You’re Turning Away Millions


lisa fabrega


Ever heard of Sara Blakely? She’s the founder of Spanx, a company that was recently valued at $1.2 billion. I follow her on Instagram and I love her posts, which give us glimpses behind the scenes of her life as a CEO, mother, and wife. It also gives me a window into what a BRILLIANT CEO and marketer she is and why Spanx is so successful. 

First, she has become really well known for her “coffee mug with a quote” picture posts on Instagram. See Exhibit A. 

She often gives little glimpses into her life on Instagram. Whether it’s funny reels of her quirky husband or the adorable chaos of her four rambunctious children, it’s a delight to follow her account. You feel like she’s your fun, relatable friend AND, it’s a brilliant marketing strategy to drive sales to Spanx.

As a celebrity CEO of a billion-dollar company, she is BUSY, so naturally, she doesn’t have a lot of time to create content. So a quick photo with a new mug gives her a prompt for something inspirational to write that shows us her and her company’s values. It’s a brilliant, quick, and effective way to keep her and Spanx presenced in our minds.

And why would we care about the behind-the-scenes of her life? Well, she also understands the POWER of a thought leader/personality-based brand. Spanx is its own company with its own product to sell, but she gets that her visibility is crucial for the success of Spanx. You can’t separate her personal success story from the success of the company. She and Spanx are synonymous. 

There are tons of other shapewear brands out there. So what makes you buy Spanx instead of something else? SARA. It’s her story about starting Spanx out of her home when she was rushing to get to an event and couldn’t find shapewear she liked, so she had to cut off the legs of her pantyhose. It’s her stories about how she had to bust her booty to succeed that inspire us to pick up her brand when we’re at the store. And it’s our continued connection with her little glimpses into her life behind the scenes that make you want to support her company and buy Spanx before other options. 

This is why your capacity for more visibility as a CEO or leader of your company is NON-NEGOTIABLE now. And the companies that succeed have a thought leader CEO with a personality brand at the helm. That means you showing your face on VIDEO and online is more important than ever if you want to scale into epic profitability and impact. 

Don’t believe me? Let the stats do the talking: 

  • As of 2022, online videos make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than in 2017. (Source: Cisco)
  • 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video (Source: OptinMonster)
  • Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users (Source: WordStream)

And the most important one… 👇👇👇

  • Personal brands drive more than 2/3 of Americans to spend more money and 74% reveal they “are more likely to trust someone who has an established personal brand.” (Source: PRNewsWire)

It used to be: you could build a company and hide behind its name. But not in this day and age, where TikTok just surpassed Google as the world’s most visited website. It’s why Instagram switched over to prioritize Reels in the algorithm. (Sara, like the smart CEO she is, switched to posting Reels as soon as Instagram made the switch.) 

I know, I can hear you moan in frustration. I know as the leader of your company, you have ENOUGH on your plate. And you’re thinking “ugh, with everything else I have to keep up with, now I have to show up as a “brand”, doing interviews and/or making videos for social? How much more can I handle?”

As a CEO myself, I get it. We juggle a lot. BUT part of what I’ve been teaching my CEO/business owner clients all these years is how to scale endlessly WITHOUT overwhelm and burnout. The hard truth is, we’re in a world and industry now that’s constantly requiring us to pivot FAST if we want to keep scaling. We can moan all we want to, but short of quitting and giving up, the ONLY choice you have is to build your capacity so you can always pivot quickly when you need to (like switching over to marketing with Reels or short-form video content because it’s the future.) 

If you feel so exhausted and overwhelmed as CEO that you don’t have the creative space to make content and show up as a thought leader for your company, then there’s a capacity issue going on. You can’t scale a company successfully if you’re too strapped to be visible. You, stepping fully into your visibility as the face of your brand, is what our current paradigm and your company’s success require.

This is EXACTLY why I opened up my Special Invitation to book a Visibility Intensive for $500 off last week. 

Now, more than ever, you need to be visible. This means you NEED to be clear on what makes YOU and your message unique because YOU are the future of your business. You are its thought leader CEO who drives its success, its vision, and its revenue forward. Just like we see Sara Blakely representing her company and her personality influencing the personality of Spanx, we need to SEE YOU FULLY. We need to form a connection with you and understand what makes YOU the person we want to learn or buy from. We want to know the values that drive your company, and what you and it stand for. 

And this Visibility Intensive special offer is designed to do EXACTLY that. 

  1. First, you get $500 off a Visibility Intensive with me. That means instead of $5500, your investment comes down to $5000. During your intensive we’ll spend three hours, one on one, creating a customized, nuanced plan of action to expand your visibility and scale your company to its next level of profitability and impact. If you never know what to say, don’t know what makes you stand out, or are too busy micro-managing all the things, you CAN’T be more visible. If you never have the time, clarity or confidence to show up as the face of your brand, your revenue and company simply can’t scale. Your company’s growth is slowed by your visibility capacity limits. 

We need to clear the capacity limits within you and your company to make sure we can create effective strategies that allow you to show up as the magnetic face of your brand, because it’s what the next paradigm of business demands. Period. And that’s exactly what we do in your intensive, whether it’s getting clear on your message or the things your ideal client actually wants to hear from you, or re-examining your offerings or marketing strategies. 

  1. Second, I’ve added two epic bonuses to this offer, which I’ve never offered before. After your intensive, you’ll have clarity on exactly how to expand your visibility, but now you need to SHOW UP. The statistics don’t lie, the way to show up is VIDEO, whether you like it or not. That’s where one of the EPIC BONUSES I added to this offer comes in: A TikTok and Reels Masterclass where I’ll show you my easy formula for making quick videos that make you stand out, even when you don’t have a lot of time. You can use what you learn in this masterclass not only to record videos for social, but I used to be an actor and have been on camera A LOT, so I’m the perfect guide to make being on camera feel comfortable and show you how to have a magnetic presence. **Even if you hate video, you won’t after this class.

The SECOND BONUS gives you flexibility because I know as a CEO you might be pressed for time, or need to space payments out more due to cash flow. If you need more time, you can break your intensive up into one, one-hour session per month for 3 months. Or if you need more flexibility in payments, you can spread out your investment over 3 months (which means you can divide up the $5,000 investment into 3 payments of $1,667. (Please note, if you opt for a 3-hour intensive, all payments must be made before your intensive takes place.)

This limited-time, special invitation is the PERFECT way to boost your visibility heading into the last quarter of the year and setting you up for epic growth in 2023. You literally have ALL the support you could possibly need to succeed.

Think you don’t need this? Or it can “wait” because you have other things you need to invest in right now? 

I want you to think seriously for a moment about what it’s costing you to NOT be more visible. If companies who use video in their marketing experience 49% faster revenue growth, think about what increasing your revenue 49% quicker would do for your company. 

You are turning away millions in revenue when you resist investing in developing your visibility as the thought leader of your brand. Clearing your visibility fears/blindspots and stepping into the center of the stage has never been more crucial for scaling your company into its next level of profitability and impact. 

Now, you might think, “I’ll just hire a social media team to do all this for me”, BUT social media teams, while great, only know how to execute on an already-brilliant branding angle. They still need YOUR creative marketing brain for the content to actually be good – and they need YOUR face on the content because YOU are the star of your brand.

If you know you need to uplevel your visibility and step more into a thought leadership position in your business or company, but you’ve been resisting it due to overwhelm or lack of clarity on how YOU can stand out…this NEW special invitation is PERFECT for you.  

I am only making 5 of these special invitations available, so spots are first come, first served. And this offer is ONLY available until August 25.

Interested? You can check out all the details here and then:

1) Book a call with me (DM me, and I’ll send you the link to my calendar as well as the info page for all the other bonuses you’re getting if you book an intensive before 8/24). We can discuss your nuanced visibility concerns, and create a plan for exactly what we want to work on during your Intensive, so we come into your intensive ready to go!

2) or if you’re phone shy, DM me for more info or any questions you have, and we can have the convo that way, too.