raise your prices. Yet, here she was, out $35,000 and still unable to raise her prices. The one person she’d dared quote her rates to had freaked out over the price and hung up.

To be clear, it wasn’t the $35,000 program’s fault she hadn’t been able to raise her prices. It was a pretty good program with some great strategies. But this wasn’t a strategy problem. It was a capacity problem.

“Lisa, I’ve been trying to do this for a year, why do I have so much resistance?” she asked me over the phone.

This leads me to reason #3 Why You’re Still Stuck.

3) You’re not seeing there’s wisdom in your resistance

There are so many books and programs out there about “how to overcome resistance” or “hacking your resistance”. I don’t think resistance is always an annoying blockage to be obliterated. 

Sometimes there’s wisdom in your resistance. It can be a red flag trying to point attention to something needing alignment within you before you move forward.

In the session with my client, we dug into what wisdom there was in her resistance to raising prices. What we came upon was big! 

Even though, mentally, she knew it was time to raise her prices, there was still some capacity work she needed to do in order to be READY to hold, handle and receive the kind of client who’d pay her $25,000.

You don’t just slap a high price on something and assume people will come. You also have to align yourself energetically with the version of you who charges $25,000. That’s not something a strategy for raising prices can do. It IS something Capacity Work™ can do.

If your approach is to raise your prices without BECOMING the person who charges $25,000, you’re going to have the following experiences:

  • You’ll attract nightmare clients who expect you to give up your whole life to them because they’re paying you a higher amount.
  • You’ll get people who freak out over your prices and exclaim “how high it is”, making you doubt yourself.
  • You’ll not be able to hold the kind of space for the kind of client who pays $25,000 for support.

All of the above had either happened to my client already, or she knew deep down they’d happen if she didn’t get into alignment with the version of her who charges those prices with integrity. This is what her resistance was trying to point her attention to.

We worked on her Embodiment Capacity and getting her aligned with the “$25,000 version of herself” over the next month. Four weeks later, she signed three $25,000 clients in a row within the span of three weeks. And not just any clients–ideal clients.

Now maybe you aren’t a coach, maybe you’re negotiating a salary raise or a big deal. 

Or you’re thinking of starting your next new project. 

If you keep feeling stuck, resistant or like you aren’t moving fast enough, it could be you keep trying to bypass your resistance with strategies, hoping strategies will make the resistance go away. It won’t. Not if it’s a capacity issue.

Instead, see the wisdom in your resistance, because it’s telling you exactly what capacities within you need to be brought into equilibrium so you’re READY to receive and handle the next big thing you’re trying to do.

So what is your resistance telling you about where your capacity is out of alignment with what you desire?

If you’re ready to move past resistance and get your capacity in alignment with what you want, fill out the Capacity Discovery form here. We have programs starting at only $525 a month. If you want 1:1 work, I have one VIP day left, and one 1:1 spot for long-term coaching (we had more available last week, but two already got booked!)

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