You’re settling. Yes. You are.


lisa fabrega

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A few weeks ago, I watched the JLo documentary on Netflix, and while I had A TON of takeaways from it (mostly about how women have to fight twice as hard as men in almost every industry to be seen, heard, and respected, and even more so if you’re a woman of color) … 

… one thing that remains with me to this day is how profoundly committed every single person is on JLo’s team and how deeply they care about protecting her time & energy so she has the CAPACITY she needs to keep expanding her brand and achieving her epic goals. Her team depends on her having the capacity she needs so she can stay in her zone of genius—since protecting her as CEO makes sure they have jobs where they get to do their purpose, too. What you WON’T see in the documentary is JLo or her team putting her needs on the back burner in order to feed the “machine” that is her brand/business. There’s no way they’d have the impact and success they do if they did that to JLo.

Which is why, whenever I heard this quote a few days later, it stopped me in my tracks …

“Just because you don’t require a lot to be happy, doesn’t mean you deserve only the bare minimum.”

Hearing this brought up so many deep realizations for me over the next few days, especially about how this sneaky “bare minimum” pattern affects so many CEOs and women-owned businesses—in ways we don’t even realize. 

Looking back, there were so many times where I’d unknowingly accepted the bare minimum as a CEO. In fact, I used to take all the extra cash the business made and put it immediately back into the business. It felt selfish to use it to invest in myself. (I’m not even talking about blowing extra cash on luxury expenses. I mean, investing in myself—and my own development as a CEO—felt inherently selfish.)

Back then, the business was growing, and my first thought was, “Shouldn’t this money go towards more ad spend or hiring an extra team member?” So my needs as CEO came last to the business’ needs, and this unknowingly held the company back from a good growth rate for a long time. I remember how frustrated I felt during that time, trying every new strategy and STILL not understanding it was my lack of CEO capacity that was holding the business back. 

I was really good at “self-care” (or so I thought), but what I didn’t realize was that even if I’m giving myself all the self-care and I’m giving my business all the attention/time/money it needs, you can still be operating with “bare minimum mentality” and not even realize it.

The patriarchal structure of our society AND the toxic methodologies taught within the entrepreneurial space disproportionately affects women business owners and CEOs, especially women in marginalized groups. One of the ways where I see this consistently show up is in this idea that you—as CEO of your business—always have to put yourself LAST and the business first. 

Over and over again, this is what our entrepreneurial “leaders” model for us. In fact, it’s so common to live in a constant state of sacrifice & denial that we don’t even realize how much we’re settling or where we’ve accidentally accepted the bare minimum as normal. 

But the reality is, you’re settling for the “bare minimum” if… 

  • You’re selling an offer you no longer resonate with because “it has always worked and still works well enough.” 
  • You’ve scaled back your content schedule to the bare minimum because you’re so overwhelmed with other aspects of your business that you don’t even have the creative white space to think of your content strategy.
  • Your revenue is paying the bills and “good enough,” but there isn’t a lot of extra left over for you to dream BIGGER.
  • Your team is doing “good enough” for where you are, but you know deep down they wouldn’t be able to handle it if you were to scale the company to the level of which you DREAM.
  • Your marketing person, sales person, or social media team are not generating you the kind of results you really want in this new era of social media, but you’re too overwhelmed to micromanage—so you just keep them as is for now. 

But MOST importantly: You’re settling for the bare minimum whenever you tell yourself that investing money into your needs/capacity as a CEO is a “luxury” in comparison to all the other investments your business always needs to “survive.” (i.e. hiring new team members, investing in more online ads, bringing in a funnel strategist or joining a scaling mastermind).

Investing in yourself as the CEO feels irresponsible when you feel like all of this ^^ takes priority over YOU. 

But that’s exactly the problem. This is your biggest blind spot and the reason why you feel capacity-challenged as you try to scale into new heights of visibility, profitability, and influence. This is how the patriarchy suppresses/oppresses badass women like YOU—by trying to keep you in a state of constant sacrifice where investing in yourself feels like a luxury.

When in reality, investing in your capacity = a strategic, powerful, and proven shortcut to quantum leap from where you are to where you want to be.

Because without YOU leading your business forward, there is no business, vision, or growth. Just like JLo in her documentary, you are the star of your business. You are THE engine, ideator, visionary, and lead generator. And your capacity to continue being VISIBLE needs to be protected and prioritized. Your genius, time, energy and emotional wellbeing are AS valuable as making sure your team and business are solid. Because your capacity as a leader impacts your company’s capacity for scaling its profitability and visibility.

Think about it like this: When you have the capacity to be more visible … what happens? More clients, bigger launches, more revenue, bigger opportunities. Everything works better and your business makes MORE money when you have the capacity you need as the “face of your brand.”

This is WHY your capacity matters.

The problem is, you don’t believe you deserve to invest in yourself (as a CEO) because the patriarchy has taught you that you aren’t worthy. So you don’t feel you deserve to have the capacity you need because success can only be “legit” if your nose is to the grindstone in survival mode. 

Please be honest with yourself about this.

Our internalized, toxic patriarchal beliefs can be SO tricky. They make us feel like “a good CEO” when we put ourselves last and the business first.  But this is just reinforcing (on a subconscious level) that you only deserve the bare minimum. It also reinforces all you deserve is to be in constant survival mode, even when your business is making good money.

When you’ve internalized the belief you deserve the bare minimum in comparison to your business’ needs, it doesn’t feel safe to invest in your own capacity development as CEO. So you secretly fear capacity work. You resist it.  Prioritizing your capacity feels “dangerous” and your clever brain, instead of getting curious about how odd it is that prioritizing your development feels scary, decides to justify why you can’t invest in capacity work “just yet” because of something else your business needs.

BUT capacity is what allows us to grow endlessly without overwhelm or burnout.

Capacity is how we nurture our needs—whether those are practical needs, spiritual, psychological, physiological, internal, or external needs. It’s what allows us to weather the tough times—both in our personal lives and our businesses. It’s what allows us to keep a cool head and heart when a launch isn’t going well, or an emergency situation goes down in your business, without making poor decisions out of stress. 

If you don’t have that, what’s the point of having an incredible scaling strategy? You don’t have the internal capacity as CEO, and as a result you also don’t have the external AND structural capacity as a business to handle the scaling. So it’s a moot point. You’ll still hit the same damn ceilings, no matter how much money you pour into growth strategies.

“The business’ needs come before mine” is NOT how successful, impactful, high-achieving celebrities and CEOs think.

“Investing in me will expand the business” ← THIS is the advanced mindset truly successful CEOs (like JLo) embody. 

The future of your company is YOU.

And when you invest in building YOU up, you have the capacity you need to keep performing, leading at a high-level, and expanding your business/reach into even greater levels of success. 

Stop buying into the lie of the “American dream” that tells you if you just work hard enough, you’ll get to where you want to go. What if it isn’t just about hard work? What if hard work isn’t enough? Hard work without capacity is a losing strategy. You can’t get to where you want to go if you don’t build the capacity reserves to get there.

This is why ignoring your CAPACITY = settling for less than you deserve. 

Capacity isn’t a luxury for “someday,” or for when you’ve “earned it,” or for when you’re “more successful.” But THAT is what you are doing when you put capacity work aside. And frankly, I’m done watching you settle when I know how much it impacts your wellbeing, the wellbeing of your business, and your capacity for sustainable, long-term growth. 

Which is exactly why I created my Visibility Intensives.

Because you DO deserve better. 

It’s also why I’ve created a *Special Invitation* for you to experience a 1-on-1 Capacity Intensive with me. 

It didn’t feel right to create this epic opportunity without offering it to those on my email list, FIRST. 

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Here’s to NEVER settling!